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Re: Leir Turns Believers Into Sceptics

From: Diane Harrison <auforn06.nul>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 07:35:42 +1000
Archived: Mon, 08 Oct 2007 10:12:21 -0400
Subject: Re: Leir Turns Believers Into Sceptics

>From: John Velez <jvelez49.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2007 04:08:04 -0400
>Subject: Re: Believers Turn Into Sceptics After Conference

>>From: Diane Harrison <auforn06.nul>
>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 07:56:23 +1000
>>Subject: Believers Turn Into Sceptics After Conference

>>Source: The Rotorua Daily Post - Wellington, New Zealand



>>Believers Turn Into Sceptics After Conference
>>By Matthew Martin

>>Even the true believers at a UFO conference in Rotorua were
>>sceptical after a keynote speaker's presentation.

>>Delegates at the UFOCUS New Zealand conference were less than
>>impressed with American podiatrist Dr Roger Leir, who claims to
>>have surgically removed alien implants from humans.


>I have no comment about Dr. Lier's presentation, I was not

>If I may, I would like to make a few comments about Dr. Lier and
>his 'work' now that the subject has been broached.

>The reason I am writing at all is because of the statement
>regarding Dr. Lier's most recent surgical expedition, according
>to your post, just last year.

>Almost a decade ago EBK published a series of posts I composed
>regarding Dr. Lier's repeated surgical procedures on
>'abductees' - search the UFO UpDates Archive.


Hi John

I'm sending this to this List as it came to me off-list. I
thought you might be interested to read what this person has
to say regarding Leir.



From: sbcl888.nul
Date: 8 October 2007 1:18:38 AM
To:  auforn06.nul

In reply to John Valez's unbalanced evaluation of Dr. Leir's
work - he missed some vital points and I do not agree with his
statements. Although it has been a while since I read Leir's
first book (which I don't currently have on me) I do remember
there were several key findings.

# The most dramatic finding that I recall in the book was that
many of the objects removed from the alleged abductees were
coated in a thin layer of the persons own body tissue. This
coating thereby prevented the objects from being rejected
(autoimmune reaction). Currently (at least publicly) we do not
have these capabilities - but research is being undertaken and
it is hoped that this could be a method to overcome rejection
difficulties for organ transplation and the implantation of
devices such as pacemakers! Now, correct me if I'm wrong but
that sounds like an incredible finding and highly indicative of
an advanced technology???

# I further believe that the limited evaluations (eg. implant
analysis) conducted from his first book were inconclusive. From
memory, the actual material in the alleged implants was
identifiable - but there combinations were highly unusual! Also,
I personally do not think we will be able to get much
information about the actual implants as I believe that the
beings involved are that far advanced that the actual technology
will not be identifiable by us. I think these objects are
implants monitoring certain things - but the beings involved
have quite probably disguised the technology so as to be
unidentifiable. Eg. I do not believe that we are going to be
finding ET microchips in these implants.

# Valez also has a gripe at Lier for performing so many
operations. From a science stand point the more studies,
objects, or persons - experimented on - the more valid the
study. A scientist cannot develop in-depth or broad-ranging
conclusions without obtaining numerous samples and/or studies
from a cross-section of the population. Any person conducting
experiments or even surveys knows these things. So I find it
utterly bizarre how Velez on the one hand complains about him
performing numerous operations and on the other hand accusing
him of being unscientific???

Secondly, these people have volunteered to have the objects
removed - he has not tied them up and forcibly removed the
objects idiot! If I had some strange, unknown, bloody thing in
me (even if it was identifiable) I would want it removed ASAP.
Velez is making it sound like he is butchering these people up
against their own will!!!

Also, from what I could gather from the first book Leir only had
a limited budget to work with and as well as performing his
normal work duties and probable family life - he more or less
seemed to be doing this research in his spare time. Any person
would find this enormously difficult. I really don't think Velez
understands the difficulties (as well as huge costs) that Leir
must undertake to have proper scientific studies (or even
correct scientific technique) conducted. This is more or less a
one man research crusade not a scientific investigation from a
team of scientists from the CSIRO.

Again, what is the big gripe about obtaining money from the
conference. Unfortunately, in this world we need money for
everything. I think the price of a plane ticket is more or less
a free service as Leir's work would be a major drawing card to
the conference! "A whale of a compensation" - I don't think so
Valdez! This Valdez character seems like a bit of a goose to me.
I have not read Leir's other works but I remember being quite
impressed from reading his first book. Yes, he has not done a
perfect job scientifically but remember he is not a government
organisation - and is subsequently limited in time, money and
probably training. Just because he is a doctor dosen't mean he
is qualified as a research scientists!!! Leir should be
applauded for his efforts and bravery in confronting an
attempting to study this subject. As any UFO/abduction
researcher knows - few scientists or doctors have the gaul to
even raise this subject as it may effect the job, funding, and
credibility. Those that do are faced with ridicule and attacks
from the public and/or cynics (who usually have not researched
the subject at all). Lear has bravely attempted to tackle an
incredibly important subject - and I believe his work, along
with others, will only be recognised by future generations -
 when hopefully, the truth and cover-up will finally be exposed.

Wake up Velez  YOU ARE A GOOSE

It's foolish comments like yours that scare scientists and other
professionals from even approaching the subject. (Yes, we must
question credibility and research methods - but you haven't
looked at both sides of the coin!)

S. Blanch


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