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Other Questions About MJ-12 & Disinformation

From: Gildas Bourdais <bourdais.gildas.nul>
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2007 16:53:43 +0200
Archived: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 10:51:59 -0400
Subject: Other Questions About MJ-12 & Disinformation

To the List,

I have read with interest the long text of Brad Sparks and Barry
Greenwood, "The Secret Pratt Tapes and the Origins of MJ-12",
presented at the last MUFON symposium. I think it's an important
contribution and I wish to make some comments on it. I leave
aside the debate between Brad Sparks and Barry Greenwood, and
the one with Stan Friedman over the question of the authenticity
of certain MJ-12 documents. My purpose is rather to consider
what we can infer from some importants aspects, new or
confirmed, in this text.

To me, the main idea, strongly confirmed, is that there has been
a continuous program of disinformation on UFOs, run since at
least 25 years by Intelligence services of the Air Force. Let's
call them AFOSI. Perhaps not all of them, but it was certainly
not the work of Richard Doty alone. He was just not able to do
that, and we know there were other people, such as "Falcon",
allegedly an AFOSI Colonel with office at the Pentagon (correct
me if I misunderstood). Obviously, there have been quite a
number of people involved in that program.

According to Brad Sparks, the main reason for that policy was,
and still is, to disrupt ufology, and to debunk the rumors,
which began to appear more and more in the 70's and the 80's
about very secret operations, starting with the Roswell crash
retrieval or even before, followed logically by the creation of
secret groups, whatever their names, and the development of
secret studies. The main techniques have been, either pure and
simple denial of the Mogul kind, or the launching of tall tales
in order to ridicule real facts. That's the technique of
"amplifying" disinformation, as the Cometa Report put it. Tell
me if you have a better name.

Brad Sparks seems to claim, if I read him well, that all the
"MJ-12" documents are hoaxes and that, therefore, their contents
are false, especially the existence of a "MJ-12" secret group.
That's where I have another point of view. In order to make
"credible" amplifying disinformation, you have to start at least
from some real facts. Brad admits, in his conclusion, that he
has a problem with Roswell. He has been a long time skeptic
about Roswell, and about the ETH as well. It is just recently
that he has discovered, he tells us, some troubling facts about
Roswell, but he does not want to tell us more. Well, to me,
another starting point is to consider that the hypothesis of a
UFO crash is very credible. It was already well grounded in many
testimonies in the 90's, but was then harmed by some false
testimonies, as Kevin Randle just reminded us. However, it has
been reinforced recently with new testimonies, such as those in
the book of Carey and Schmitt. So, the question of the existence
of secret groups and studies, following that fantastic
discovery, sems more open than ever. Perhaps, not everything is
false in the MJ-12 documents, even if they are all faked. At
least they deserve some study.

Another interesting point to discuss is the effectiveness and
long term effects of that policy of debunking. As I see it, it
has been effective to maintain the wall of protection of deep
secrets, but, in the long term, it may have very negative
effects for its authors. It has given a lot of fuel to the
various conspiracy theories which have expanded so much in
parallel. It has also given a lot of food for films and TV
series like the X Files, enormously popular worldwide. I know
people in France who told me that they don't need to learn more
about UFO secrets: it' all in the X Files!

So, the next question could be: are we coming near a sort of
breaking point, which will blow the lid of secrecy? It is
tempting to suppose that, but my impression, however, is that we
are not yet close to it. I have remarked that this opinion is
shared by people like Richard Dolan. At the recent X Conference,
he suggested that it will not happen before five years, but
probably will before 25 years. It seems reasonable but it may
still be optimist. Why? Because, it is probably not just a
matter of having retrieved some crashed UFOs and having studied
them secretly. Beyond that, may lie other, more disturbing
questions. The possibility of secret contacts is one. Then come
out other problems, such as abductions, and cattle mutilations.
But that's not all. We will probably have to face the question
of ancient contacts, of hidden interferences with human history.
That is, perhaps, the toughest part of the problem, the one
which makes so many people raise eyebrows. I remark that Brad
Sparks denounces repeatedly the Aquarius Executive Briefing as
saying the "ludicrous claim that Jesus Christ was an alien". But
that's not exactly what is written: "EBE reported that 2,000
years ago his ancestors planted a human creature on earth to
assist the inhabitants of earth in developing a civilization".
What this distortion suggests to me is deep emotion at the mere
evocation of such an idea.  That's why I wonder if 25 years will
suffice to begin discussing that seriously. It might take longer
than that.

Gildas Bourdais

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