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Re: Melvin Brown And The MPs

From: Kevin Randle <krandle993.nul>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 15:27:31 -0500
Archived: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 16:37:07 -0500
Subject: Re: Melvin Brown And The MPs

Good Afternoon, List, All -

I think we have gotten a little deep into the weeds as we say in
the Army. The point I was attempting to make was that Melvin
Brown, simply because he was a cook was not disqualified from
being assigned to guard duty at some point. I was suggesting
that the MPs would be required to continue their normal duties
whether it was patrolling in town, guarding the air base,
guarding the bomb pits or hangars, or anything else that
required it. Now, they were suddenly tasked with additional
assignments which could have overwhelmed their ability to
respond. Jan Aldrich didn't like my quoting doctrine about this,
but this is where we turn in this circumstance. Doctrine tells
us who would be pressed into service for these additional

While there would be no doctrine about an alien spaceship crash,
there would be doctrine about guarding the scene of an aircraft
accident and this doctrine could be adapted. It means that we
might have the trained MPs at the critical areas, and those who
have been impressed into service at the less important points. I
think manning checkpoints on the side roads nowhere close to the
critical sites makes sense.

Where does this leave Melvin Brown. Pressed into service to
assist. Taken out into the field and then put in the back of a
truck as an "escort." Why? Because he was there and wasn't
assigned anything else. He was just riding back into town with
something hidden under a tarp.

Possible? Yes. Probable? Maybe not.

But really, all I was saying was that it wasn't unheard of for
the officers or NCOs to move through the base and grab anyone
not otherwise occupied and impress them into service. No, they
weren't screening them because of their prior service or awards.
No, they weren't interested in if they had special training or
had been in the infantry. They were taking those people
available at that moment and Brown was swept up in that net.
Anyone who has been in the service is aware that once released
from duty for the day, you don't return to the barracks because
that is the first place they look when extra duty appears.

So, I am suggesting that they needed additional soldiers for
guard duty and they grabbed Brown. I'm suggesting, given his
story, that no one really thought of his riding in the back as
being that critical (and yes we can argue that point given what
he claims to have seen) because it was just some tarp covered
material and the NCO who assigned him the duty might not have
realized the importance. No, I don't know because I wasn't
there, I'm merely saying that in the excitement of the moment,
someone made a decision who maybe should have thought about it a
little longer.

Brown was assigned to the back of the truck because of a series
of incidents that doctrine and policy might have forbidden, that
all came together at this one point. It is said that an aircraft
accident is one little mistake, but a cascade of them that if
interrupted at any point would have prevented the accident.
There for the want of a nail...

I have been quite interested in the take of everyone about this,
and surprised at the tone of some of the responses. But I think
we need to get out of the weeds at this point.


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