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Did A UFO Really Crash Land Near Wrexham?

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Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 06:53:24 -0400
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Subject: Did A UFO Really Crash Land Near Wrexham?

Source: Wrexham Evening Leader - Wrexham, Wales, UK


24 October 2007

Did A UFO Really Crash Land Near Wrexham?

North East Wales has been something of a hot-spot for UFO
sightings in recent years, we take a look at some of the best
known encounters.

A UFO enthusiast is appealing for information from anyone who
was watching the skies over Wrexham on one particular night in
1974 and who may have witnessed a very strange event.

Russell Kellet, a writer for Flying Saucer Review, the world's
longest running UFO magazine, is particularly interested in
finding out what, if anything, happened on the Llandegla Moors
on the night of February 7 1974.

According to Russell, the alleged incident occurred just 15 days
after the famous 'Berwyn Mountains Incident', often referred to
as the 'Welsh Roswell'.

The Berwyn Mountains incident is one of the most famous British
"UFO sightings".

According to reports, on the evening of January 23, 1974, there
were a number of calls made to police from across the North West
of England, reporting a peculiar formation of green lights
flying through the night sky.

Later, at about 8.30pm, an unidentified, disc-shaped object is
alleged to have been seen falling from the sky and crashing into
the Berwyn mountain range near Llandrillo.

At precisely 8.38pm, a minor earthquake, measuring 4.5 on the
Richter Scale, was recorded and was felt in Wrexham, Chester,
Liverpool and even Manchester and the Isle of Man.

Police attended the scene of the "crash", apparently expecting
to find a stricken aircraft.

What they did find remains a mystery.

The incident has become the subject of much debate over the
decades that have followed.

According to some reports, a convoy of army trucks passed
through Chester that night and made their way to the site,
immediately putting a cordon around the area and warning the
police and crash investigators to stay away.

On January 25, under the headline "Mystery Tremor", the Wrexham
Leader reported that "Men catching hares on the mountainside
above Llandrillo, near Corwen, may have triggered off the hunt
for a meteorite that began in the village yesterday morning.

"For police and RAF rescue experts now believe that the tremors
that shook the village and a 60 mile area of North Wales last
night and the lights seen on the mountain seconds afterwards
were a coincidence.

"One theory is that the lights were caused by men hunting hares.

"The RAF search team leader, Flt Sergeant H Oldham, aged 31,
said that they were unlikely to resume the hunt unless military
information suggested another reason for the lights.

"Dozens of calls from as far away as Cheshire and the Isle of
Man jammed police switchboards, reporting tremors strong enough
to 'shake' houses.

"There were no reports of damage and no aircraft were reported

Some enthusiasts have pointed to the statement of a "witness", a
nurse who lived in the area and allegedly described seeing a
huge object crash land, causing non-human bodies and debris to
be scattered across a vast area, before being told not to say
anything further "in the interest of national security".

The incident that Russell is particularly interested in finding
out about happened a couple of weeks later on Febuary 7.

According to Russell, he has heard reports that a UFO was
actually engaged and destroyed by another aircraft over

He said that he was also privy to information that the military
had, contemporaneously, set up a temporary hq in the area.

Russell is also interested in a more recent incident =96 near
Llangollen =96 on December 17, 2000.

He claims that there was a report of an aircraft crash-landing
near the Horseshoe Pass made to police that day but later
refuted as a hoax.

Russell, however, claims to have spoken to a man who, had been
walking his dog on the pass that day and came across a "military
blockade", and who was told he could not go any further.

Anyone who thinks they might have any information, regarding
either "event", that could be interesting or useful to Russell,
can contact him on 0560 2826901.

Other UFO sightings from across the region

ON July 24 of this year there was a massive debate over a UFO
sighting near Borras.

A number of Wrexham residents had seen the strange flying
objects, which were filmed by Leigh Williams and his girlfriend,
Lynn Jones, of Borras.

A worker from Acton, who posted a comment on the Evening Leader
website, said: "I am a patrol and response officer for the
wrexham area and saw these lights while I was attending an alarm
call at Acton school. These, to my belief, are unexplained.

"There is no way this was a hoax, as I would not have seen them
from Acton area if they were.

"In addition, they were very high up in the air and there's no
way anyone can control anything from that distance.

"There were several 'floating' in the sky in a pack, at first I
thought they were helicopters or similar, however, there was no
sound what so ever. Very strange and I would identify these as
an unidentified flying objects. (Not saying they were aliens but
definitely unexplainable)."

There were a number of explanations put forward, including the
suggestion they were Chinese lanterns set off at a wedding or a
party that night.


IN 2006 the Evening Leader's sister paper in Denbighshire, the
Free Press, reported "the latest in a string of UFO sightings in
the county".

On the evening of October 4, Sally Gavin, of Llanynys, spotted a
very bright white flashing light just above Moel Famau Country

She said: "It grew wider and wider and consisted of three lights
which flashed on and off like Christmas tree lights before
disappearing. I called a friend who lives in Gellifor and would
have a better view and he confirmed he, too, could see the red

Five people, including Sally's brother-in-law, saw the strange
light and reported the details to North Wales Police, who told
them it might have been caused by the Army or someone out

Sally, however, was sure this wasn't the case.

She said: "It definitely wasn't a plane or a helicopter. The
lights were far to big and bright."


IN July 2006 Barry Davies, 49, was left "mystified" after
watching a strange object over the Dee estuary near Flint.

Barry was at his partner's house near Flint Castle at 11am on
Saturday, when his sister phoned, claiming a strange object was
flying overhead.

Grabbing binoculars, he saw a large object, which he described
as a 'long black sausage', flying over the Dee towards the


According to MOD records there was a report of a UFO over
Wrexham on March 30, 1998, at about 11.20pm.

It was described as a "large, square-shaped, very bright object.
Blue-ish with lights around it. There was a humming sound and a
nasty smell".

[Thanks to Stuart Miller of http://uforeview.net/ for the lead]

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