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Roswell The Nazi Connection

From: Kathy Kasten <catraja.nul
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 21:33:41 +0000
Archived: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 07:39:55 -0400
Subject: Roswell The Nazi Connection

Dear List:

Jerry Smith is working on a new book. Please see the attached



For Immediate Release
October 14, 2007

Roswell: The Nazi Connection
A New Book By Jerry E. Smith

In September 2007 I received the go-ahead for my next book:
Roswell: The Nazi Connection!

Since July 3, 1947 the US military has admitted that something
fell to earth near Roswell, New Mexico, and was recovered in a
most extraordinary way. But from that day to this the military
continues to concoct ridiculous stories to explain away what
they found.

Hundreds of witnesses have come forward with a mind-bending
kaleidoscope of possibilities. Was it some sort of disk-shaped
aircraft - a true flying saucer? Was it from this Earth or
Another World? Who were the pilots? Aliens? Humans? Both?

In Roswell: The Nazi Connection I will take a look at some of
the more anomalous evidence and posit a few alternative tellings
of the tale. I admit that this book will be highly speculative,
but I will only be looking at solid facts and legitimate
questions about the available evidence. I won't be pushing an
agenda or preconceived solution to the conundrum of Roswell,
just suggesting a few different ways to connect the dots.

My focus will be to develop on some of the Nazi disk aircraft
material brought up by George Piccard and I in our book from
2005, Secrets Of The Holy Lance. At this point it is an almost
proven fact that the Nazis were working on advanced aircraft
designs that included disk-shaped airfoils - flying saucers. I
will cover the evidence for Nazi flying saucers in depth in an
attempt to establish that one or two of these could very well
have been what was recovered in Roswell.

In Secrets Of The Holy Lance we presented evidence that the
Nazis built extensive reservations throughout Latin America
before WWII, many of which are still there today. We also
covered the rumors of an attempt to establish a permanent German
colony in Antarctica and Urban Legends that the US may have
looked for this colony in 1946-47 under the leadership of
Admiral Byrd. His Operation Highjump was the largest armada ever
sent to Antarctica, consisting of 13 ships and 47,000 men,
including a communications ship, a state of the art aircraft
carrier with dozens of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, a
submarine, two destroyers and 3,500 Marines in full battle gear.
Outfitted for an 8-month mission Operation Highjump abruptly
returned to the US in 1947 after just 16 weeks exploring
Antarctica, with no reason ever given. To this day many believe
that they encountered Nazi flying saucers - and were bested by

While researching Secrets Of The Holy Lance we discovered that
local newspapers in New Mexico in the early 1930s reported that
German tourists were seen all over New Mexico buying up all the
underground properties they could find: caves, mines, tunnels
and such. Could they have been seeking a site to locate a
literal underground base for Nazi spies and saboteurs for the
war that was to come? Could this have become an underground
airbase for Nazi flying saucers after the war?

In the early 1930s Doctor Robert Goddard, the father of American
Rocketry, was doing his most important research just outside of
Roswell. After World War II Operation Paperclip brought the
Nazis who had "perfected" Goddard's work as the V-1 and V-2
rockets to Alamogordo, New Mexico - which is now Holloman Air
Force. Nazi rocketeer Werner Von Braun, a devotee of Goddard,
headed up the Army Ballistic Missile program there. Von Braun
went on to become the head of NASA and a regular on American
television. Holloman is currently the only military base
operated by a foreign power on US soil - it is today a German
air base where Germany's "Top Guns" are trained! If there was an
underground German base somewhere in the US or Mexico in the
1930s/40s, has it now come up to the surface at Holloman?

At the time of the Roswell "UFO" crash and recovery in July of
1947 every atom bomb on Earth (all 17 of them) were at the
Roswell Army Air Corp Base! Could that be why these so-called
flying saucers were there in the first place? Could the object
that crashed on a ranch near Roswell have been a Nazi disk
aircraft with Nazis in uniform in it, two years after the war's
supposed end? And what about those stories of "aliens" found in
the wreckage? Were the child-sized caskets the military ordered
meant for aliens from outer space, or for human pilots of slight
stature selected to work in the cramped confines of a small
craft? Could these Nazis have been trying to steal A-bombs to
continue the war? Could they have been shot down? Did the last
battle of World War II really take place in New Mexico on July
3, 1947? Is that what the military has been hiding all these

These are just some of the areas I plan to explore!

If you have any information on any of these or related topics
please contact me! If you know of any books I should read or
reference in this work please let me know!

You can contact me at: EMAIL: Jerry at JerryESmith dot com SNAIL
MAIL: PO Box 99, Kempton, IL 60946

I am contractually required to turn in the finished manuscript
by the end of September 2008, so I need your input ASAP!

I am shooting for the book having 260 pages of text, plus
bibliography and illustrations. If I complete the manuscript on
time it should be published sometime in early 2009.

Please let me know what you think!

Jerry E. Smith
Author & Lecturer
Vice President for Marketing & Public Relations
Adventures Unlimited Press

Author of Weather Warfare: The Military's Plan To Draft Mother Nature,
and HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy and co-author of the
Secrets Of The Holy Lance: The Spear of Destiny in History & Legend,
all from Adventures Unlimited Press (AUP).  Since HAARP's North American
release in 1998 it has been translated into Portuguese, in 2005, by
Editora Aleph of S=E3o Paulo, Brazil as Armas Eletromagneticas: seria o
projeto Haarp a proxima ameaca mundial?" and in 2001 into Polish by Amber
Supermedia as HAARP Bron Ostateczna. Secrets Of The Holy Lance is

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Jerry E. Smith <jerry.nul>

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