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Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

From: Brad Sparks <RB47x.nul>
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2007 22:38:28 EDT
Archived: Sun, 02 Sep 2007 08:48:56 -0400
Subject: Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

>From: Stan Friedman <fsphys.nul>
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2007 14:49:09 -0300
>Subject: Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

>>From: Brad Sparks <RB47x.nul>
>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 09:44:56 EDT
>>Subject: Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

>>>From: Stan Friedman <fsphys.nul>
>>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>>Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 11:34:31 -0300
>>>Subject: Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

>>>>From: Brad Sparks <RB47x.nul>
>>>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>>>Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 19:21:08 EDT
>>>>Subject: Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12


>>I quote you saying "The CT memo has very similar language and
>>format" to this earlier-found genuine CT memo admits Friedman,
>>"even including ... the odd phrase 'Your concurrence in the
>>above arrangements is assumed'" (Friedman MJ-12 Update, Oct. 31,
>>1987, p. 3).



>The memory chord was struck by the "Your concurrence" line
>which seemed a strong and unusual line to write to a 4 star
>general. I discuss real emulations in the Majestic 12 paper on
>my website...


Yet Cutler said that "strong and unusual line" to a 4-star
General (Twining) in the genuine 1953 document, so what? The
AFOSI hoaxers emulated the 1953 genuine Cutler-Twining Memo to
fabricate the 1954 emulation. Why is that such a problem?

>There is no way that the CT is an emulation of the earlier much
>longer memo.

Again you are ignoring what you yourself have written Stan,
about the strong similarities between the 1953 genuine Cutler-
 Twining Memos and the (fake) 1954 Cutler-Twining Memo, some of
which I've quoted in my postg here as well as in the MUFON paper
(p. 151 n. 15).

From Friedman's TOP SECRET/MAJIC book (pp. 92-93) where he takes
the genuine CTM (written in the singular here for simplicity
even though there are at least two known) and he compares it
with the "very similar" MJ-12 CTM:

"Besides the paper checking out, the language, style, format,
and typeface of the memo appear to be genuine, especially when
compared to other memos from Cutler that are known to be valid.

"As Bill read the memo to me over the phone, I was immediately
reminded of a July 13, 1953 Cutler-Twining memo we had found in
late 1981 in General Twining's papers at the Library of

"The concluding words of the two memos are virtually the same.

"Another similarity in wording is the indication that specific
details will be given at the meeting only. The June 25, 1953
[second genuine Cutler-Twining] memo says, 'The program will be
explained in detail at the meeting'; the 1954 [MJ-12 Cutler-
Twining] memo says, 'More precise arrangements will be explained
to you upon arrival.'

"In addition to similarities in what the memos say, there are
similarities in what they don't say. Neither gives any clue as
to the subject of the meetings to which they refer...."

In Friedman's MJ-12 Update (Oct. 31, 1987, p. 3) he calls the
authentic CTM and the MJ-12 version "very similar".

Moore certainly passed these genuine CTM's on to AFOSI in 1981-2
along with every scrap of his and Friedman's Roswell
investigation data, as he told me he was doing at that very
time. There at AFOSI the genuine 1953 CTM's would have been good
emulation models to follow and emulate in forging the MJ-12 CTM.

>Let us not forget the slant red pencil mark through
>the unusual typed security indication, the absence of

Citing a trivial red pencil mark is a sign of real desperation
in trying to salvage the MJ-12 documents from impending doom. It
is undisputed that the CTM was "planted" in the National
Archives for Moore and Shandera to find, and that word "planted"
is the word Stan himself uses, as I quote him using in his
TS/MAJIC book, and quoted in my MUFON article.

Here are Stan's own words:

"I am certainly convinced that it [the CTM] had indeed been
planted [<--NOTE HIS WORD] in the box during the
[declassification] review, as we should have realized after
receipt of poetic postcards... with return addresses noting Box
189." (MJ-12 Update, Oct. 31, 1987, p. 2).

Clues had been sent to Moore and Shandera in "riddle postcards"
which according to Stan "certainly pointed them towards the
Archives" and "all but directed" them to "Box 189" in the
National Archives, where it was eventually found (Friedman,
TS/MAJIC, pp. 89-92; MUFON 1989 Symposium MJ-12 paper, p. 97;
MUFON 1992 Symposium paper, p. 272).

Moore agrees "that someone planted it amidst the papers in
Record Group 341 knowing that there was a strong chance we would
find it there" (Moore, MUFON 1989 MJ-12 statement, MUJ, Dec.
1989, p. 13bc). Moore states "someone deliberately planted it
there ... so Shandera and Moore would find it" (Moore- Shandera
MJ-12 Report pp. 98-99).

According to Stan himself those "planting" the CTM in the
National Archives for Moore and Shandera to find were certainly
familiar with the AF's declassification review process,
including the use of a red pencil to slash through the security

Why then is there any problem with AF personnel knowing about AF
declassification reviews with red pencil, AF personnel like
AFOSI agents engaged in a disinformation hoax?? There is no need
to postulate that the AF reviewers themselves planted the CTM.

Writes Stan Friedman (TS/MAJIC p. 97) about the red pencils:

"Whoever put it [the CTM] in Box 189 at the National Archives
was apparently well aware of the red pencil convention. It would
have been a perfectly natural thing for somebody accustomed to
such matters to do...."

There are two ways the AFOSI hoaxers could have come to put the
red pencil slash through the CTM:

1. The AFOSI agents didn't know what exactly the red pencil
slashes were for but they saw many documents in boxes of AF-
reviewed files that had the red pencil marks, (just like
Friedman saw at the Eisenhower Library) so they figured red
pencil was part of the emulation they needed to follow.

The AFOSI disinformation hoaxers had picked out Box 189 many
months in advance, sent the weird postcards to Moore and
company, and waited till Box 189 was reviewed by the AF review
team before going in and planting the CTM, to make it look like
it had been a legitimate document just reviewed by the AF team.


2. The AFOSI agents observed the AF review team at work, in
order to familiarize themselves with how to make a forged CTM
look reasonably genuine, and saw that the AF reviewers used the
red pencil. Why the heck would they _not_ imitate the red pencil

And let me remind UFO UpDates readers what Stan said about how
the CTM and EBD "must" have been "created by an insider" and he
then names "Richard Doty of the OSI" (TS/MAJIC pp. 138-9):

"Whether the [MJ-12] documents are valid or not, they must have
been created by an insider, and Jaime and Bill had been having
conversations with insiders (including Richard Doty of the OSI)
for years before Jaime got the [Eisenhower and Cutler-Twining]

>the absence of a signature or /s/.

>The latter is fortunate since Cutler was out of the country.

>Please tell us how Doty knew that at the time?

Please tell us how AFOSI would have to know that? There is
nothing in the MJ-12 CTM that says anything at all about Cutler
being out of the country. There is no notation saying something
like 'sent in Cutler's absence' or anything at all like that.
Being un-signed is proof of nothing, it was a carbon, carbons
often are un-signed.

The MJ-12 CTM is unsigned because it is a carbon, not the
supposed "original," thus making it easier to forge without
having to hassle with forging signatures which are more
difficult. Carbon copies of government letters often do not have
signatures or even an /s/ mark, just like the genuine CTM of
June 25, 1953, which you found unsigned.

Historian Dr. Larry Bland at the Marshall Foundation said that
he could "find the correct stationery and an appropriate
typewriter" to "fake the MJ-12 documents" such as the CTM,
the only one with the stationery even known (Friedman, TS/MAJIC,
p. 153).

Case closed my friend!


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