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Re: If We Know We'll Realise Government Can't

From: Greg Boone <evolbaby.nul>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 12:04:02 -0800
Archived: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 06:55:32 -0500
Subject: Re: If We Know We'll Realise Government Can't

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>Source: The North Star Writers Group - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA


>November 26, 2007

>Candace's Column

>November 26, 2007

>UFO Coverup: If We Know, We'll Realize Government Can't Protect Us
>Candace Talmadge


>How many more of these messages do we need until we realize that
>we cannot expect much help from the government in the event of

>Truly, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. There are
>ways to prepare both practical and spiritual. Getting to know
>our neighbors is one prudent step. The only thing that does not
>serve us well is to deny what is right in front of our faces,
>rightfully demanding to be acknowledged and respected.

Okay, I've yelled and screamed and stomped my feet regarding
this issue.

We don't need the government to tell us what's real or not. When
I woke up this morning I didn't need the federal government's
permission nor validation to see the Sun rise or the birds
chirping. Why? Because I could see that for myself!

We're delegating too much responsibility to government and not
realizing here in the U.S. we are the government. There's no
ducking and hiding nor blaming anyone else.

For 60 years there's been shucking and jiving and stonewalling
and threatening and whatever by the authorities and the press.
So why even waste time engaging them in this matter? We have the
internet now and we can get our news from ourselves not flunkies
and henchmen.

I worked in the press, it's true they're run by the intelligence
communities and other such groups. It doesn't take a rocket
scientist to figure that out just ask around.

No I don't expect the government to protect me. I grew up when
the cocaine dealers and warlords ruled. The government couldn't
protect me then and I damn sure don't expect them to protect me
now. Hell, they couldn't even protect the President of the
United States JFK in broad daylight in Dallas, Texas for cryin'
out loud so how would I expect them to protect me?

I don't. I worry about most of the people in government who put
their lives on the line daily because of the potential of being
stabbed in the back by the lackeys of the special interest

Since 1962 we've been run by gangsters. Their last call were
this past administration.

Get ready to rumble.



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