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Reluctance To Study Friedman's Star Travel Papers

From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 17:29:32 EDT
Archived: Sat, 06 Oct 2007 07:19:12 -0400
Subject: Reluctance To Study Friedman's Star Travel Papers

I'm on another List that discusses aerospace and particular
aircraft which I can't mention here as the List would be known.

However, many, many specialists from around the world of
aerospace are participants and recently I started a thread
regarding the long term mission to Mars that should occur in
2037 much to our disappointment because it's so far away.

Well, some of the top spaceflight people joined in discussing
the latest systems and propulsion systems that didn't jibe with
what the latest mainstream news said about propulsion. An
interesting look into the logistics to overcome emerged that the
general public would never have had a peek into occurred and
that was thrilling. However I recalled how Mr. Stanton T.
Friedman had published a paper called Star Travel? YES! which
he's shared with us on this List regarding propulsion systems.

So I mention Mr. Friedman's paper with the link to his website
where they could purchase it. It's only $4 and you would figure
a paper like this is priceless, yet the high end specialists
I've mentioned won't touch it or reference to it. I've had to
mention it twice to see if they'd read it and could debate it.
No such luck.

I've read the paper and it's contents discussed numerous times
on this List. All seems possible to me and the latest news on
propulsion that cuts Mars trips to mere weeks instead of months
still won't get referenced from the top specialists even though
the NASA and JPL folks are part of the story.

I think sometimes there's a mindset at the big agencies that
even if you waltz in the door with the answer to the equation,
it can't be confronted unless some politician or lawyer says
it's okay to.

The debate of whether some advanced civilizations would use
propulsion to do FTL goes on. However physics tells us that
nothing can go faster than light through space.

But what if the medium wasn't space? I have this gnawing feeling
that the visitors who've been plaguing us for so many years
after atom bomb testing weren't worried about us using atomic
bombs, they were worried that if we had figured out how to use a
bomb, we'd figure out how to travel from one star to another and
that travel wouldn't be linear or through space but a faster
more efficient way.

Sometimes what we think someone fears in us isn't our ability
but our potential. Sort of like when you child gets their hands
on scissors. Given time and patience they'll use it responsibly
yet unattended who knows what havoc they'll wreak.

Faster than light travel to get to the stars? I don't think
speed has anything to do with it because space isn't the

Who would have thought we just might be smarter than what
even we thought we could be.



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