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Re: Is Ufology 'Anti-Science'?

From: Claude Mauge <claudemauge.nul>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 22:14:39 +0200 (CEST)
Archived: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 11:02:09 -0400
Subject: Re: Is Ufology 'Anti-Science'?

>From: Isaac Koi isaackoi.nul
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 22:27:41 +0100
>Subject: Is Ufology 'Anti-Science'?

Dear Isaac,

Here is a full reply to your questionnaire posted on September 30.

*Basic details of respondent.

Books read: 100+.

UFOs are ET craft: A merely fanciful possibility.


Nature of ufology: Parascience (See my post dated October 1).

To be scientific: fundamentally, to be rational and to check
data, with experiences either direct or indirect.

Good to be scientific? Of course, as too to be an artist,
compassionate, or any other positive quality.

Increasing level of anti/pseudoscience? Yes, at least among some
schools of social "sciences" (thanks to "post-modernism").


Number of sightings and belief: Possibly, but only marginaly.
Your question is not a good one, because number and belief are
not necessarily connected: the belief level could increase with
fewer sightings but having only a good quality. [I swear I
answered without reading your second paragraph!].

Better scientific education of skeptics: Globally, probably not
really. Some skeptics are probably more "educated" than
proponents on specific topics (only one example, James Oberg on
satellite launchings ans reentries), but the reverse (some
proponents better than skeptics) is also possibly true.

*Involvement of scientists.

Necessary or desirable: of course! (Except for someone who
considers UFOs only as a religious matter). If the proportion of
scientists involved in UFO research is low, it is certainly not
because "they don't want to know", but for several reasons some
of which are: the ufologists are unable to present intelligently
and efficiently their Cause, partly because they ignore the
rules of admission in the Club of Science; the data the
ufologists believe to be sound don't impress the scientists (see
Pocantico Panel's conclusions); scientists have severe
professionnal constraints; they possibly perceive ufology as a
vipers' nest.

How ufologists are regarded by scientists: It matters for
ufologists who perceived themselves as serious.

Science explaining all the UFO reports: Evidently not in the
past; impossible in the future because many accounts are very
poor and thus unexploitable. But I think that all reports are
probably *potentially* explainable by science.

Existing adequate scientific studies: Fully adequate, perhaps
not; reasonably adequate, yes, for instance at Hessdalen.

Additions to scientific knowledge by the study of UFOs: Yes, a
few in very specific points (e.g. explanation of the 1952
Washington radar phenomena -- of course when one accepts the
anomalous propagation explanation). And more if human/social
sciences are accepted as science.

Future advancement of science thanks to UFOs: Possibly in earth
sciences at a marginal level; yes if Michael Persinger is right
with his Tectonic Strain Theory (what I doubt). Evident if you
accept human/social sciences.

*Polling data.

Believing in UFOs: At a basic level, every of us "believes" in
his/her pet theory, even if we are convinced it is a rational
necessity; for if it were only rational, how can one explain
that all the involved persons don't have the same conclusion?
(If only reason was involved, it would prevail over our
education and past experiences; unless the data are not as
powerful as the proponents claim).

Negative correlation UFO belief -- intelligence: Probably not as

Negative correlation UFO belief -- education: Same answer. I
remember having read studies claiming that, at least with an
university degree, there were large variations according to the
type of studies, technical, scientific, humanities (no precise
detail in memory nor checked. More precisions on request).


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