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If We Know We'll Realise Government Can't Protect

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Subject: If We Know We'll Realise Government Can't Protect

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Source: The North Star Writers Group - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA


November 26, 2007

Candace's Column

November 26, 2007

UFO Coverup: If We Know, We'll Realize Government Can't Protect Us
Candace Talmadge

When Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich confirmed
that he has seen a UFO, he joined the many millions of U.S.
adults =96 14 percent, according to a very recent AP/Ipsos poll =96
who say they also have seen UFOs.

Former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington, a Republican, is among this
bipartisan group as well. During a recent news conference
sponsored by the Coalition for Freedom of Information
(www.freedomofinfo.org), Symington, also once a pilot, says he
saw a UFO in 1997.

Coalition members include pilots, former top-level U.S. and
other government officials, scientists and retired military
officers. They are not tinfoil hat-sporting crazies by any
stretch of the imagination. And they urge the U.S. government to
take UFOs seriously enough to reopen Project Bluebook, the Air
Force's ostensible investigation into the reality of UFOs that
ended in 1969 with a (surprise) negative finding.

The problem? Project Bluebook investigated UFOs in the same
manner that the Warren Commission probed the assassination of
President John. F. Kennedy. Each group began with a conclusion
and culled only those =93facts=94 that supported this preordained
outcome, ignoring, dismissing or denying any and all other
=93facts=94 that pointed strongly to a different reading of events.

Another problem: The U.S. government continues to track and
analyze reports of UFO sightings. Project Bluebook may have
announced a public ending, but the investigation never stopped.
It's just that the government refuses to make its findings
public and tries to discredit anyone who reports seeing a UFO
or, even worse, being abducted by mystery beings.

It's not hard to conclude that UFOs are genuine and point to the
existence of beings other than humans who probably possess
superior technology. It's not even difficult to credit many
claims of abduction by strange beings. An open-minded review of
such claims reveals many credible stories.

Besides, human beings routinely =93abduct=94 other species and keep
them in laboratories or zoos to study. Why could not the same
thing happen to us? The arrogant assertion that human beings are
the only intelligent species in the entire universe is belied
daily as we learn more about the high levels of intelligence and
problem-solving capabilities in primates and cetaceans like
dolphins and whales.

Nor is it tough to explain why the U.S. government would deny
the existence of UFOs =96 or of the conspiracy to murder Kennedy.
No government wants to admit to its own people or the rest of
the world that it is powerless to protect its citizens from
unidentified aircraft or a coup d'etat. Perish such heretical

And we continue to experience and suffer from our own
government's powerlessness. Witness the initial Keystone Kops
reaction to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Witness the
widespread devastation of Hurricane Katrina that remains two
years later. Witness the lack of results in locating those
responsible for disseminating deadly anthrax germs in the fall
of 2001. (This could be another instance of not wanting to
investigate too thoroughly.) Witness the problems in coping with
the recent outbreak of massive wildfires in Southern California.

How many more of these messages do we need until we realize that
we cannot expect much help from the government in the event of

Truly, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. There are
ways to prepare both practical and spiritual. Getting to know
our neighbors is one prudent step. The only thing that does not
serve us well is to deny what is right in front of our faces,
rightfully demanding to be acknowledged and respected.

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