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Re: Light In The Sky Image Sequences

From: Nick Balaskas <nikolaos.nul>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 10:45:24 -0500
Archived: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 14:02:22 -0500
Subject: Re: Light In The Sky Image Sequences

>From: Chris Beacham <cbeacham.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 13:45:49 +0900
>Subject: Light In The Sky Image Sequences

>Here are some images of this particular kind of 'light in the
>sky' from an area in Sydney in which there has been sporadic
>activity of this nature since 2002 that I know of...

>In the early morning I will wait, focusing on a particular part
>of the sky. Sometimes a strong light will appear - at other
>times there will be more than one light appearing at different
>intervals of usually a few minutes or so in the same area...

>It will remain motionless for perhaps a minute or so, before
>dying down in brightness and  begin moving across the sky. Many
>times it has dropped behind the headland - in the foreground of
>the images to the right of the frame - possibly into the water
>of Middle Harbour, Sydney?

>While the pics are from earlier this year, the three sequenced
>Quicktime clips are from  2004, but in the same area and about
>the same time in the morning as the later still images. It is
>interesting to compare the results of the longer exposures of
>the still camera/tripod - 2.5 secs etc. - to the 25 frames per
>second of the Hitachi video camera/tripod.



Hi Chris!

The pictures you posted from a few years ago are good examples
on how today's advanced video imaging equipment and over
enthusiastic observer can turn something non-mysterious into
unknowns, especially under the darkness of night and other such
unfavourable conditions. I am sure we can all find many such
examples in our own video and photo archives.

While you commented only on the unusual shaped lights in the
night sky over Sydney which would appear and remain motionless
for a while before they started moving and begin to fade away,
you seem to have overlooked the many other similar unusually
shaped lights on the ground like a fleet of landed UFOs.

Do any planes fly over Syndey at night? I think it would be
interesting to take your high magnification video camera and
less than sturdy tripod and try recording the night time air
traffic over the city. By doing so may provide an explanation
for the sporadic UFO activity over Syndey (and other cities
such as Toronto and Phoenix) that has been noted by you and
others since 2002.

Although I have never been to Sydney, I have used Microsoft
Flight Simulator to virtually flying over your city on my
computer. As for those unusual lights you observed that seem to
drop into the water, those of us on this List may not be aware
that several of the runways of Sydney Airport extend right into
the harbour!

UFOs, including your ususual lights in the sky, have many
explanations. Not all of them can readily and reasonably be
attributed to ET activity. We should not forget that airplanes
exist too and are frequently seen in our skies, sometimes under
condtions that have them reported as 'unknowns'.

Nick Balaskas

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