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New Revelations On Operation Saucer

From: A. J. Gevaerd- Revista UFO <aj.nul>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007 09:55:13 -0300
Archived: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 18:03:18 -0400
Subject: New Revelations On Operation Saucer

Source: Brazilian UFO Magazine =96 www.ufo.com.br

Retired Lieutenant-Colonel discloses new revelations on
Operation Saucer in the Amazon, 1977

Summary: Brazilian UFO Magazine locates another military to
reveal info about Operation Saucer [Operacao Prato]. Upon the
magazine=92s editor A. J. Gevaerd request, reporter Sidney Pereira
Filho, from Belem newspaper O Liberal, finds Lieutenant-Colonel
Gabriel Brasil, who was a contemporary colleague to Uyrang=EA
Hollanda during the occurrence of suck-suck [chupa-chupa]
phenomenon in the Brazilian state of Para.

Introduction: Much is still to be clarified on the sightings and
attacks against people occurred from 1974 to 1978 in the
Brazilian state of Para, namely in Colares island, where the
presence of the phenomenon known as suck-suck [chupa-chupa],
which frightened the whole population in that vast area was,
more intense. As we know, in the year of 1977 the situation was
unbearable to residents of the affected areas and in order to
investigate those attacks the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) decided
to launch an offensive named Operation Saucer [Operacao Prato],
which started in September and ended in December that year.

The suck-suck or =93vampire light=94 phenomenon, as referred to by
river communities in the neighboring states of Para and
Maranhao, was initially detected in the region of Gurupi River,
which divides both states and where most serious cases ever
found in Brazilian ufology would be later witnessed.
Unfortunately, Operation Saucer was launched in a moment when
the attacks started to lose intensity. However, the lives of
people living in those areas were not easy until that happened.
Hundreds of assaults perpetrated by the lights were registered
with at least four resulting in deaths. That military mission
was the greater initiative ever known in favor of an official
investigation of the UFO phenomenon in Brazil and was classified
as confidential pursuant to the Regulation for the Safeguard of
Secret Affairs, a government secret file.

In most cases, the sightings occurred during the night when UFOs
used to fly over little coastal and rural communities taking
them into panic and terror. Reports at the time say that the
objects were normally round or cylinder-shaped with some rare
occurrences of fish-shaped ones. Many witnesses report that
creatures similar to medium-height human beings were carried
inside the aircraft. In general, victims of suck-suck were
adults, both males and females. The incidents normally occurred
in a casual manner, when they were in home, on the streets, or
even in churches or schools. According to Dr. Wellaide Cecim
Carvalho, a physician sent by the Health Department of the State
of Para to treat the victims and who served at the small health
unit in Colares, nearly 60% to 70% of the vampire light victims
were women [See Brazilian UFO Magazine editions 114 to 117].

Dr. Wellaide told Revista UFO that the wounds were first and
second-degree burns, not over 15cm to 20cm in extension and
mostly located in the thoracic region. The most impressive
feature was that the skin of victims assumed a rotten-like
appearance, as if the attack had occurred days ago even when
they happened only a few hours before. Those attacked by suck-
suck also complained of vertigo, pains in the body, shakings,
prostration, drowsiness, weakness, hoarseness, hair loss, scaly
of the injured skin and frequent headache. =93It seems those
lights took not only the blood of the victims, but, as detected,
also their vital energy, because they had no more forces to do
anything=94, the doctor says.

The whole situation was already broadly approached and
documented by Brazilian UFO Magazine, and the coverage included
results obtained during Operation Saucer, although Brazilian
authorities preferred to keep silent over the military mission
carried out three decades before. Thus, without an official
announcement from the authorities, the Brazilian Ufological
Community has relied on constant investigations in the region
where the phenomena occurred, as well as on the cooperation of
few military that decided to disclose what they knew. Among
these, the main contribution came from Colonel Uyrang=EA Hollanda,
who guided the operation and gave a ground-shaking exclusive
interview to Brazilian UFO Magazine 20 years after the end of
operations. Colonel Hollanda revealed details of procedures of
the mission in the jungle and described how his men were face to
face with extraterrestrials that drove the spaceships in

Now, ten years after Hollanda=92s historical interview, a new
military source is willing to disclose what he knows on the
Brazilian Air Force secret operations in the state of Para. This
man is Lieutenant-Colonel Gabriel Brasil, a retired air force
official who still lives in the capital of Para. Although
initially a reserved person and hesitant regarding what to
reveal in his statements, the official decided to tell much of
what he had been keeping after a contact with Brazilian UFO
Magazine=92s editor, A. J. Gevaerd. Even without any direct
participation in Operation Saucer he was in service at the I
Regional Air Command (COMAR I) during the works of the operation
and shared much information with the men involved, especially
Colonel Uyrange Hollanda, who was his close friend for a long
time. As we all know, I Comar was the institution that
controlled the activities of that operation.

Now retired, Gabriel Brasil still keeps in his personal files
some copies of UFO pictures taken by Hollanda and his men in
Colares. He presented the material to this author, but most of
them were already well known to the Brazilian Ufological
Community for being many times published by Brazilian UFO
Magazine. During the interview, Brasil also described aircraft
sightings he personally experienced in the 50s and 70s, stating
that he considers the subject a serious and undeniable
phenomenon. During his years of service in the 80s, Lieutenant-
Colonel was the chief of the extinct Belem Regional Service for
Flight Protection (SRPV-BE). At the same period, he was also a
professor of the theory of ionospheric propagation at the
Federal University of Para (UFPA), when he had one of the most
remarkable sightings in his life.

=93I was teaching at night and that time UFPA employees were on a
strike. Suddenly, the lights in the campus went off and I
thought it were strikers preventing us from working. I left the
classroom with my students to see what was really going on and
there was a 300-500m diameter yellow light exactly over Combu
island=94, stated the military, referring to an island located at
the mouth of Guama River, right in front of the university, a
touristic spot in Belem. According to Gabriel Brasil, the light
observed was very intense and hovered in the air for several
seconds. =93Suddenly, that thing disappeared as if it were
teletransported for another place. It simply disappeared in
front of us=94. After Hollanda, he is the military that most
contributed for the disclosure of information regarding
Operation Saucer. See below an exclusive interview to us given
by Gabriel Brasil.

Brazilian UFO Magazine =96 In your personal files you have some
pictures showing UFOs observed during Operation Saucer and you
say you=92ve seen many other materials including movies shot by
the military in Colares. What is exactly contained in all this

Gabriel Brasil =96 The pictures were extracted from the movies
made by the Air Force military during that mission in the
jungle. One of those movies show an 80cm UFO probe which was
pictured and filmed at night beside a coconut tree by Colonel
Hollanda=92s team. That probe was the same one seen in Colares
paralyzing victims to retrieve materials [Editor=92s input: Human
blood and organic samples, and minerals from the environment],
according to information provided by the team in the field.
Besides, I saw a movie from my colleagues in which an aircraft
is seen approaching. It had descended and launched a ladder for
their crew to leave the object. But when they realized the
presence of Hollanda=92s team, they went back to the ship and
left, leaving an intense flashlight that offered a good
opportunity for much photographic materials. The images also
show how such aircraft worked, apparently operating by means of
light variation [Editor=92s input: A thesis advocated by some
military that worked in Operation Saucer]. But no one knows what
was inside them to provide this evaluation.

Brazilian UFO Magazine =96 Some pictures of Operation Saucer
leaked. Unfortunately, however, the movies have never left the
barracks. After seeing them, what could you tell about them?
What did they show?

Gabriel Brasil =96 What I can tell about the military operation
carried out in Colares is that the works mainly resulted in four
movies of 10-minute duration each. At that time, I Regional Air
Command was headed by Brigadier Joao Camarao Telles Ribeiro, who
gathered selected representatives from civil society and local
authorities to show the obtained material. The meeting was also
observed by military from the General Command of Air Technology,
from Sao Jose dos Campos, State of Sao Paulo. I believe that
NASA representatives were also present. The movies were
exhibited during the meeting, but nothing was said about them
after that occasion. I=92ve always had a strong friendship
relation with late Colonel Uyrange Hollanda, especially because
of UFO-related affairs, since we both had great interest in the
subject. He informed me that the movies obtained by his team
were sent to Brasilia, where I believe they are until now
[Editor=92s input: Sources tell that they would be kept at the
Brazilian Command for Air Defense (Comdabra), in the Brazilian
capital]. In those movies, it was possible to see UFOs flying
over the area, landing, taking off, and even diving into waters
without reducing speed. The movies also presented small aircraft
entering bigger ones. They also showed the operations of probes
which collected materials.

Brazilian UFO Magazine =96 Where did these pictures and movies
ended up?

Gabriel Brasil =96 Thanks to the friendship I had with Hollanda,
many copies of those pictures ended up in my hands, which I keep
until today. He also showed two images obtained in the
municipality of Tome-Asu, deep within the State of Para. One of
them shows an aircraft landing in a certain area, which was very
clear due to the soil marks left by the object=92s landing gear.
I=92ve also seen another picture in which it is possible to
realize the collection of materials from the soil from a certain
altitude. Nowadays I don=92t know where these two images ended up
[Editor=92s input: At the conclusion of Operation Saucer, Hollanda
delivered all pictures and movies to I Comar head-office not
keeping anything to himself].

Brazilian UFO Magazine =96 During the period in which Operation
Saucer was carried out, in 1977, Brazil was under a military
dictatorship. Some theories say that US military were present in
Colares having influenced Brazilians to collect all materials
produced during the operation and send it to Brasilia. What do
you know about that?

Gabriel Brasil =96 This is completely unknown to me. At the time,
I worked directly with Brigadier Camarao and I would surely have
known anything in that sense. The truth is that he received an
order from Brasilia to carry out investigations on suck-suck and
a working group that spent several months in Colares was formed.
This was called Operation Saucer. Much material was collected by
the military who also had sightings. But everything was
presented to the society and only the movies were sent to
Brasilia. After this I=92ve never heard of them anymore. It is
possible that they still exist, but who knows where they are...

Brazilian UFO Magazine =96 The Amazon region is home to many UFO
sightings and even contacts with extraterrestrials beings. Would
you be able to tell the sites where these really happened?

Gabriel Brasil =96 Besides Colares, another region in which the
phenomenon was =96 and still is =96 common is located from the delta
of the Amazonas River to the border of the Para and Maranhao
states. Another site where many sightings occurred is the region
next to Tapajos River, where the phenomenon is so constant that
became popular among river communities and part of their daily

Brazilian UFO Magazine =96 Besides following the developments of
Operation Saucer and seeing its results in pictures and movies,
you have also had personal experiences with UFO sightings. How
did these occur?

Gabriel Brasil =96 Yes, I had one sighting during the 50s when I
was a student at the Air Force School, in Campo dos Afonsos,
Governador Island [Editor=92s input: Military area which
comprehends the Afonsos Air Base, Rio de Janeiro]. It was 2:00
am and I was working at the airfield in the base, when I saw a
light vertically descending at an incredibly high speed. It was
yellowish like a sodium light bulb. When it approached the
ground, it changed direction by 90 degrees while apparently
keeping the same speed when it then turned green. That was
absolutely incredible to me, since among all laws we know, from
Newton to Quantic Mechanics, those movements were impossible.
Anybody changing directions undergo the effects of mass and
speed, which, in turn, would cause its self-destruction. But
that object I saw did not suffer any force of gravity or change
of direction. This was one of my sightings.

Brazilian UFO Magazine =96 Did you have any other? Could you tell

Gabriel Brasil =96 The other one happened in the 70s, when I was
still teaching the theory of ionospheric propagation at the
Federal University of Para (UFPA), at night. At the time, civil
servants went on a strike, which also reached the university=92s
employees. One night, I was teaching when lights went off. I
thought that was something caused by employee=92s representatives
in order to prevent us from working. Then I left the classroom
with some students in order to see what was happening. Some
students from other classrooms did the same, which resulted in a
gathering at the campus yard. Then, exactly over Combu Island,
which is right in front of UFPA, there was a very intense yellow
light with 300m to 500m in diameter. That light stayed still
there for several seconds, before suddenly disappearing as if it
were teletransported to some other place. That thing simply
disappeared in front of us. Besides this case, I had another
sighting in the 70s, over Embratel facilities, in the city of
Belem. It was around 11:00 pm when a very intense white light
appeared at a medium altitude to cross the sky at an incredible
speed. As a pilot used to aircraft speed limits, I found that
very strange, because at the time =96 and until today =96 there were
no aircraft capable of flying at that speed to cross the horizon
so quickly. I estimate that light to be between six and 10
thousand km per hour. I tried to take a picture, but it was
technically impossible.

Translation by Brazilian UFO Magazine volunteer Eduardo Rado.

The photo of Liutenant-Colonel Gabriel Brasil and two of the
photos he presented to Brazilian UFO Magazine are here:


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