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Re: UFO Links With Seance Phenomena?

From: Sheryl Gottschall <gottscha.nul>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 11:05:25 +1000
Archived: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 15:28:35 -0400
Subject: Re: UFO Links With Seance Phenomena?

>From: Dave Haith <visions.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates <UFOupdates.nul>
>Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 22:17:18 +0100
>Subject: UFO Links With Seance Phenomena?

>Has anybody on UpDates ever researched the possible links
>between UFOs and seance phenomena?

>At the risk of being shot at by the nuts and bolts crowd on this
>list, I have wondered if both phenomena utilise similar physics.

>As a lifelong student of both sets of 'weirdness' I was
>particularly fascinated by events at what has become known as
>The Scole Experiment in Norfolk, UK in the early 90s when senior
>members of the Society for Psychical Research made contact with
>what they believed were discarnate or extra-dimensional



>The evidence they witnessed included handwriting, symbols and
>messages which appeared on factory-sealed, unopened photographic
>film; objects, lights and solid beings which materialised before
>previously sceptical observers; 'spirits' who communicated
>instructions for the building of complex instruments and
>communication devices and personal info about those present.


>I have a personal friend called Tom Harrison, now living in
>Spain, who for many years at his home circle claims hundreds of
>beings - in this case dead relatives - physically materialised
>week after week before many witnesses and the beings spoke and
>embraced Tom and his friends.




>Now I am not suggesting UFOs are spirits or spirits are UFOs -
>even though the Scole researchers obtained a clear photo of a
>big-eyed alien face  on video - but it seems that both phenomena
>display similar characteristics and abilities.

>If we are ever to understand the possible interdimensional
>physics behind UFOs - maybe a study of home grown seance
>physical phenomena, might offer up some clues?


Hi Dave,

I'd like to suggest a book entitled Science and the Akashic
Field by Ervin Laszlo if you haven't already read it, that might
offer further thoughts on your questions.

Mystics and sages have long proposed the existence of Akashic
records but Laszlo, holder of the highest degree of the Sorbonne
as well as various other distinctions, seeks scientific evidence
for this Akashic field, or A-field as he calls it. He describes
this A-field as a subtle sea of fluctuating energies from which
all things arise: like atoms, galaxies, stars and planets,
living beings and even consciousness.

He proposes the A-field holds the constant and enduring memory
of the universe which includes all that has happened on Earth
and relates it to all that is yet to happen.

In direct relation to your question, in one chapter Laszlo
explores past-life memories. He states that although there is a
wide array of evidence for past-life experiences, that evidence
does not guarantee a correct interpretation. The interpretation
he holds more consistent with an in-formed universe (a universe
that holds or is imprinted with information) is that the human
brain has the ability to becomes tuned to the holographic record
of another person (living or dead) in the A-field. So called
past-life experiences signify retrieval of information from the
A-field, rather than the incarnation of the spirit of a dead

This could be one explanation for information collected from the
Scole experiment as well as the materialisation of people who
are deceased. Mediums, clairvoyants and psychics are pre-
disposed to being readers of the information stored in the
Akashic field rather than having actual contact with deceased

Various experiences, including close encounters, seem to trigger
this ability. I think it possible that HSPs (highly sensitive
people) right-brained or creative and artistic people, are more
tuned to this field.


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