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Could G.W. Be An E.T?

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Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 08:16:51 -0400
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Subject: Could G.W. Be An E.T?

Source: The Ocean County Observer , New Jersey, USA



My Two Cents

Could G.W. Be An E.T?
By Linda Reddington

Whitley Strieber believes in aliens. At least he did.

For years, he was best known for his horror fiction, at least
two of which, Wolfen, and The Hunger, were made into movies.

His book Communion, billed as non-fiction, was based upon an
experience he believes he had in 1985, when he was visited by
nonhuman beings. In various interviews he has said that he has
made no conclusion about whether these creatures are
extraterrestrial or not. Like Chris Carter, of X-Files fame,
Strieber's work suggests the possibillity of government/military
infiltration by or collaboration with the aliens.

In Communion, (1987), the "visitors" were scary enough to have
readers afraid to sleep at night and looking for probe marks in
the morning.

In his 2004 novel, The Grays, one gets the feeling that the
visitors are performing medical experiments on us in an
attempting to accelerate our evolution toward a less self-
destructive future.

In his newest, 2012: The War For Souls, author Wylie Dale begins
working on a novel that, according to the publisher's blurb,
"revolves around an upcoming date when the Earth crosses both
the galactic equator and the solar ecliptic - a time that the
ancient Maya predicted would mark the cataclysmic end of this

(Look up 2012 on the Internet for doomsday predictions.)

The book takes him over. He can't stop writing. He begins to
believe that the alien invasion is really happening on earth in
a parallel universe, and unless he can stop it, on Dec. 21,
2012, gateways will open between the two worlds and the
creatures will move into his.

It seems, to me at least, that Strieber has been questioning
whether what he thinks are memories may be just too much
feedback from his highly evolved imagination and is poking fun
at himself. Wylie is constantly questioning his own memories of
alien interaction (though he is confident the rectal probe was

In 2012, the aliens are not possibly benevolent 'grays', but
more like the evil reptilian humanoids from the TV series V.

These scaly villains are technically advanced (they are able to
destroy historic landmarks all over the world, such as the great
pyramid at Giza). But in spite of those advances, their
civilization is brutish and loveless, and their world, of
course, is polluted.

They have the capability to remove human souls from their bodies
and those who can afford it, ingest the souls the way some
humans use recreational drugs.

Soul-less human husks then become slave labor for the lizard
leaders, unless they get hungry, in which case they eat them.
They're not discriminatory though. They also eat their own.

As the days count down to Dec. 21, 2012, rifts appear in the
membrane between the two worlds and Wylie's human counterparts
from the other world are able to cross over and communicate with

Strieber knows how to raise a reader's hackles, but though it is
frightening, 2012: The War for Souls clearly has its tongue in
its cheek. (Check out the Ann Coulter reference on page 285.)

In a thrilling ending, the good guys win, the bad guys lose, and
we realize that underneath it all, Strieber is a deeply
religious man, who would like to believe the evils of this world
originate from without, rather than within.

[Thanks to Stuart Miller of http://uforeview.net/ for the lead]

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