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UFO Links With Seance Phenomena?

From: Dave Haith <visions.nul>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 22:17:18 +0100
Archived: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 07:25:30 -0400
Subject: UFO Links With Seance Phenomena?

Has anybody on UpDates ever researched the possible links
between UFOs and seance phenomena?

At the risk of being shot at by the nuts and bolts crowd on this
list, I have wondered if both phenomena utilise similar physics.

As a lifelong student of both sets of 'weirdness' I was
particularly fascinated by events at what has become known as
The Scole Experiment in Norfolk, UK in the early 90s when senior
members of the Society for Psychical Research made contact with
what they believed were discarnate or extra-dimensional



The evidence they witnessed included handwriting, symbols and
messages which appeared on factory-sealed, unopened photographic
film; objects, lights and solid beings which materialised before
previously sceptical observers; 'spirits' who communicated
instructions for the building of complex instruments and
communication devices and personal info about those present.

Now some or maybe all of these kind of events are present too in
the UFO field.

Take the so called 'spirit lights'. These indoor mini- UFOs
were witnessed many times diving over
the heads of the seance sitters, swooping  onto tables,
changing shape, moving at high speed and forming
geometric shapes inches away from people's faces,
all in complete silence with no air movement sounds.

I remember hearing a Professor Ivor Grattan-Guinness describe to
me how one of these tiny lights settled on his hands and he
could feel a slight sensation from it. In UFO reports we have
abductees talking of being taken thro solid walls.

In seance reports and at Scole we have levitation and solids
being passed through matter.

I have a personal friend called Tom Harrison, now living in
Spain, who for many years at his home circle claims hundreds of
beings - in this case dead relatives - physically materialised
week after week before many witnesses and the beings spoke and
embraced Tom and his friends.



He showed me solid "apports" which arrived from who knows where
and interestingly he recalled how flower blooms which had been
growing outside, materialised in his hands - he was told by his
spirit friends they had been dematerialised outside, taken
through the wall and rematerialised in the room.

Now I am not suggesting UFOs are spirits or spirits are UFOs -
 even though the Scole researchers obtained a clear photo of a
big-eyed alien face  on video - but it seems that both phenomena
display similar characteristics and abilities.

If we are ever to understand the possible interdimensional
physics behind UFOs - maybe a study of home grown seance
physical phenomena, might offer up some clues?

And to anticipate those who merely scoff at these seance
'tales', I suggest you do some homework on the vast amount of
material evidenced in this field - particularly from the turn of
the century.

I know Tom well - for what it's worth I believe his photo-
documented reports which like UFOs - challenge our 'boggle
factor' and the very nature of our reality.

At the very least these happenings suggest there is maybe
a multitude of intelligent consciousnesses out there which
can materialise into our frame of reference and disappear
back into theirs at will.

Mind boggling science I agree but any technology from beings
ahead of us by thousands or millions of years, would, to us,
appear to be magic.

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