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Re: Newly Released CIA Documents On UFOs?

From: Brad Sparks <RB47x.nul>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 18:54:29 EST
Archived: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 06:56:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Newly Released CIA Documents On UFOs?

>From: Vincent Boudreau <vincentboudreau.nul>
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 00:28:51 -0500 (EST)
>Subject: Newly Released CIA Documents On UFOs?


>On November 4 of this year, one post to the List was Plan 9 From
>Outer Space and mentioned the following:

>>Source: The Sydney Morning Herald


>>November 3, 2007

>>Plan 9 From Outer Space

>>Fears of an alien invasion created greater alarm in the US than
>>the threat of a Soviet nuclear attack, writes Philippe Mora.

Where does any CIA document say any such thing?

>>In January 1979, The New York Times reported that despite
>>repeated, feverish denials, the CIA had indeed investigated the
>>UFO phenomenon: "CIA Papers Detail UFO Surveillance" screamed
>>the headline. The report is said to have so upset the then CIA
>>director, Stansfield Turner, that he reportedly asked his! staff:
>>"Are we in UFOs?"

>>The answer was yes - since the late 1940s, apparently. But
>>exactly how, what, when, why and who remained layered in
>>mystery, leaving grist for the conspiracy mill.

>>But this year a raft of newly unclassified CIA documents
>>revealed that the remote possibility of alien invasion elicited
>>greater fear than the threat of a Soviet nuclear attack.

No CIA document is quoted saying that.

>>More interesting still, the CIA documents show that despite
>>decades of repeated public denials, behind the scenes there
>>raged a series of inter-agency feuds that involved the highest
>>levels of the US government.

The interagency feuds over who had jurisdiction over UFOs in the
US Intelligence Community were in CIA documents released back in
the mid-70's and are nothing new document-wise (though it might
be 'new' to UFO researchers who still think that a CIA
conspiracy 'controlled' the AF and forced the AF to debunk UFOs
when the truth was the reverse, the AF adopted a debunk-UFOs
psychological warfare policy in July 1952 and planted if not
forced it on the CIA).

It was basically the CIA against the AF over a clearly "air
intelligence" matter, UFOs and the AF won.

>Can somebody confirm that there are new unclassified CIA
>documents and where they can be consulted?

The CIA website occasionally adds a few new translations of
foreign media reports from Russia, China, etc. I have not found
anything substantively new.

>I googled "unclassified CIA documents"+UFOs and got 71 hits
>bearing the same expression "a raft of newly unclassified CIA

>I figure this kind of information would be of major importance.

>There was no reaction on the List.

Here is what I posted on another List, Current Encounters, on
Nov. 5 in response to question posted about the article, with a
few edits:

It looks like a lot of old hat, mixed in with the usual false
factoids. The reason for the article is that the reporter claims
"newly" declassified CIA documents had been released earlier
this year. But the documents seem to be the same as those
released in the 70's.

The CIA often carelessly re-de-classifies the same documents
again and again just because a copy turns up in another file
that hasn't been stamped declassified and they don't bother to
check any index to see if it is the same document previously
released. And they release LESS this time around because in the
70's they didn't try to delete all the serial numbers and
markings, which they now strive to do so one cannot follow a
paper trail to other documents.

Factoids include the claim that CIA director Gen. Smith wrote a
letter to the PSB (Psychological Strategy Board) on "July 1,
1952" when in fact the letter was drafted in Oct 1952 by his OSI
chief Chadwell and rejected by Smith who never signed it and
never sent it on its way to the PSB. This unsigned undated draft
letter keeps getting dragged out by conspiracy buffs and wrongly
claimed to have been "sent to the PSB" -- which they claim in
order to prove some spooky sinister plot on UFO's at high levels
of government.

And then there's the ridiculous claim that the CIA's ONE (Office
of National Estimates) created in Nov 1950 was "close" to being
a "documented version" of MJ-12 -- which in turn was purportedly
created in Sept 1947 (already a fundamental 3-year discrepancy
right there). Never mind that ONE admittedly was an intelligence
"think-tank" and had no operational functions.

Had the few dozen or so scholarly eggheads in ONE ever tried to
take on operational roles they would have been stopped dead in
their tracks by the actual operational side of CIA. With CIA's
operations directorate the DDP fielding 7,000+ personnel out of
the 10,000 total employees then working for the Agency and
controlling most (about 60%) of the CIA's $550 million budget
and wielding its immense political clout within the foreign
policy establishment, CIA Operations would have made short work
of the understaffed pipsqueak little ONE. The ONE wrote papers,
intelligence estimates, and did not conduct operations.

Brad Sparks

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