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Re: Governments UFOs & Abductions

From: Vincent Boudreau <vincentboudreau.nul>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 14:08:45 -0400 (EDT)
Archived: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 14:23:39 -0400
Subject: Re: Governments UFOs & Abductions

>From: Don Ledger <dledger.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 17:22:55 -0300
>Subject: Re: Governments UFOs & Abductions

>>From: Richard Hall <dh12.nul>
>>Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 07:11:24 -0400
>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>Subject: Re: Governments UFOs & Abductions


Hello Don, Dick and List,

A very intesresting discussion. I find it refreshing to see

>>Having discussed this issue with my brother who is a retired
>>professor of sociology and social psychology who even taught
>>classes about panic, and also having edited a monograph about
>>the implications of ET contact, I agree with Eleanor on this
>>point. The popular reaction depends a lot on how authority
>>figures release information and deal with the issues.

>>However, this does not mean that people in high places who
>>withhold information are sophisticated enough to make sound
>>decisions. All the historical evidence suggests that a largely
>>unfounded fear of panic has been the justification for
>withholding information.


I can't argue with that.


>>My brother argues that the often cited alleged panic following
>>Orson Welles' invasion from Mars broadcast has been grossly
>>exaggerated, and he even presented a paper at a MUFON conference
>>on that and the panic issue.

>Bang on, Dick. It makes for a better TV movie as well. I've
>stated my distrust of the mass hysteria theory over the years
>and yet those arguing for it always bring up this War of the
>Worlds radio program. How come then there was no mass hysteria
>when the British were having the hell bombed out of them during
>WWII or the Germans were experiencing the same in Berlin,
>Dresden and Hamburg toward the end of the war. Even in the case
>of a theater fire it strikes me that panic there is more
>immediate and a reaction of self-preservation.


Maybe "fear of mass hysteria" is a lousy excuse for the nece!
ssity of the governments to control people in some way. The
Patriot Act would be a good example: in the end it serves no
other purpose but to give an excuse to have more control on


>As I have stated before (and probably will again on appropriate
>occasions), there may be a cover-up of some evidence (vitally
>important evidence if Roswell is real) but mostly my studies
>indicate that authorities simply can't digest the bizarre data
>(can't get their heads around it) and so hide their heads in the
>sand and pretend it isn't happening.

>Abductions, of course, would be the hardest part to deal with in
>all respects. If authorities do have direct knowledge of
>abductions, then I sympathize with them and agree with Harper on
>the difficulty of telling the truth. Still, if that is the
>reality that we will need to deal wirh I think the authorities
>must be f! orthcoming eventually.


I think this is at t he core of the problem.

Being unable to get your head around something will never
justify the inaction in the case of abductions. A government
must protect its citizens. How could the authorities explain
that they knew this was happening and they did nothing? It
reminds me a bit of the recent abuse scandals and the Catholic
Church. On a larger scale.

On the other hand, we live in a strange society. Things are
becoming stranger as years go by. We've got Guantanamos and
organized torture. Still they pale in comparison of the fact
that Dumbledore is gay. We refuse to recognize certain genocides
(Turkey) or to act when they occur (Darfur). Instead, we watch
reality TV. I have to hesitate between chuckle and cringe and I
sometimes find myself doing both at the same time.

Many signs point towards a greater tolerance to the intolerable
and this might lend some to believe that we will get disclosure
at some point! But there is one last obstacle that cannot be
easily overcome: we humans are not on top of the food chain

How could the disclosure be brought to people?


>I'm sure that some - perhaps many given the numbers - of those in
>authority have first hand knowledge of that phenomenon. This is
>not restricted to the general population but is all pervasive.
>Why not highly placed government, military and police officials.

>Out of the dozen or so people I have had contact with in this
>regard, about one-third of them were in positions of authority
>or power. These include government officials [one very highly
>ranked], two personnel working with Transport Canada, a military
>person of high rank-another a rating and police personnel[2] one
>of which is a homicide detective.


No offense intended Don, but this is anecdotal evidence. Dick
Hall did the same thing on the same subject recently.

I have absolutely on doubt about your reports. To the contrary,
I find it refreshing to see some people usually associated to
the nut-and-bolt aspects of UFOs jump into the action.

It just raises the point that the people you mention did not
come forward, and probably never will.

Presidents have reported UFOs. But abductions?


>In this case I don't think it is an us and them situation. Why
>would these "abductors" restrict themselves just to the general
>population? Why not go right to the top?

>One caveat. If, as it is believed, that these abductions begin
>during one's youth [4 or 5 years old] and then continue into
>that person's middle years-say mid forties - and the abductions
>cease then it might make it more difficult for the abductors to
>make a determination as to who is going to be chosen once past
>the mid twenties. Military and police subjects would be
>predictable because it ! is a career often begun in their late
>teens or early 20s and continued for sometimes decades.

>Politicians, however, can be "born" at any stage in life,
>possibly then making it more difficult to start the process if
>they are already in their middle age which seems to be when most
>abductees are spared further experiences. Correct me if I am
>wrong on that point.

>Sometimes 'they' might just luck out having been interferring in
>a person's life from childhood and this person just happens to
>become a politician-unless these abductors can foresee the
>future beyond pure chance.


You lost me there. Maybe you jumped a paragraph?

Vincent Boudreau

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