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His Eye Is Stuck On The Sky

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Subject: His Eye Is Stuck On The Sky

Source: MetroWest Daily News - Framingham, Massachusetts, USA


Sun Oct 07, 2007

His Eye Is Stuck On The Sky

By Julia Spitz
Daily News Columnist
MetroWest Daily News

As an engineer, Greg Berghorn's drawn to things that can be
calculated, quantified and explained.

As director of the Mutual UFO Network's state chapter, his
blue-green eyes light up at things that can't.

Most often a reported sighting is actually a flash from a
satellite's solar panel or a comet streaking by.

"It's that 1 percent of the cases that are not easily explained
away that are the most fascinating."

And it's elements of such cases that are on the agenda next
Friday evening at the Mass. UFO Show in Watertown's Hibernian

The conference's focus will be on USOs, or unidentified
submerged objects. "There seems to be some phenomena where UFOs
submerge into the water," said Berghorn. Researcher Chris Styles
will speak about a 1967 reported crash in Shag Harbour, Canada,
and Don Ledger is slated to address "Flying Black Triangles."

Berghorn's never had an encounter, or at least "nothing that I
couldn't explain," unless you count the crop circles in the mid-

Crop circles fascinate Berghorn because you "can apply some sort
of methodology to investigate, rather than (relying on)

Actually, it wasn't the crop circles that drew him to the south
of England as much as it was the chance to try out GPS

He visited four sites.

"Two of them looked like a Saturday night hoax, kids playing.
The other two defy explanation. I came away with the feeling...
(confessed British circle-making hoaxers) Doug and Dave didn't
do it."

Yesterday, Berghorn, who's lived in Framingham for 20 years,
described the intricate patterns you can't see unless you're
viewing them from the air, drawing angles and lines with the
precision of, well, an engineer, to try to show what he'd seen.

"Each reed was lying down at a 90-degree angle to the radius of
the circle... There are circles within circles within circles...
how in the world would you do that unless you picked each reed
up one at a time?"

The commonly accepted explanation is by using a board and

"Well, I found a lot of things that couldn't be explained away
by somebody in a field with a board and string."

The problem with investigating UFO phenomena is what Berghorn
calls "the Keystone Kop effect." In silent movies, the comedic
cops always arrived too late, and "they never really catch

"UFO stories always have a beginning. They always have a middle.
They never have an end. That's my great frustration."

His face lit up when he talked about a "flap," a term used to
describe a large number of UFO reports, one March sometime in
the late 1990s. A man in northern Massachusetts described a
large circular disc over his house. The man was a machinist, "a
trained eye," and he reported something specific and unusual on
the bottom of the disc, a piece of information a woman in New
Hampshire reported a short time later.

"Two independent witnesses describing exactly the same thing,"
Berghorn said with a broad smile.

What was the thing?

Police investigating a crime often hold back details so they'll
know if a witness really was at the scene. "We don't usually
publish all the information we have about a sighting."

The state chapter gets about 50 reports of unusual sightings a
year, he said. "Of those 50, less than five we find sufficiently
unusual to investigate."

There are about 75 members of Mass. MUFON, and "we all have day
jobs," so "it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend a lot of time
investigating every case," particularly when you know Venus was
looking a little brighter than usual that day.

For incidents that do warrant follow-up, information is shared
with the national network. "Eventually, it'll all be
computerized. But there are many, many cases that haven't been
put online yet.

"It turns out Massachusetts has the oldest recorded sighting,"
he said, citing a report from 1639, when "two guys in a boat on
the Charles River saw something in the air which they described
as flying pigs. They subsequently described themselves (being)
several miles upstream an hour later."

Flying pigs?

"Both were pig farmers. They explained the phenomena in terms
they could interpret. It's all they had to work with.

"We all tend to explain things we can't understand in terms of
things we can."

For information on monthly MUFON meetings in Framingham, go to
massmufon.com. For information on tickets to Friday's Mass. UFO
Show, go to www.ufoshow.org/mufo.html.


Julia Spitz can be reached at 508-626-3968 or jspitz.nul

Check metrowestdailynews.com or milforddailynews.com for the
Spitz Bits Blog.

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