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Larry Hatch's List of Discredited UFO Sightings

From: Sergey Shpakovsky <sergejsh.nul>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 14:14:23 -0400 (EDT)
Archived: Sat, 27 Oct 2007 09:53:10 -0400
Subject: Larry Hatch's List of Discredited UFO Sightings

>From: James Molesworth <jtmol1.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 12:44:01 +1000
>Subject: Misidentification/'False' Reports Research?


>Is anyone able to direct me
>to any research on misidentifications and similar
>'mistaken'/'false' UFO reports?

I know of one list:

Larry Hatch's *U* Base - archived by web.archive.org...

A Short List of Discredited UFO Sightings


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As of June, 2006 ..

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The items that follow were exposed as hoaxes, pranks,
misidentifications and other non-events. In a few cases, hoaxers
later confessed their activities.

Some cases were delisted from the *U* UFO Database after
subsequent findings. These and others come back from the dead
long after they were exposed or convincingly trashed. Hopefully
this list will save a few of us some time rehashing the same

This list is NOT intended to be comprehensive, a lifetime of
work would not be enough. Nor is this a list of junk sightings,
night-lights, flying triangles by the score, every balloon since
Montgolfier etc., .. clearly a waste of bandwidth.

You will not see Roswell, Rendlesham, and other debatable events
listed here, nor obvious Adamski style fakery and so forth.
Instead I list notable sightings from the literature which
sensible people might have taken seriously, but now appear to
be entirely bogus. I also include a few silly ones, Enjoy!

I have probably trashed sightings here which some still consider
to be valid. My sincere regrets. The greater danger is an ocean
of canards and misidentifications which I must have missed. This
list will grow as time permits, few if any deletions are

The credit for exposing false sightings goes to the many
researchers and field workers who have done the real work, not
me. Any errors and omissions are mine. Clearly, this is only a
representative sampling. If you know of a sighting in the
literature that you feel is thoroughly disproven, not just
suspect, please email me.

Larry Hatch

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1585 BC? The famous TULLI PAPYRUS of Pharaoh Thutmose III. ( which nobody=
 can find )
A gross distortion of mis-translated document, hastily copied
from an fractured relic offered at an excessive price by an
Egyptian "Antiquarian". in the 1930s. Even the script was from
the wrong Egyptian era. A twelve-dollar treasure map purchased
from a street vendor in Barbados has better provenance, yet the
Tulli Papyrus keeps coming back like the Mummy's Revenge.

1290 AD Ampleforth (and/or Byland) Abbey, England: Monks see
shining silver disk hover nearby. /Desmond Leslie .. Gabriel
Green, and many copycats ever since. " .. a joyous fabrication
by two schoolboys at Ampleforth Abbey Public School who had
perpetrated the myth in a letter to The Times on 9th February
1953." Dr. Christopher Evans -and- Samuel Rosenburg

1790/06/12 ALENCON, France: Sphere lands. Odd man exits and runs
to woods. Sphere disintegrates etc. /r203 p.66 J. Keel No such
event per diligent searches... Likely invention of Alberto
Fenoglio. /Christian Piens, Chris Aubeck, Edoardo Russo.

1864/06/xx HOLDREGE, Nebraska .. see 1884/06/06

1882/11/17 LONDON, BRUSSELS .. seen widely: Extraordinary Aurora
Borealis takes on disk and cigar shapes. Maunder and other well
known astronomers witness. Widely misinterpreted .

1884/06/06? HOLDREGE or BENKELMAN,NE: ( Actually about 7 miles South of=
 Lamar,NE )
4 Cowboys see B1azing cigar crash: Broken wheels, cogs,
machinery. Much detail, all fake. Cr. Jerry Clark: Spaceship and
Saltshaker; IUR Nov-Dec 1986. -and- his encyclopedia, 2nd
Edition, pp 259.

1896-97/04/19 LEROY=3DYATES CENTER, KS: 3 figs/airship lasso calf.
 ADMITTED HOAX by local liars club. Still appears in new UFO potboilers.

1897/04/17 AURORA, TX: CGR hits Judge Proctor's WINDMILL:
Fragments all over. Alien dies.
Actual residents (still alive in 1960) recalled no such event.
Judge had no such windmill. /r98#10 A newspaper hoax to prevent
the railroad from bypassing town /Larry Robinson.

1909/09/24 1800 hours: GOTEBORG & Osthammar, SWEDEN: Large winged CGR passes=
 >W 100m Altitude.
John Keel: Operation Trojan Horse pg. 110 -and- Michel Bougard:
La Chronique des OVNI, p. 217
Actually, Zeppelin-Z, possibly also seen in Tallinn, Estonia on
its way North. "Conquete de l'aire, Chronologie .. "
A. Van Hoorebeeck ed., Marabout Univ., 1967, pg. 79. see:

1922/02/22 HUBBEL, NE: Fireball lands. 8-foot creature exits and
leaves tracks in snow for miles. /r2 p32 & /r180 p4.
Witness William C. Lamb reported multiple bible related UFO
sightings (Devils Tower, WY etc.) .. even a UFO crash in 1955.
Traced to article "Flying Saucers Are Spirits of Themselves." in
1965 Yearbook issue of Duplantier's Saucers, Space and Science.
Credit: Michael Strainic, Chris Aubeck and Jerry Clark.

1945/06/?? Morning: Near BURBANK, CA: Well known photo of "Jack
LeMonde" (pseudonym) on horseback with a tall-turreted saucer
over the horse's neck. Not a hoax, but almost certainly a simple
misidentification of a street lamp per this site (in French)
http://rr0.org/Dossier/1945_LeMonde/ which includes some telling photos.
Credit: Jerome Beau and his RRO.org website, as pointed out on UFO Updates.

1947/03/xx CENTRALIA, WA: In the April Fools Day 1947 issue of
the Centralia Daily Chronicle, we read of one Simon Estes
Thompson who was invited aboard a saucer by naked beings from
Venus. Apparently not knowing how their craft worked, they
instead discussed reincarnation, the benefits of vegetarianism
and similar new age topics with the contactee.
Kenneth Arnold interviewed Thompson, so at least his name is not
a fiction. Credit: Luis R. Gonzales Manso (Spain).

1947/06/21 MAURY ISLAND, WA: UFO EXPLODES and leaves smelter slag etc.

1947/?? (released in 1995) Ray Santilli's famous Alien Autopsy
Film was finally exposed as fake by Santilli himself in April
Noted sculptor John Humphreys indicated that he created the
dummy, and even portrayed one of the surgeons!
Even with these public admissions, there are people trying to
salvage this, the most thoroughly discredited hoax on record.

1947/07/07 SHREVEPORT, LA: 1805 hrs: Witness heard whirling
sound, smoke and fire.
A 16-inch disk made of specification AN-A-13T aluminum, 1/16"
thickness fell into street.
Mysterious tube Inside was a fluorescent light starter.. Credit: Kevin=

1947/10/04 Paradise Valley, AZ: Crashed SCR and dead greys. /r120 p394.

Dozens of calls from Maysville, Madisonville and other Kentucky
Almost universally dismissed as Skyhook Balloon, then a secret
/r28p220; /r90p4; /APRO June'77; /r89p19; and numerous others.

1948/03/25 Near AZTEC, NM: .. or 1948/02/13 or 1948/05/25 (
and/or the same dates in 1949 .. it hardly matters )
Part of a complex scam involving phony magnetic oilfield
locating devices, the "saucer crash" of AZTEC, complete with a
'tubeless radio' etc. was invented by con artists Silas Newton
and Leo A. GeBauer.
Hollywood columnist Frank Scully swallowed the story whole. It
is resurrected time and again, even today.
For a thorough and devastating account, see CUFOS IUR for
Sept/Oct 1991.
See FBI bust of Newton & Gebauer, their conviction and pictures
at bottom of this page: Busted!

1950/07/23 GUYANCOURT, FR : 'Lucky Blondeau': SCR+2 beings:
Admitted HOAX per /r30 p655

1952/5/07 BARRA di TIJUCA, Brazil: Famous FIVE photos taken of a
60 meter (200 foot) silent Flying Saucer.
Goes South to sea. /FSR vol.17 #3 and APRO Bulletin Vol.1 #1,
their first issue!
Shadows on an uncropped photo indicate the Sun about 45 degrees
beneath the horizon (underwater) at 4:15 PM local time. A most
unlikely arrangement. Credit: Loren Gross (/r142#1p47) and Brad

1952/7/31 BERNINA ALPS,Italy : 6 PHOTOS of LANDED SCR :
Photos of hoaxer Giampiero Monguzzi holding his camera and small
models trash this story.
These appeared in Reynolds News (UK, no date) which were saved
by Murray Bott, who kindly passed them to Loren Gross. (see
/r136 #11 pg 61-63) Case closed.

1953/1/09 CHRISTCHURCH, NZ: Newsman with telescope sees red-
orange disk hover near Venus. /r137 #1 & #4.
*U* Database astronomical routine finds Mars within 1
degree/elevation and 3 degrees/Azimuth of Venus.
 Newsman said nothing about Mars.

1953/12/?? Near IDAHO FALLS, ID: Special team of USAF JETS with
6 gun cameras each, take scads of footage of 16 Saucers!
per Mel Noel, aka Noel Bryce Cornwall, aka Guy Kirkwood. /r120
Time Good: UFOs Top Secret, pg 274.
Claims of USAF service, commercial aviation licenses, academic
degrees all bogus.
Numerous other spectacular claims by Noel are dismissed by most
serious ufologists.

1954/02/15 Barrow in Furness, near Coniston, England: Steven
Darbishire photos classic
Adamski style Flying Saucer Big news, story and photo in endless
books and journals.
Darbishire made news again in 2004 by admitting a complete hoax,
long suspected by most ufologists.

1954/04/27 South of LITTLETON, CO: Scary green-faced ape-man
plays catch with dead chicken APRO Bulletin Vol.2 #6

1954/09/24 ALMACEDA (or ALMASEDA), PORTUGAL: Sphere lands.
Humanoids exit.
Admitted HOAX to draw attention to an isolated village.

1954/09/30 MAISONCELLES-en-BRIE, FR: Brilliant mushroom: HOAX
per /r30 p656

1954/09/30 MARCILLY-sur-VIENNE, FR aka Nouatre, FR: PRANK went
too far. Non-event delisted.

Encounters with the Moon!

1954/10/04 CHALEIX, 24, FR: Landed NATO helicopter with men in
khaki suits.

1954/10/05 MERTRUD, MARNE, FR: Man late for work finds a NEW

1954/10/07 St. ETIENNE-sous-BARBOUSE, FR: 3 painters seen as

1954/10/09 LAVOUX, Vienne, FRANCE: Kid in costume with lights.

1954/10/11 MONTBAZENS, FR: Disk + figure/GND. Prank played on

1954/10/11 St. ALBAN, 31, FRANCE: DISK + humanoids. Journalistic
prank in Samedi Soir (weekly).

1954/10/12 MONTLUCON, 03, FR: TORPEDO + BEING on GND: Prank on
credulous man.

1954/10/13 BOURRASOLE/TOULOUSE, FR: Disk and humanoid. A
journalistic prank.

1954/10/13 St. AMBROIX, CHER, FR: Landed UFO + 7 figures. A
journalistic prank/Samedi Soir.

1954/10/15? near LIVORNO, Italy: Disk lands in field. 2 small
red monsters chase farmer.
/r8 #287 and others. Well known psychotic per Guiseppi Stilo of
CISU Italy.

1954/10/15: Sinceny, Aisne, France: Farmer fires shotgun at
Space Alien repairing flying saucer. Numerous sources.
Space Alien was a stranded motorist. Farmer in deep legal
trouble. Ufologie.net


1954/10/26 ALLEYRAT =3D La Madiere =3D La Badiere =3D Vaureille,
Figure in space suit with 2 lites on helmet. Light beam pushes
farmer back. /r8 #311. + Bowen: Humanoids.
Witness was a disagreeable blowhard who was beat up by some
kids. Tale invented to explain his bruises per gendarmes. /r30

1954/10/28 TRADATE, Italy: 150 witnesses: Saucer lands in
athletic field. 2 Martians appear. FSR v16#3 + /r219 + /r8
Police resolve 2 boy's hoax within hours. Still found in UFO
literature decades later. Credit: Giuseppe Stilo/CISU Italy.

1954/11/?? Between CALAMANDRANA and CANELLI, ASTI, Italy:
/Corriere della Sera 30NOV54
Photo of Saucer near power pole was a publicity stunt for the
local wine industry.
No intent to deceive, but easily misinterpreted or
mistranslated. /r138 #10 pg.39

1954/11/04 DIEPENBEEK, Limburg, Belgium: "Flying Saucer lands at
Diepenbeek!" says headline in
Het Belang van Limburg for 6 NOV 1954. Several witnesses saw
what actually happened,
A radar dish, suspended by parachute, came down in a tree. U.S.
Army markings were clearly visible.
GESAG #1214. Credit: Godelieve Van Overmeire.

1954/11/11 GRANDVILLARD, SWITZ: Silver sphere was a balloon.

1954/11/19 TAORMINA, Sicily, Italy: Famous photo of 3 men
watching flying Saucer from bridge.
Shown in countless news articles, UFO books and Journals e.g.
/r106 pg.136.
You have probably seen it yourself. A long suspected double
exposure hoax was confirmed in a recent reinvestigation by
Antonio Blanco of the CISU group in Italy.

1954/12/03 AZUAGA, SPAIN: Square machine lands: Discredited by
Ballester Olmos.

1954/12/27 DRAKENSBURG, South Africa: First of several contacts
by noted contactee Elizabeth Klarer with scientist AKON from
Planet Mekon. They had a son (Ayling) who stayed on planet Mekon
with his alien father.
Klarer spent 4 months on planet Mekon herself during the

1955/01/05 OYARZUN, SPAIN: Metallic Sphere Lands: Discredited by
Ballester Olmos

? 1956/09/05? FENELTON, east of Butler, PA: 2 men watch 20-inch
washtub saucer circle potato patch near ground level, 30 times
in one hour. There is no telling evidence of a hoax and the case
is still listed here.
Any help with this one will be kindly appreciated. This is all I
have, thanks to Loren Gross : the Fenelton Case

1957/09/26 YELLOW FALLS, TX: 300 people see SCR land in
abandoned oilfield. 1 meter Figure emerges. /r8 #404.
NOBODY can find the place; other details inconsistent. Story
traced to Italy where trail runs cold.

1957/12/03 (dates differ) off SAN PEDRO, CA: Radio Officer Fogl
photos classic Saucer with hanging appendages.
/FSR v5 #1 (Jan-Feb 1959). Same man later admits HOAX to Gordon
Creighton of FSR.

attempt =3D ADMITTED HOAX.
AFU Newsletter #33, JAN-JUN 1988. AFU Sweden, Anders Liljegren.

1961/01/21 AKRON, OH: (Bluebook). Hovering round object was the

1962/??/?? ALPORTEL, Portugal: UFO lands on mountain top. Type
unknown. Three 3-meter tunnels found going deep into
mountainside. Fraud per J.P. Gonzales of Spanish Anomalia

1962/02/xx MOSBOROUGH,N.YORKs: Superimposed models in 6 famous
photos. Lads fess up later. /r249 p258

1964/03/25 HOLLOMAN AFB, NM: SCR Lands: OIDs meet USAF men.
(source=3D Richard C. Doty.)

1964/08/29 The famous ELTANIN ANTENNA Photographed in deep
Antarctic seas .. the prime "Grid Pole" for endless theories,
networks and absurd formulae. Numerology, new-age, ancient
astronauts, ley lines, and even crop circles join in. cf. Bruce
Cathie, Brad Steiger and many others. Sadly, it was a sponge.
Credit Tom DeMary.

HOAX by Aaron David Kabak aka Dave Aaron. /r189p201+/r249 p259.
Credit: Jerry Clark.

1965/03/02 BROOKSVILLE, FL: 10M SCR Aliens photo witness
Parchment with odd symbols!
Party games prank: Post-hypnotic suggestion on "witness". /Peter
Brooksmith via Larry Robinson.

1965/03/02 BEAVER, PA : Boys photo disk. One Confesses hoax to
Mark Cashman in 1998.

1965/09/23 CUERNAVACA, Mexico: 1000s of observers: 7 Meter
SaucerComplete power & communications failure.
/r215 pg.54 and /r3 pg.135 Gross exaggeration of a natural
Zodiacal Light display made visible by a power outage.
Discredited on-site by Luis Ruiz Noguez. Referral by V-J
Ballester Olmos.

1966/02/06 ALUCHE, Spain: Disk lands, traces left: Part of
complex and long running UMMO Hoax, finally admitted by
parapsychologist Jordan Pena in 1992 after being exposed in
/J.J. Montejo & Carles Berch=E9 /Edoardo Russo

1966/7/3 or 7/23 LOST CREEK,WV: MOVIE of CLASSIC SCR: Hovers
over tree. /r188 Teets, Bob: West Virginia UFOs Pg 41.
Grey Barker filmed, while James Moseley drove the car and John
Sheets suspended a fake model from a stick.
Credit: James Moseley & Karl Pflock: Shockingly Close to the
TruthPrometheus, 2002, page 199+ and V-J Ballester Olmos.

1966/11/22 DIAMOND PEAK, OR: PHOTO of blurry split Saucer /FSR
v19 #2, is actually a passing road sign. /CUFOS IUR.

1967/01/09 Mt.CLEMENS, MI: CLEVER FAKE PHOTOS fool many. 1 OBS
confesses later.

1967/03/17 N/MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay: Astronomers photo Domed Ovoid
which offloads smaller objects, blue smoke (no mirrors) APRO
Bulletin ++
Hoax to promote sale of lens flare photos actually taken 11 NOV
1966 by Juan Reyes Febles.
Exposed by Boletin CIOVNI July 66-67 pp 1-2, Roberto Banchs and
others. cr: V.J. Ballester Olmos

1967/05/16 NIEVA,SPAIN: Figures board SCR in woods: Discredited
by Juan Ballester-Olmos

1967/06/01 VALDERAS, Spain: Fake photos of saucer on 3 legs.
LDLN #166 + FSR June'69++
Part of complex UMMO Hoax publicly admitted by psychologist
Jordan Pena, 1992.
Credits: Montejo & Berch=E9 via Edoardo Russo and V-J Ballester

1967/06/03 near TALAVERA de la REAL,Spain 2 Radar stations and
ATCS. 2 jets and T-33 Trainer chase triangular UFO.
/r41p10 & /r226 PHENOMENA bimonthly. No.14. Object was a French
CNES Balloon. Credit V-J Ballester Olmos.

1967/07/03 NANTON, Alberta, Canada: Color photos of 12m fake
saucer./M. Sachs.

1967/07/21 PAMLICO Co., NC: Small model + eggshell in PHOTO HOAX
by Ronnie Hill age 14. /r249p259.

1967/10/24 HATHERLEIGH, Devon, UK: 2 policemen follow evasive
flying cross thru farm country.
At least 11 books by David Clarke & Andy Roberts, Peter Fairley,
Richard Garrett, Jenny Randles, Timothy Good John W Macvey, Nick
Redfern, Arthur Shuttlewood .. Phenomenes Spatiaux (France) ..
APRO Bulletin (USA) ..
The cops readily accepted an explanation of Venus by Astronomer
Howard Miles at that time. BBC Interview

1968/05/03 CHASCOMUS, ARG: Mr. VIDAL, his wife AND their car
abducted to MEXICO!
No such person per diligent local investigation. Complete
fiction authored by film producer Anibel Uset.
Credit: Chris Aubeck et.al.

/APRO Bulletin v17#5 (MAR-APR 1969)

1968/08/16 TIVISSA, Spain: Flying Saucer hovers near ground. Two
octopus beings on 4 or 5 legs seen inside. Watches stop.
/r50 pg.150: Fraud per J.P. Gonzales of Anomalia Foundation.

1968/09/01 MENDOZA Prov., ARGENTINA: Humanoids scrawl odd
symbols on windshield etc.
Casino workers confess all later. /r249p256

1968/09/22 PUERTO SERRANO, Spain: UFO in woods fires beams and
flies away.
Observer is a contactee. Case deemed a fraud by Anomalia

1968/10/11 near SETCASES, Spain: Mountain climbers see Saucer
land. 2 small humanoids emerge.
Case deemed fraudulent by J.P.G. of the Anomalia Foundation.

1968/11/22 FLEURY d/AUDE,11,FR: Smugglers in helicopter misidentified.

1969/07/16 APOLLO-11 nr MOON: HOAX Invented by NATIONAL INQUIRER.
Fake transcript, phony reporter etc. /r249p253

1969/10/01 LEARY, GA: Jimmy Carter and others fooled by Venus.
NICAP U.I. Feb.1977

1969/11/25 ESPARZA, Spain: "Chemical Engineer" sees 8-meter
Saucer land on landing gear.
FSR v16#2 & LDLN Contacts Lecteurs v3#3. Case deemed a fraud by
Anomalia Foundation.

1970/03/28 WARMINSTER, WILTS: NLTS + EME + PHOTOs. etc.
An elaborate HOAX staged by debunkers fools many. /r249p257.

1970/04/?? nr MADISON,WI:Attorney abducted from car. Missing
time. Brainwashed by aliens to enter politics.
The sole source for this was Warren Smith /r98 #222 pg 112.

1970/06/30 (dates differ) Thor Heyderdahl on raft at sea. Fooled
by Poseidon missile test.

1970/10/11 Bogus USAF man: Photo of Invaders TV model near Palm
Springs exposed by NICAP.

1971/02/05 KINNULA, Finland: Two lumbermen find landed saucer
and humanoid outside.
One 'witness' burns his hand when he touches the Alien's boot.
Ufologists learned in the 1990s that this hoax was authored by a
local radio reporter.
Credit: Luis R. Gonzales Manso.

1971/08/16 LOCH NESS, SCOTLAND: Jan-Ove Sundberg photos UFO+OIDs
in non-existent clearing!
Exorcism and more. All hokum. /r249p255

1972/03/18 Southern FRANCE: "Electre" Missile launch widely
misidentified. False UFO reports as far as Corsica, Italy,
Switzerland and Austria. /UFO Revista di Informazione Ufologica,
/CISU Italy, Issue #7 pp10.

ADMITTED HOAX per /APRO Bulletin v31#9p5

1973/01/11 SW/THAME, England: Many fooled by flaming F-111 fuel
dump. Solved by BUFORA.

1973/08/xx Bolonia, Tarifa, Cadiz, SPAIN: Amateur Archeologist
(some boy) photos saucer. Wide publicity by J.J. Benitez. /LDLN
#139 etc.
Delisted. Photo was perfect copy of earlier one from Barra da
Tijuca in Brazil, also fake. Credit: V-J Ballester Olmos

1973/10/02 NOBLESVILLE, IN and Allen County: Police recover 3 -
color paper hot-air balloon from back yard.
Candle provided lift and glow. Needs new candle. News Item

1973/10/16 BILOXI, MS : Cab driver caught napping: Invents
clawed creature attack.

1973/10/16 GREENWOOD, DE: 5 firemen set fake SCR on hillside
with generator + lites.

1973/10/16 XENIA, OH : 3 men wrapped in aluminum foil jump out
at passing motorists.

1973/10/17 FALKVILLE, AL : Cop + others fake photos of man in
Fire Dept. metal suit.

1973/10/20 LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY : Balloon with candles
freed over football game.

1973/10/21 JONESBORO, AR : 2 men wrapped/aluminum foil jump at
motorists. Each fined $25.

1973/10/28 BAHIA BLANCA, ARG: Famous Dionisio Llanca Abduction..
Probable hoax.
Ufologists can't find doctors, hypnotists etc. per /r249p256

1974/03/20 EL CAMPILLO near NERVA, Spain: Huge Cigar lands. Door
opens. 3 Saucers fly inside.
One SCR chases 'witness'. /FSR v20#3 & LDLN #141. HOAX per J.P.

1974/06/14 MEDELLIN near CACERES, Spain: 20 meter Cone-Torus UFO
chases car. 2-3 fat figures inside.
OBJ buzzes farm nearby. /LDLN #147 & FSR v20#3. Hoax per JPG.

1974/08/12 La BROUSSE, France: SCR Landing traces W/solder bits
=3D Admitted teenage prank.

1974/11/09 CARBONDALE, PA 44-hour fiasco with wide coverage.
Fireball falls into lake?
Rumored to maneuver under water. Diver recovers 6-volt railroad
Big UFO retrieval and coverup claimed. Boy confesses tossing
lantern into lake.
10 copycat websites move events from PA to New Jersey. Credit:
Matt Graeber

1975/01/05 BAHIA BLANCA, ARG (again). Events incompatible with
witness's claims.
/R.E.BANCHS /r249p257.

1975/06/28? South of PONTEVEDRA, Spain: 2 Observers? Saucer low
over sea, lands on beach with tripod landing gear.
Two small humanoids exit. LDLN #174. Fraud per J.P. Gonzales.

1975/11/16 MOUNT VERNON,IN: 2 people saw bright lights in the
distance and reported them as such.
One witness later claimed a disk with flashing lights, and still
later added two vague figures inside.
Aircraft landing lights. Details on file: 16NOV75.TXT Credit:
Kevin Randle.

1976/02/04 TULSA, OK: Woman abducted for the 5th time. Implanted
with "genetically purified child."
Source: /r174 p199 (Wendelle Stevens) One wonders what it
looked like.

1977/08/02 Town of CHESTER, IL destroyed by space aliens!
Town carefully rebuilt by same aliens... says Myron Fass.
/r249p255 Go to your room, Myron.

1977/12/18 near PENALVER, Spain: Truck motor stops. Odd man
leads Driver to Hat-Saucer. Physical examination & mental
telepathy. nbsp; /r243 pg.77 (Scheussler) Case deemed fraudulent
by J.P. Gonzales/Anomalia Foundation.

1978/01/05 PUIG MAJOR, Mallorca Isl., Spain: NATO Radar Station:
RFI. Many fast UID Radar blips.
Apparent press hoax per JPG.

1978/02/05 MENDINACELI, Spain: Hunter abducted by large "clown".
CLown takes blood sample from hunting dog.
/r219 pg.17 & LDLN #199 & FSR v30#3 Fraud per JPG/Anomalia group.

1979/03/05 Off CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN: Fireball spirals up from
sea, arcs to the North. /MJ #140.
Identified as submarine launch of Poseidon Missile by V.J.
Ballester-Olmos Anomalia Foundation

1979/11/11 IBIZA Isl./MANISES,SPAIN: Airline Captain fooled by
oil refinery gas flares. Frequently cited.
Excellent study by the Spanish Anomalia Foundation

1979/11/26 PONTOISE, France: Complex 5-day abduction. Admitted

1980/06/08 PORT KELANG, MALAYSIA: UFOs zap oil refinery. Miss
and burn house instead. Journalistic hoax.

1981/02/13 FUENTECEN, Spain: Dog barks. Boxy robot barks back.
Traces found in dirt.
/FSR v28#2. Hoaxper JPG/Anomalia Foundation

1981/03/16 CRACOE FELL, England: Honest cops tricked by sun's
reflection on hillside quartz.

1983/07/14 FRUNZE, KIRGHIZ, USSR: Baby OID recovered from
crashed SCR. Soon dies. /National Inquirer..

1985/07/21 VALGORGUINA, Spain: 30 hours of Missing Time Vague
figures recalled in hypnosis session later.
/FSR v31#4. Abductee is known crackpot-looney per JPG/Anomalia

1986/08/15 BELLUNO,ITALY: (actually Calazo di Cadori in Belluno
Province) Two campers abducted for 2 hours by 2-meter grey
humanoids with grey overalls and pointy ears. /Andrews,George:
E.T. Friends and Foes, pg.14 & others
Hoax per E.Russo et.al. /r209 #3 (CISU UFO Rivista, July 1987)

1987/05/30 CROSIA,ITALY: Noted video image of disk with
rectangular knotches. /FSR v35 #4.
Image is perfect match with inner support bracket of Telephoto
lens assembly /r209 #11 (CISU UFO Rivista..) and others.

CRAFT under observation.. /r122 (Tim Good)

1989/05/07 KALAHARI DESERT,S. AFRICA: "Downed SCR + OIDS flown
to USA..."

1989/08/10 ESTEPONA, Malaga, SPAIN: "Quality 1 hour video of SAUCER ..=
 spins, splits .. vanishes"
Stratospheric Balloon sent up by CNES/France, INTA/Spain and Italian Space=
 Agency .. positively identified.
Credit: V-J Ballester Olmos, Spain.

1990/03/(late) 210 miles South of MATARA, SRI LANKA (Ceylon)
Tanker Kim Seng: per its captain Rasika Mawatha:
Huge saucer emerges from Indian Ocean. Causes huge waves and
circles ship, aims beams up and down, then submerges again.
Long lost reference now traced to a 1992 book: Unidentified
Flying Objects: Fact or Fiction? by Lillian Crowner Desguin.
Original source? The Weekly World News (April 10, 1990).
No independent confirmation of "Sri Lankan newspaper reports"
are available at this writing. -LH

Big coverup etc. per John Ford of LIUFON;
(later committed after bizarre murder plot.)

1993/03/31 Many locations in Ireland and Southern England at
0110 hours plus more in Southern France at 0210 hrs
(the same actual time allowing for time zones): the 'Cosford
Incident'. Variously described as fireballs, cigars, triangles
Positively Identified as a Tsyklon booster (#22586) which broke
up on re-entry after a Russian Cosmos 2238 satellite launch.
Date, times and trajectory (generally Southeast) and
descriptions all line up.
While some reports are inconsistent with space junk, the
majority fit right in.

1995/02/04 BATON ROUGE, LA: GOODYEAR BLIMP fools many. LA
MUFON/Barney Garner.

1995/03/27 IMNAGA River + SILVERTON, OR: Balloon flares make big

Argentine FAO UFO group (misquoted) has NO KNOWLEDGE of

BALLOON Crashed at sea. /CISU

1996/08/22 MARINA di MASSA, ITALY. BOX-KITE set afire by
tourists. Hotel owner saw it all./CISU

1997/08/06 Ciudad MEXICO, MX: Famous video, saucer passes tall
buildings. Video experts signal obvious fake.

2005/06/05 SW PHOENIX, AZ: Well known video of several nite-
lites in circular formation. Brian Bessent made a complete if
semi-coherent video- hoax confession on his ufotheatre.com
website, now taken down.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

You have probably seen the claims other websites make about
these cases.
Now do a search. See what serious ufologists have to say, on the
GIGAUFO UFO Search Engine

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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