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'Operation Saucer' The Real Evidence

From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 13:27:02 -0300
Archived: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 13:13:28 -0400
Subject: 'Operation Saucer' The Real Evidence

Dear Listers,

In a recent message posted here it was said that "little
concrete evidence is known about the Operation Saucer". Nothing
could be more far away from the truth.

For those who don't know, Operation Saucer was the biggest
military operation conducted in Brazil to _officially_ and
_secretly_ investigate UFOs. Probably the biggest in the world
as well. It started in September 1977 by direct order from the
command of the First Regional Aerial Command (COMAR) of the
Brazilian Air Force in Bel=E9m, Para state, in the Amazon.

The main reason to initiate Operation Saucer were the several
tragic attacks on people from mysterious balls of light and
other objects, first at night - in 1974, 1975 and late 1976 -
 that soon started to happen almost all day long, especially
early and mid-1977. Operation Saucer was prematurely ended in
December 1977 for the reasons that we now know and is described

According to the best source we once had available, the
commander of the Operation, Colonel Uyrange Hollanda, who gave a
detailed and in-depth _exclusive_ interview to the Brazilian UFO
Magazine, to me and to my co-editor Marco Antonio Petit, the
objectives of the Operation Saucer were:

1) To collect as many witness reports as possible about the
lights and objects being seen and that performed the strange

2) To register the lights and objects in the jungle (called
suck-suck) with the highest photo and film technology available.

3) To engage, if possible, in a co-ordinated attempt to contact
the "intelligences behind the phenomena".

On the contrary of what the post suggests, yes, there is an
_enormous_ amount of information about Operation Saucer already
available, and lot of _very_ oncrete_ evidence of it and its
amazing results. As for the objectives mentioned above, it is
also widely known that they were fully accomplished:

1) Over 2,000 witness reports were collected by the 30+ military
that took part in Operation Saucer, and before and after that.
It is estimated that at least 400 people were attacked by the
balls of light, of which 3 died - and maybe a 4th - were
recorded. Brazilian UFO Magazine has dozens of those reports and
conducted personal interview, on-site, with witnesses, military,
pilots and the doctor who treated the patients.

2) It is estimated that over 500+ B&W pictures of lights and
objects in the jungle were taken, along with several rolls of
film in super 8 and super 16mm. It is estimated that at least 16
hours have been recorded. Brazilian UFO Magazine has also dozens
of such pictures and has extensively published them in several
editions. Although the films are not available, they have been
watched by several people in Brazil and we have their personal
accounts of what they saw. Pilot Gerson Maciel the Britto, for
instance, described having watched a film shown to him by the
military, in the 80s, where there was a huge mother-ship with
small objects over the Amazon River.

3) The third objective, according to Hollanda, it was also fully
accomplished when, by mid-December 1977, he and a few of his men
were in a small boat in the river close to Colares Island and
they all saw a 300+ feet long cylinder-like object that almost
landed on the other side of the river, in a standing position.
=46rom its upper part, a door was open and a humanoid-like
creature in a uniform floated from it to the river level and
stood just a few feet from the military, and kept staring at

That was a genuine close encounter with an alien entity,
performed by a military team from the Brazilian Air Force,
_officially_! It was part of Hollanda's _official_ orders to
attempt such contact.

Through the helmet glass Hollanda and his men could see the
alien's eyes. No sound was every emitted by any of the involved,
nor by the creature. It stood there for a few minutes and went
back to the ship, that took off.

As part of his duties, when Hollanda reported that he had a
direct contact with the "intelligences behind the phenomena",
his superiors at the First Regional Aerial Command (COMAR) of
the Brazilian Air Force in Belem, ordered him to immediately
shut down Operation Saucer. So he did. He was also ordered to
give to his superiors every piece of material, report, photo,
film, etc., obtained during the Operation, which he did.

So, it is believed that the Operation was shut-down because the
military feared loosing control of the situation, if the direct
contacts continued. This has also been reported to the Brazilian
UFO Magazine by a number of people who were directly and
indirectly connected to the Operation.

Throughout the years, with hard work, we have managed to get a
large number of pages and many pictures produced by the
military's Operation Saucer. There is in no way "little concrete
evidence known about Operation Saucer", but rather very _solid_
material that confirms what has been published before and shown
in programs such as Linha Direta and Brazil's Roswell (the
correct name). I took part along with Marco Petit in both
productions, and I served as a consultant for them. What they
show is accurate.

I give you this:

Here you can find 400+ pages of official documents related to
UFOs in Brazil, most of them secret pieces:


Here you can find some 200+ pages of official documents produced
by Operation Saucer, all of them secret pieces:



Here you can find about a dozen photos obtained officialy by the
Operation Saucer and a few reporters at same time:


Here you can find some pictures I took of Colonel Uyrange
Hollanda (died October 02, 1997, just a few weeks after he gave
us the interview):


Here you can find Hollanda's exclusive drawings of UFOs and ETs
given to the Brazilian UFO Magazine:


Pay extra careful attention at this one:

Operaco Prato 10.jpg  ---> Shows the alien seen by Hollanda in
mid-December 1977 and the "gun" he was using.

Operaco Prato 06.jpg  ---> Shows the close encounter with the
cylindrical object (although it says "Nov 77", it was then
corrected as "Dec 77")

Attention: All this material is copyrighted and was obtained by
Brazilian UFO Magazine. We have always provided authorization to
copy and publish everywhere, provided we are asked before such
copying and publication.

As for the declarations made by Sergeant Flavio Costa=92s son, I
will comment after I meet the man in person, to get a clearer
picture of what he now claims.

In the next weeks I will post here an English transcription of a
recent interview with another military service person that
decided to speak about Operation Saucer, Lieutenant-Colonel
Gabriel Brasil, who I discovered on a recent visit to Belem,
during one of my _many_ trips to that area to investigate all
the situations involved in the military mission in the 70s. He
has contributed a lot with new info.

A. J. Gevaerd,
Editor Brazilian UFO Magazine
Editor, UFO Global Magazine

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