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Re: What Happened To UFO Reporting?

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 07:47:51 -0600
Archived: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 09:51:14 -0500
Subject: Re: What Happened To UFO Reporting?

>Source: Cullan Hudson's Strange State Blog - Oklahoma, USA


>November 28, 2007

>What Happened To UFO Reporting?
>Cullan Hudson

>>From fascinating enigma that had us looking toward the stars, to
>paranoid ramblings that have us now clutching our chakra
>crystals - what happened to UFO culture?

It's learning a little humility, as you should. See, as we dissect
your churlish assessment, there was no "golden age" to which you
would return. We are on the cutting edge of the "golden age" without
regard to how it might turn your finger green.

>In particular, I ask about the state of UFO magazines.

Ok! Though, wear a cup! I do.

>Where once we could count on fascinating tales of unidentified
>craft in various periodicals devoted to the issue, we are now
>left with a handful of rags that seem to spend more time talking
>about ESP, the Raelians, ley lines, and esoteric spirituality -
>even ghosts and monsters!

Ted Sturgeon said 90% of everything is crap. Forgetting for a moment
that this will include anything dull and pedantic sloshing around
between _your_ ears, drooling from _your_ pen, or errantly banged
out on _your_ keyboard, it remains that you have picked and chosen
your examples very carefully to grind an ax too obvious for citation.

There is content _enough_ to satisfy the most up-tight "nuts and
boltser," Sir! You choose your examples to enflame that
fundamentalist base. Step off. Lastly, it may be that the
crap-articles to which you refer are paying the _freight_ for that
which you suggest you have more appreciation.

>To be honest, if I could turn back the clock a few decades, I
>would. I miss the good ol' days when investigators did just
>that. Investigate.

Uh-huh... and just what was the result of that "good-old-
fashioned" investigation? How have we been advanced thereby? How
are we instructed? What are the gains made? How have we been
enlightened? How have we been made less ignorant? How is science

>Frankly, I blame the aliens - for not showing up. Had they, then
>folks would have something to focus on instead of allowing their
>minds to wander and speculate about things that were based on
>little but dubious testimonies and paranoid supposition.

Right. If you had a scoupsant of imagination, the slightest
grasp of history, or the smallest intellectual courage you might
consider that ET might understand well the consequences of
discovery on the "discovered," and could be assisting a nose-
bubbling humanity into discovering _it_, so more or our
sensibility is preserved. Think of the consequences, too, of
giving children what they want when they want it. Without the
knowledge of earning, don't they get progressively more willful
and arrogant and dangerous?  Besides, aliens "not showing up"
spare you humiliation and allow you your specious quips in
_facile_ commentary. Really, thanks for helping out.

>Sure, the fringe element has always been there, but the bulk of
>publications just dealt with telling the story and presenting
>the facts as they were known, often with a scientific slant.

I'm sure Don Ecker was a personal favorite.

>Idle hands, as they say, are the devil's workshop.

Tools, actually. Though you have this wrong too. "Idle" hands
_remain_ tools. Bad news for the niggardly.

>So, with the Visitors late to the Barbecue, some people
>apparently got a little bored. Next thing we knew, they're out
>at Sedona chanting beneath a pyramid made from copper tubing.

So? George Dubs is "swinging rattlesnakes above his head" by
report and self-admission. Consider. Your confidence in the 2%
of reality that you've got the courage to remotely contemplate
does not in any way justify your refusal to contemplate the
other 98%.

>Well, I have two words about that: Dry Lightning. It's as if
>there is a collective frustration that nothing more has been

>Fundamentally, we are nowhere nearer to understanding the
>phenomenon than we were half a century ago. This fact, for many,
>will simply not suffice. They have a deep seated need to
>understand, and in supplication to that obsession, they begin to
>seek answers beyond the scope of the observable.

ET or alternative consciousness abundantly suggested by the
evidence is a 'tad' more paradigm changing than getting to the
bottom of your "Dry-lightning,," Mr. Hudson, even if it _was_ on
the way! You perform a disservice to suggest, vaguely, that the
consideration of same is in the remotest league with a perhaps
ubiquitous "other"...

Read a book... and more of those magazines. It might put a
different thought in your head. I suspect _any_ thought is a
decided improvement.

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