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Ann Eller Phenomenal Lady

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Subject: Ann Eller Phenomenal Lady

Source: Gateway To Sedona - Arizona, USA


November 26, 2007


Ann Eller Phenomenal Lady - Story Of A Sedona Resident
By Chuck Oldham

Sedona's natural beauty will endure for millennia, but other,
more fleeting treasures are to be found in the unique
personalities that reside here - and the knowledge they have to
share. Those intent on the journey know they must spend more
time in this red rock wonderland, if for only the chance to
uncover its more elusive secrets.

Gateway To Sedona strives to focus the light on Sedona, to
enhance the traveler's experience. In that spirit, we are
excited to introduce one Sedona personality with a compelling

If you type in an Internet search, "Ann Eller, Sedona Arizona,"
you'll find no references or headlines. Ann labels herself a
"Nobody," living an average life. We believe this is about to

Ann is presently working with a writer to recount her life
story. Through her story, she hopes to inspire others to "be on
fire in your spirit for those things that stir your soul, in the
quest for greater insight into the universe and the potential to
expand humanity's understanding of existence."

Wander through one of Sedona's many fine art galleries or dine
in many of Sedona's popular restaurants, and you may have the
opportunity to meet Ann Eller and engage in a lively
conversation. You'll find she is vivacious and personable, with
an upbeat pace and indefatigable approach to the hurtles of
life. Perhaps she will tell you about her upcoming

Ann's story revisits her early years during WWII, her 1950s
residence in Japan (courtesy of the US Navy), her days in the
White House and a timeline full of other "Exceptional
Encounters." One chapter of interest to us in particular covers
her close association with one of the world's most famous names
in UFO research, adding a few more mesmerizing pages to UFO
history. For you see, this researcher was none other than the
renowned astrophysicist, Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

For those of you who spend your leisure time staring at vast
stretches of green, artificially grown turf, only occasionally
looking skyward as your eyes follow that little white ball into
sand trap after sand trap and you're drawing a blank at the name
J. Allen Hynek, we'll save you a trip to the Google search

For over twenty years, Dr. J. Allen Hynek was the United States
Air Force appointed Scientific Advisor to three consecutive
major UFO studies. The first was Project Sign from 1947 to 1949;
then came Project Grudge, started in 1949 and ending in 1952,
followed by Project Blue Book from 1952 until 1969. Dr. J. Allen
Hynek is credited with coining some of the most iconic terms and
classifications identified with the UFO field of study, such as
"Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Swamp Gas."

Many prominent people crossed paths with Dr. Hynek, but few came
to know him as well as Ann Eller. You see, Ann was Dr. Hynek's
personal secretary. She organized his office and was responsible
for filing away all the classified UFO stories reviewed and
evaluated for the United States Air Force, including many more
accounts that flowed in after Dr. Hynek retired from his post as
Scientific Advisor.

Ann's experience with Dr. Hynek is sure to raise many points of
interest that avid UFO researchers will want to explore. Her
story leads to deeper insights into Dr. Hynek's motives and
behavior, and exposes his connection to and fascination with
secret societies.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek was also known for his contribution to and
inspiration for Spielberg's film, Close Encounters of the Third
Kind, where he makes a brief, cameo appearance near the end of
the movie. Ann was among those who reviewed the contract with
Steven Spielberg, in which the proprietary rights to the use of
Dr. Hynek's coined term, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind,"
was sold for an embarrassingly low sum.

Ann recalls Dr. Hynek's transition from staunch skeptic to more
open-minded investigator of mysterious phenomena. As time
passed, thousands of unexplained accounts by eyewitnesses had
accumulated. Dr. Hynek, always the dedicated scientist, conceded
there was just too much compelling evidence to be carelessly

During the time Ann spent assisting Dr. Hynek, she advocated for
greater consideration of the witnesses whose experiences lay at
the core of the UFO controversy. Many witnesses felt
traumatized, or deeply emotional about their ordeals. Those who
were long ago ostracized for sharing their stories are sure to
feel a measure of vindication by reading Ann's account.

Ann fondly remembers Dr. J. Allen Hynek as a scientific
researcher of the highest integrity, committed to unraveling the
true nature of the Unidentified Flying Object phenomena that has
attracted generations of inquisitive minds. Ann remained a close
friend to Dr.Hynek until his death in 1986.

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