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Re: New 'Operation Saucer' Revelations

From: Kentaro Mori <kentaro.mori.nul>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 15:17:10 -0300
Archived: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 17:56:50 -0400
Subject: Re: New 'Operation Saucer' Revelations 


- 'Operation Saucer': New Revelations

In the years of 1977 and 1978, locals of northern Brazil were
terrorized by what they described as luminous and vampire balls
of light, a phenomenon soon nicknamed "chupa-chupa", meaning
"suck-suck". The panic reached great proportions and led to the
creation of a military operation of the Brazilian Air force
dedicated to investigate the subject. Called "Operation Saucer",
it would become one of the biggest "ufology" stories in Brazil,
mainly after in 1997 its commander, Uyrange Hollanda, publicly
confirmed his participation in the operation. Recently, the
episode was revisited in a popular Brazilian TV show, "Linha
Direta", and was also one of the subjects of a series of
documentaries from History Channel, titled "The Brazilian

But little concrete evidence is known about the operation. To
the "Linha Direta" TV show, the Brazilian Air Force stated that
the operation had been the result of personal interest from
those involved, and that it only had some reports of one of the
members of the operation. And the author of mostly all reports
was Sergeant Joao Flavio de Freitas Costa. Unfortunately, Flavio
Costa passed away in 1993, without giving greater details of his
participation in the Operation, then still officially secret.

Even Flavio Costa's death became subject of speculations
regarding "alien implants" - which commander Uyrange Hollanda
later claimed to have had --, and it was investigating these
claims that we met Fernando Costa, the son of sergeant Flavio
Costa. To our surprise, Fernando Costa not only was already
exposing such unfounded stories on the rather mundane death of
his father, he was also ready to reveal valuable information on
little known aspects of the Operation. The following interview
was conducted in collaboration with journalist Jeferson
Martinho, from the Brazilian electronic magazine Vigilia:

CA: Flavio Costa was the author of almost all of the reports,
drawings and pictures of the "Operation Saucer". He also helped
to convince Uyrange Hollanda that they were dealing with
something unknown. How do you view, today, your father's role in
this polemic Operation?

Fernando: Viewing today, I can see a man divided between his
personal beliefs - with some mysticism, and very enthusiastic
with ufology - and a strict military man, zealous with his
missions, that had to limit himself to factual reports,
scientifically based.

CA: You told us that your father was passionate about ufology.
Did he happen to tell some story on the subject?

Fernando: To the close ones, he was always telling stories=85 He
always put personal impressions in a convincing and meticulous
way, with a lot of excitement and a dose of mysticism. Regarding
facts related with the military activity, he only spoke what his
duty allowed him to. He very seldom let away secret details of
his activities. After he retired, in the Sunday lunches, after
some drinks, I managed to know some things. I think in the
beginning of the Operation Saucer he was quite unsatisfied with
the lack of resources for obtaining evidence. I got to see
pictures of three circles, harmoniously disposed in a triangular
form, imprinted in the grass as if they had been burned. He told
that radioactivity was detected in those marks. For him, that
represented the impression of the landing of a ship. I didn't
see, in any of the reports to which I had access, any reference
or comment on that picture.

CA: Your father's reports are detailed in their descriptions of
the sightings, from weather conditions to many maps and
diagrams. He was trained as a meteorologist, wasn't he?

Fernando: He was a graduate meteorologist from the School of
Specialists of the Brazilian Aeronautics. We can notice, below
his signature in the reports, that besides his military rank
there's the acronym QMT, designating his specialty. In spite of
not having concluded the Flying School on the Para Aeroclub, he
also piloted small airplanes.

CA: Did he comment on how he understood the UFO phenomenon and
the Chupa-chupa specifically?

Fernando: He had some theories: he associated the occurrence of
ufological phenomena to geodesic faults. He spoke about a fault
that went from the central plateau to Colares, in Para, and that
the great majority of the phenomena observed by him were located
in that line. But he didn't dismiss the possibility that such
phenomena involved experiments from developed countries, with
top secret vectors still in testing phase. We cannot forget the
similarity of the illustration of a sighting in the area of
Santar=E9m, with the today known "Stealth" flying wings.

CA: And did you see something at that time? Do you remember how
the phenomenon was publicized by the media and how did the
people react to it?

Fernando: The Chupa-chupa phenomenon took a great space in the
local media, which generated some conflict between the military
and part of the press. There are some stories that the then
captain Hollanda invaded the office of a newspaper and
confiscated pictures related with the Operation. For my part, I
wasn't interested in the subject, so much so that I always
escaped from the patrols [to watch for the UFOs] when I was
called. Studying was always a good excuse. My mother joined
several patrols and she is even mentioned in one of the lists of
witnesses in the reports.

CA: And how was it to participate, in a certain way, personally
in the Operation?

Fernando: Today, I think it was indeed interesting. But at that
time, it was a horror. To be the son of a military man, of the
"big sergeant", was not an easy task. As such, I had to walk
always "in the line", not to involve myself with student
politics and to be an exemplary student. I was studying in high
school and I was finishing an apprenticeship in the Bank of
Brazil in which I passed, in Brasilia, in an excellent position.
My father did everything he could to direct me to the military
career, because he knew that I had potential for it. I always
rejected such possibility, because I thought I had been already
"serving" the military during all my life and passed all the
possible trainings, including the "united order", handling of
weapons, survival in the jungle, navigation notions, aviation,
airplane modeling and so on. My heart pointed me to the road of
the humanities and social sciences that, later on, I ended up
studying. The conflict between generations and ideologies was
quite stark, but it did maintain a respectful level as much as

During the time of Operation Saucer, an improvised photographic
laboratory was set up, with equipment of the I COMAR, in the
maid's room of our house, in the military village. My
participation in the developing some pictures of the operation
was imposed by my father: "It is better for you to be learning a
profession home, instead of learning useless things in the
street". Today I can understand it, but for an adolescent that
generated a big rebellion. While I was developing the pictures
in the small room, he was at the living room, writing reports
and drawing many of the illustrations of the Operation. In that
period, the rage ended up overcoming the reason and I started to
"play", enlarging any luminous point in the film to make them
similar to a "flying saucer". Afterwards, some of those pictures
leaked, I don't know how, and I laughed a lot when I had news of
their publication in ufology books. I shared the reason of the
laughter only with some close friends.

CA: Very interesting. But did some of the images that you saw or
manipulated catch your attention? Some story or element
especially memorable that you could share?

Fernando: There was one that all of us thought was the best, and
that was around in my mother's house and that I don't know where
it ended up. The objects in the films that I manipulated were
almost always spherical or cylindrical. However, there was a
picture of an object that resembled a sea ray. That was not
developed by me, but, in fact, it was impressive.

CA: In one of the reports written by your father, he regrets the
lack of resources and admits that the accumulated evidence could
not sustain the conclusions that they had arrived to regarding
the phenomena being "intelligently driven". Hollanda also told
how he bought film for the recordings with his own money. Did
your father speak something about the lack of resources?

Fernando: He spoke on the initial difficulties with the
equipment for photographic registration. Only after a larger
repercussion of the subject they received an improvement of
resources. I think the position of BSB was very skeptical,
though they did send some observers, which left the Operation
Saucer members a little frustrated. As a military observer, he
was very impressed with the capability of abrupt maneuvers of
the UFOs, that, according to him, violated the possibilities of
movement of the known vectors.

CA: The late American journalist Bob Pratt also investigated the
Chupa-chupa phenomenon, and he even became friend of commander
Uyrange Hollanda. Today we also know that your father received
military training in USA. How do you see those suggestions of a
great involvement and interest of American government in the
Operation Saucer?

Fernando: I noticed in my father's comments an enormous distrust
in relation to the "foreigner" (Pratt). Since my father came
back from a training abroad, he nurtured some xenophobia. He was
always photographing and classifying members of religious
missions, that he said were foreign agents that took abroad all
possible information on the great treasure of the world, the
Amazon. Even then, I read that he traveled with Mr. Bob Pratt.
Sometimes there were civil observers, ufology buffs, linked with
the civil aviation. Some were even effective collaborators of
the Operation, as Mr. Pinon. However, in the case of Mr. Pratt,
I don't believe that a captain and a sergeant had autonomy to
introduce a foreigner in an operation considered so secret. I
was always under the impression that the imposition of Mr. Pratt
came from the top. There was another foreigner too, Priest
Alfredo de la O, that, if I'm not mistaken, was parish of the
area of Colares in Para, and that later collaborated here with
the information services in other political subjects, so common
in this area. I heard my father's comment, where he suspected
that the priest was a CIA agent.

CA: After almost thirty years, the phenomena and the Operation
got the public's attention again with the production of the TV
program "Linha Direta" of TV Globo. Following this renewed
interest, some of those involved began to make new declarations,
like Ubiratan Pinon, who made imaginative claims about your
father's death.

Fernando: The claims are imaginative and complete lies. This
gentleman was always prone to the fantastic stories. I know
people that already heard him tell that he witnessed a sea cow
turning into a man [a folkloric Brazilian legend], there in the
Marajo Island=85 While he was limiting himself to the Amazonian
legends and myths, everything was well. But it happens that he
made false claims to an ufology publication about my father's
death. Publication that didn't have enough responsibility in
verifying the claims with Flavio Costas's family and the doctors
of the Air Force Hospital, that treated my father.

Could it be that the medical team that cared for my father was
incompetent to the point of not noticing an "implant put by the
aliens"? Wouldn't the family that took care of his personal
hygiene after the stroke have noticed? Pinon claimed he went to
our house after my father's death, and attributed false
statements to my mother. In the beginning of January, 1993,
Flavio Costa had a stroke. He was hospitalized at the Air Force
Hospital of Bel=E9m for about a month. As a result of the stroke,
he became hemiplegic in the right side and also lost his speech.
After he was released from the hospital, the family took him
home, hired a private physiotherapist and took care of him,
giving bath, making all his personal hygiene and curatives, as
the long stay in the bed of the hospital left him with bed
sores. The wife and children examined him carefully, therefore,
they would have noticed anything strange. The death certificate,
by Dr. Jos=E9 Luiz Carvalho, indicates CARDIOREPIRATORY STOP,
Ubiratan Pinon must have suffered some kind of mental mutilation
to make the statements he did.

CA: What is your opinion on the way the events are being
approached today? And finally, what do you think about the
Chupa-chupa and the Operation Saucer?

Fernando: The occurrence of a strange phenomenon is undeniable.
It affected a portion of the population of Amazon. Even knowing
that our natives are very prone to myths and legends, it is
difficult to deny the bizarre occurrences. However, some claims
should be more responsible. The "conspiracy theorists" love to
invent things. Such was the case with my father's death, with
the death of Hollanda, and even with the Japanese balloons of
the Second World War destined to cause fires in the USA [Fugos]
and other hundreds of stories. Sometimes they believe so much in
the baloney they help to create that they omit facts that can
solve their myths.

Even with the death of some members of the Operation Saucer, the
easy communication that we have today gives us better
investigation resources, which allow for more accurate and
responsible work. When our family discovered and was shocked
with the article published with Mr. Pinon's absurd statements, I
decided to find and talk with one of the officials of the
Operation. Even in a country with hundreds of thousands of
municipal districts, it took me only three days investigating
and I got a phone contact. With the help of the internet and
some phone calls, I located who I was after. It is worth noting
that in some rare occasions I work as a journalist, in a
specialized magazine in my area. I am an audio professional. I
write about some events whose sound stage complexity can be
interesting to the readers. But investigative journalism was
never my area.

With a little bit of intelligence and good will, it is possible.
You have to responsible with your readers!

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