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Merry Christmas Extraterrestrial - Pt. I

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Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 08:54:34 -0500
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Subject: Merry Christmas Extraterrestrial - Pt. I

Source: Karl Eklund's Weblog - Saint Vincent And The Grenadines


November 29, 2007

Merry Christmas Extraterrestrial - Pt. I
By Karl Eklund

Retired nuclear physicist, environmental scientist, and amateur

Merry Christmas, Extraterrestrials; Peace on earth (and
elsewhere) and good will to a universe of sentient beings.

Ordinarily I don't pay much attention to people who see UFOs,
but I accidentally tuned into one of those supposedly real
science programs that had some recently released recordings of
pilots talking about their sightings. This was just credible
enough to tip the question enough to allow me to ask myself what
the significance would be if the reports were more-or-less true.
 Why would extraterrestrials be interested in observing us? Why
would they keep their visits secret, more -or less? If a
government like ours found some wreckage and corpses from a
spacecraft, why would they keep it secret? Why are the reports
of UFOs so different from one another?

Actually the last one is easy. We always talk about
extraterrestrials as if they were of one species, like we are on
our planet. But it isn't likely that all the sentient beings in
the universe would look alike, nor that they would build
containers for bits of their environment that would all look the
same. What they are likely to have in common is a technology
that permits high-speed interstellar travel with out the
expenditure of a lot of energy because otherwise we'd see more
one-way trips.

But why do they want to observe us in relative secret and not
visit us in the open? That's pretty easy to answer too. If they
have been watching our television programs they'd understand
that the U.S., which is the most heavily armed nation on the
planet is seriously considering building a wall to keep out poor
people who have a darker complexion and speak a different
dialect than our upper classes. How, do you suppose, would that
establishment react to people who not only looked considerably
different but had superior technology? If you were they would
you take the chance? I wouldn't: I'd avoid close contact if at
all possible.

So the extraterrestrials have a motivation for keeping any
accidental contacts secret, but what about us? Why would our
government want to keep secret any information it had about
visits from extraterrestrials? There are two possibilities: the
contact left some sort of evidence, or it did not. If the
latter, it would be because the extraterrestrial had better
technology for evasion than we had for detection and
apprehension. No government likes to admit weakness, for fear
its citizens might panic, so that's enough motivation.

If there is some evidence, it would be studied for any clues it
might provide regarding the advanced technology that the
extraterrestrial obviously has. After all, they came here, we
didn't go there. It would be kept secret so as not to lose any
advantage it might give us over our terrestrial rivals.

So secrecy by governments is not only ordinary and inevitable
but, in this case, it is irrelevant. Government secrecy merely
signifies ignorance. If any contact has brought us tecnological
superiority, that superiority would be demonstrated without
revealing its source; if not, it doesn't affect the realities of
the situation.

So our reactions to the visits of extraterrestrial, if any, are
essentially irrelevant. We are not in a position to demonstrate
a friendly attitude toward extraterrestrials because of our
attitudes from members of our own who have differences of
appearance or status; and we don't have the technology to
sustain an unfriendly attitude. They are going to do what they
feel like without consulting us in the matter.

What does matter is the attitude and motivations of the

Why would they bother with observing us? Why, after a long
history of very few, if any, contacts, are they buzzing around
like flies? Is anything happening now that would make us of more
interest to an extraterrestrial community? We are pushing our
natural boundaries, sending things out into interstellar space
that send signals back (and outward, too). But it will be a
while before we can go out in crowds. We are in the same stage
of interstellar travel that we were in atmospheric flying in the
late 19th century. We still think it is impossible. So we won't
be a problem in the sense of contact in their space for quite a

But the mere idea of us let loose on the universe must cause a
universal shudder. We kill immense numbers of other species to
eat, and even kill each other in large numbers for imaginary
reasons that we lable "politics" or "religion" or even simply
for the trade tokens we call "money". To the rest of the
universe we must look like a madhouse run by the patients. The
risk of our escaping and infecting the universe with our
presence must keep policy-makers awake (if their species

And they could solve the problem easily. All they would need to
do is trigger off a megavolcano like the one under Yellowstone
and there would be a volcanic winter that would eradicate most
life on earth. Even if some of us survived it would be a number
of generations before we recovered enough to be a concern, and
even then we would have no reason to believe that it wasn't a
natural phenomenon.

But if that sort of thing happened, there is a reasonable chance
that we might "go sane" and be the kind of species that would be
welcome in a fully sentient society. Under those circumstances
it would be reasonable to have observers come here to judge our
state of evolution and, if we need some stimulus, to judge the
degree of natural catastrophe that it would take to set us back
on the right track. We shouldn't expect that they would tell us
what they were going to do - that would divert us into thinking
of them as "enemies" and turning us away from the correct
evolutionary track. If we thought of the catastrophe as
"natural" we would put our energies into recovery, and might
choose the sane evolutionary track this time.

Of course, if we set ourselves on the right evolutionary track
without a natural (or artificial) catastrophe that would be even
better. There is nothing inevitable about the track we are on -
 it is more useful to think of it as a diversion that went on
for far too long, coupled with an attempt to recover that failed
at the last minute. We know what we need to do to survive, we
just don't know how to get off the wrong track we are on. The
right sized catastrophe might well do it, but there is no reason
we can't do it without the catastrophe. We just have to decide
to do it. But most people are so stuck in what they think of as
"reality" that they can't see the way out. I see one way out,
and, for all the good it will do, I will try to explain it. I've
done that before: the only difference is that now the UFOs can
play a role.


For some reason it seemed like a good idea to have another blog,
but the inspiration didn't go so far that it told me what the
blog was going to be about! You can look at the stuff that I've
been doing by going to:


I'll have more to say later.

[Thanks to Stuart Miller of http://uforeview.net/ for the lead]

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