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Re: 'Operation Saucer' The Real Evidence

From: Kentaro Mori <kentaro.mori.nul>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 15:31:39 -0300
Archived: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 06:08:37 -0400
Subject: Re: 'Operation Saucer' The Real Evidence

>From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 13:27:02 -0300
>Subject: 'Operation Saucer' The Real Evidence

>For those who don't know, Operation Saucer was the biggest
>military operation conducted in Brazil to _officially_ and
>_secretly_ investigate UFOs. Probably the biggest in the world
>as well. It started in September 1977 by direct order from the
>command of the First Regional Aerial Command (COMAR) of the
>Brazilian Air Force in Bel=E9m, Para state, in the Amazon.

According to Hollanda, as you interviewed him, the Operation
involved him, a captain, and five agents, sergeants. Six men. It
also lasted less than four months. It's amazing you may call
this "probably the biggest in the world". It may not have been
even the biggest in Brazil, as the officers interested on
investigating the Barra da Itjuca hoax - which they actually
endorsed as authentic - may have involved more than six men,
though it probably didn't last for four months.

Also, regarding Operation Saucer, for the first couple of months
they severely lacked resources, as Hollanda himself told he
bought film with his own money. Now we now that Fl=E1vio Costa
also set up a photographic lab in his own house, on the maid's
room, and asked his son to develop some of the photos. Even
after things got better, it could hardly be described as the
biggest in the world.

>On the contrary of what the post suggests, yes, there is an
>_enormous_ amount of information about Operation Saucer already
>available, and lot of _very_ oncrete_ evidence of it and its
>amazing results.

If you call the reports and the leaked photographs, plus the
testimony, "concrete evidence", then one wonders why you didn't
quote the conclusion listed in one of the reports:

"Our filmed and photographical records don't portrait our
certainty, because we were lacking much technical resources,
equipment and personnel (only at the end of the period we used a
kind of film with high sensibility), it was not satisfactory. On
the other times we lost the chance, photographing inappropriate
material; we believe that with better resources we may quickly
get to the reasonably satisfactory."

That can be read on the very same reports you openly publicized,
but nobody seems to have actually read them, because no one
quotes this - not even you -, which is probably the most
important paragraph of the hundreds of pages in question.

And the reports are mostly descriptive, not analytical, i.e.,
there's almost no actual investigation reported, only countless
descriptions of the testimonies. Valuable, yes, conclusive,
"concrete", no.

>As part of his duties, when Hollanda reported that he had a
>direct contact with the "intelligences behind the phenomena",
>his superiors at the First Regional Aerial Command (COMAR) of
>the Brazilian Air Force in Belem, ordered him to immediately
>shut down Operation Saucer. So he did. He was also ordered to
>give to his superiors every piece of material, report, photo,
>film, etc., obtained during the Operation, which he did.
>So, it is believed that the Operation was shut-down because the
>military feared loosing control of the situation, if the direct
>contacts continued. This has also been reported to the Brazilian
>UFO Magazine by a number of people who were directly and
>indirectly connected to the Operation.

But Hollanda himself didn't claim that, or did he? If he did, I
would like to know, because on the interview you conducted with
him, we can read:

"... Why the COMAR and the Air Force terminated Operation Saucer
after just three or four months of work?

HOLLANDA - Look, maybe because of the speculation from the
population. Those are questions that can't be answered..."

And when you further asked Hollanda:

"...And you agreed [to the termination] and saluted them?

HOLLANDA: Yes, because I was already done..."

How can you make such speculations when the commander himself
didn't even hint in that direction? Or did he, unofficially?

>Here you can find 400+ pages of official documents related to
>UFOs in Brazil, most of them secret pieces:
>Here you can find some 200+ pages of official documents produced
>by Operation Saucer, all of them secret pieces:
>Here you can find about a dozen photos obtained officialy by the
>Operation Saucer and a few reporters at same time:

Those are indeed valuable documents, and your work as a vehicle
- including the interview with Hollanda - is valuable and a
reference for the case.

Nevertheless, that doesn't change the fact that all this
evidence is actually not at all "concrete", and little
analytical work has been done over them. That no one quotes one
of the few conclusions listed in the reports is but one example.

You already claimed that the "Chupa-chupa" phenomenon has no
parallel in history. But the actual phenomenon described bears
striking resemblance to the "Muchnowa" hysteria in India, a few
years back. Did you contact those that investigated the
Muchnowa? I did, and I publicized the link. Did anyone get
interested over it? No one contacted me about it.

There're also discrepencies between the testimony of some key
witnesses of Operation Saucer, between what's on the reports,
and what they now claim. But that can't be seen anywhere on the
uncritical reporting done after the renewed interest over the

Finally, it's ironic how you claim these are the "real
evidence", suggesting Fernando Costa's interview is not... real?
Or evidence? It's ironic because testimonial evidence is mostly
all there is, as the reports are just descriptive, and the
physical evidence known so far is close to useless, with their
cropped images with no visual reference and terrible quality.

And both the reports and Hollanda's claims suggests even the
classified evidence in possession of the Air Force may not
change that. Again and again, little analytical work, or in
other terms, little thought is given to the evidence. Which, in
all, is not very concrete.


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