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Re: 'Operation Saucer' The Real Evidence

From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 10:10:23 -0300
Archived: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 22:19:13 -0400
Subject: Re: 'Operation Saucer' The Real Evidence

>From: Kentaro Mori <kentaro.mori.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 15:31:39 -0300
>Subject: Re: 'Operation Saucer' The Real Evidence

>>From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 13:27:02 -0300
>>Subject: 'Operation Saucer' The Real Evidence

>>For those who don't know, Operation Saucer was the biggest
>>military operation conducted in Brazil to _officially_ and
>>_secretly_ investigate UFOs. Probably the biggest in the world
>>as well. It started in September 1977 by direct order from the
>>command of the First Regional Aerial Command (COMAR) of the
>>Brazilian Air Force in Bel=E9m, Para state, in the Amazon.

>According to Hollanda, as you interviewed him, the Operation
>involved him, a captain, and five agents, sergeants. Six men. It
>also lasted less than four months. It's amazing you may call
>this "probably the biggest in the world". It may not have been
>even the biggest in Brazil, as the officers interested on
>investigating the Barra da Itjuca hoax - which they actually
>endorsed as authentic - may have involved more than six men,
>though it probably didn't last for four months.

>Also, regarding Operation Saucer, for the first couple of months
>they severely lacked resources, as Hollanda himself told he
>bought film with his own money. Now we now that Fl=E1vio Costa
>also set up a photographic lab in his own house, on the maid's
>room, and asked his son to develop some of the photos. Even
>after things got better, it could hardly be described as the
>biggest in the world.


Dear Listers:

I am replying to this post for the Listers who are actually
interested in knowing what the truth is about Operation Saucer

What I see in this post is a person with more doubts than real
information. A person who hasn't made one single trip to the
affected areas to check the facts for himself. A person who
hasn't spoken with one single witness of the phenomena, to
evaluate their emotional status for himself. A person whose only
knowledge of the whole OS comes from what other people
investigated and reported. And by doing so, is a person who
presumes too much but knows too little.

OS is not an ordinary Ufological event and much more work had to
be done during the investigations. Nor was the suck-suck

Most Brazilian UFO researchers are aware that Captain (then
Colonel) Uyrange Hollanda was our main source of information
about OS, but not the only one. He was the person who triggered,
with his sincere interview, a process of deepening the
investigation about OS, but many other first-hand witnesses came
after him, and they keep coming. All of them bringing different
(or not) and new (or not) pieces of this big _puzzle_.

For instance, one of them is Lieutenant-Colonel Gabriel Brasil,
retired from the Brazilian Air Force, that we just found. He was
interviewed _personally_ by our team - not through e-mail.
Brasil is another military to confirm seeing lots of documents
of OS in First Regional Aerial Command in Belem, including many
pictures and films. Yes, several people saw the films obtained
by OS team, that show small, medium and big UFOs hovering over
the affected areas and even landing. Brasil reported that one
film he watched had a UFO landed with a stairaway out of it,
used by the occupants to leave the object.

Listers should know that such a _puzzle_ exists only because the
Brazilian Air Force insists in keeping the OS results under
wraps even after 30 years. And if there is a great deal of
information already available to the World UFO Community and to
the public about OS, it is thanks to the hard work of real UFO
researchers that decided to make every effort they could to go
to the affected areas, to locate and personally interview the
victims, the witnesses, the journalists that covered the
events, the doctor that treated the patients burned by the suck-
suck, and so on.

This is real investigation, directly with the involved people
and has been seriously conducted for almost 20 years now.

Most Brazilian UFO researchers are fully aware that Hollanda
added more details to his original interview in the weeks
afterward, as he remembered them (despite the fact that he
seemed to me to have a clear and objective memory of the
events). He even lectured in public on occasion. His original
statements and his additions, along with other military and
civilian information helped us to build a bigger scenario of OS.
For instance, we know that North American military not only took
part in a few missions in the jungle, they served as consultants
to OS team.

And, on more than one occasion, North American military provided
high sensibility films to the OS team. Because Hollanda and his
men were somehow frustrated with the fact that they couldn=92t get
good, clear pictures of the UFOs at close range even with the
best equipment they had available. Some of the most interesting
picture obtained by OS was thanks to North American military.

It is my suspicion, and also my colleague=92s opinion, that North
American military had a big influence in the decision to
terminate OS after the close encounter.

It is not correct, as affirmed in this post, that the OS team
only had a few men. It was so in the very beginning, but with
the increase of the UFO activity in the area, when they started
to come closer and closer to the military - "as if they knew
what we were doing there and wanted us to know about them", said
Hollanda to me - many more men joined to original team. Over 30+
military camped on the main beaches of Colares by November and
December 1977, everybody in Colares will tell you so. But
someone would only know that after doing a proper check, after
talking to many people, after cross-checking witnesses=92 reports.

The poster doesn=92t believe that OS was the biggest military
operation ever conducted to investigate UFOs. Well, it is a
matter of his lack of knowledge of the situation and how much
the poster is capable to evaluate it with his limited info.
However, I give you this: if it is not be the biggest military
operation ever conducted to investigate UFOs in _number_ of
people involved (even counting 30+ men), at any point of view,
considering the fantastic results of OS, it definitely was the
biggest military operation ever conducted to investigate UFOs at
any time. The biggest military operation ever conducted to
investigate UFOs that we know of.

The poster may not be fully aware of the many details that led
us to this conclusion, but he could get himself better informed
at any time by reading the material available. And there is a
lot of it.

However, I should emphasize that reading is not everything.
Personal investigation is very much necessary here.

Again, more misunderstanding of the situation is shown when the
post compares the suck-suck phenomena with the Muchnowa hysteria
in India. It only happens because of the lack of information of
the poster, that evaluates the suck-suck phenomena from a very
limited and biased point-of-view and without considering going
personally to the sites where the witnesses live and where the
attacks happened, to talk to them. Or perhaps the poster should
talk to Dr. Wellaide Cecim Carvalho, who treated dozens and
dozens of people burned and wounded by the suck-suck. Hysteria?

We are not talking of a mere ball of light in sky at some
distance. We are talking about a consistent pattern of
observations that happened daily and many times during the day,
of some very specific types of objects (during the day, and
lights during the nights), that also had an specific behavior in
approaching the witnesses and finally had an specific m. o. when
attacking them. Also, victims had wounds in a very consistent
pattern, confirmed and investigated by a Dr. Wellaide, sent by
Para state Government to Colares to help.

Anywone interested in more about the OS should study the several
extensive and in-depth interviews that my colleagues and I
personally conducted (not e-mail interviews) with that doctor,
with the several military and civilian witnesses, with a few
journalists that covered the facts at that time etc. They
describe, in detail, what happened in 1974, 1975, 1976 and
specially at the second semester of 1977.

Again, these are all pieces of a big puzzle, to be put in proper
place to give someone an idea of the whole scenario.

Many other UFO researchers that conducted personal interviews
should also be consulted or have their works known. As for the
Fernando Costa's interview, as I stated in my previous post, I
will only comment on that after I speak with the man face to
face. I am the kind of UFO researcher that prefers a close
encounter with witnesses when interviewing them, rather than
using the internet to do so, because I consider this a much
better way to evaluate his/her answers and tell his/her emotions
about the subject they are discussing.

In closing this, I should add that I was the head of the
Brazilian UFO Researchers Commission (CBU) that from March 2004
to May 2005 conducted the first movement in the country to
publicly and strongly request that Brazilian authorities open
their files to the UFO Community and to the public. The other
members of the Commission where Claudeir Covo, Marco Petit,
Rafael Cury, Fernando Ramalho, Reginaldo de Athayde and Roberto
Beck, some of the finest and most experienced UFO researchers in
the country.

After a lot of hard of work during the campaign, we finally got
the attention of our military authorities, and on January 2005 I
got a call from the Brazilian Air Force spokesman with a _formal
invitation_ for us to check their secret files at Brazilian
Airspace Defense Command (Comdabra) and other installations, in
Brasilia. After many contacts from us to them and from them to
us it was decide that such a visit =96 the very first official
contact among UFO researchers and military to discuss the UFO
Phenomena in Brazilian history =96 was scheduled to May 20, 2005.

When my associates and I visited Comdabra, May 20, and we
entered the most secure military area in the country, we were
given the opportunity to extensively exam some of the secret
files of the Brazilian Air Force regarding UFOs. Among them was
a folder pertaining to OS, with dozens and dozens of original
documents and photos of the UFOs seen in the Amazon.

We were not allowed to copy or to take that material off the
premises, but we were given enough time to analyze it pretty
detailedly, which we did.

Some of the documents and photos we already knew from several
leaks in the past, but most of them were totally new to us. If
what we saw at that May 20 and before that, while talking to so
many first-hand witnesses involved in the procedures of the OS
is, according to the poster, "little evidence" then I cannot
figure out what he would consider otherwise.

A. J. Gevaerd,
Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine
Editor, UFO Global Magazine

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