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SDI #451 - Twenty Questions

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 04:49:45 -0600
Archived: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 07:24:19 -0500
Subject: SDI #451 - Twenty Questions

SDI #451 - Twenty Questions

20 Questions calmly, competently, if disquietingly addressed by
Dave Furlotte, Stuart Miller, Richard Hall, and Leslie Kean as
Captain Errol Bruce-Knapp makes deft adjustments at the tiller
of our ship. All aboard.

1. What _is_ the proper pronunciation of 'McGaha'?

2. How is it that it is left to Larry King to be the 'appetizer'
for the ufological press conference much ballyhooed and recently

3. Kudos to basso-ridiculum-in-extremis Major McGaha for
exposing the secret of Earthbound radars so powerful they are
capable of detecting planets in our solar system? Have the more
telegenic and articulate klasskurtxians retired from the field
in shame and impotence?

4. Invoking the name of his deity, does Dave Furlotte, at 5
minutes and 25 seconds, express a depth of disgusted revulsion
so effusive and profound that small children should leave the

5. Is Major McGaha, and the reflexively skeptical _cabal_ for
which he gleefully fronts, gutless, without sack, and otherwise
sans entrails on subjects upon which he (they) is (are)
_ponderously_ ignorant?

6. We all know that seeing is not believing... not anymore, but
is _touching_?

7. Does SETI employ an astronomer who doesn't know when it's a
full moon, at all, but _especially_ on a night she filed a
flight plan for night operations in a small plane?

8. Am I "misinterpreting"?

9. Outside of Mr. McGaha, of course, _does_ anyone deny that
there are UFOs; that is to say: apparently physical
unidentifiable objects, seemingly intelligently controlled,
flying before credible witnesses?

10. Does James Fox - the film producer of a quality documentary
on UFOs, favorably impress _everyone_ with whom he comes in

11. Why is it that there are _not_ web-casts of key events,
press conferences, and conventions, lectures... what have you,
when this writer could accomplish same with a cheap H2 field
recorder, web cam, and an internet laptop?

12. How "good" were the participants of the aforementioned press

13. Whither SERPO? Has Mr. Doty shot his ufological wad? Is it a
bad sign when nothing but air comes out?

14. Has Mr. Doty a fearful countenance? Is he a mini-god? Has he
a demonstrated real military association?

15. Has anyone ever heard of a CIA department called "ONE" - an
MJ-12 knock-off?

16. With regard to her appearance on Larry King, how did Shirley
McLain _not_ budge anyone's "fruit and nuts" meter

17. What's to be found in the soon to be released Clinton UFO

18. Would most of us still prefer to 'know' given the risk of
not liking the answer? Does bad news _ever_ get better with age?

19. Is disclosure eminent according a new robot approaching Mars
as I write?

20. SETI. The crux? Given the ufological evidence that 'they'
are 'here' compared with SETIs lack of evidence that 'they' are
'there', why bother?

Great suffering ZOT! Over an hour remains! Hear Stuart's defense
of Seth Shostak and SETI. In the main ring of Errol's Flying
Circus Richard Hall and Leslie Kean remain. Engage, heed the
acceleration, and feel the burn, fellow motes!

Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own!


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