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Re: Cleaning The Cookware

From: Eleanor White <eleanor.nul>
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2007 13:58:02 -0400
Archived: Tue, 04 Sep 2007 15:24:45 -0400
Subject: Re: Cleaning The Cookware

>From: Michael Woods <mike.woods.nul>
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 08:52:43 -0400
>Subject: Cleaning The Cookware


>>Mr. Woods referred to "paranoid people who believe they are
>>receiving signals from government or aliens."

>It pays to listen to the show, maybe go back and play it twice,
>rather than jumping to self-righteous conclusions. That was a
>direct quote from the study's abstract, which I started by
>saying, "According to the abstract.....", so I'm afraid you've
>put words in my mouth. Try complaining to the authors of the
>study about their description of the mental state of tin foil
>helmet wearers.

OK - however, I don't listen to radio shows with the intensity
of a court reporter. I thought I heard yourself and Errol
laughing at the statement, regardless of source, and that's what
triggered my response.

>>Before you start calling us "paranoid" how about you give me
>>some _time_ to brief you on exactly where the work to expose
>>and stop these crimes stands, instead of slurring us?

>Fair trade. I'll research electronic harrassment... myself.

Be aware then that the web is loaded with misinformation and
disinformation. Loaded. And overwhelmingly, the articles posted
do _not_ describe the five e-weapons which have been around for
one to five decades, have not been classified, and are available
to any criminal with an upper middle class income. Most Internet
articles do not mention those weapons.

What the sites _do_ mention are things like HAARP being a "mind
control" weapon, while in fact it is not capable of generating
much of the effects targets of electronic harassment actually
experience. HAARP, I assure you, is not what is used for
electronic harassment.

That is why I recommended an in-person briefing.

If you take a random sampling of what's posted, you may come
away having a very misinformed image of what is really

>Getting information from you about it would be like getting a
>review of the Iraq war from your president. A fact or two may
>slip in... but if so it would be by accident.

My country doesn't have a president.

And as to the factual content of what I would offer you, on what
grounds do you assume the material would not be factual? Because
I spoke up?

Or because you just assume there is no such thing as electronic
weapons? Or there is no such thing as stalking by more than one

>By your own admission, you're hardly a dis-intrestered observer,
>are you?

I'm very interested in getting the truth to the public.

Just as with ufology, the media never prints the truth or even
the best evidence.

>In exchange, you actually listen to a show...and do some
>research yourself. Did you listen to the show a second time to
>confirm what you thought you heard?

As I mentioned above, I was responding to your finding the topic
amusing. That's like finding UFO abductions amusing, as I see

>Did you check the web link on the M.I.T. study? Did you read any
>of it or just look at pictures of the ridiculous helmets
>supposedly used?

I saw the study when it was first published. I was reacting to
your finding the topic of people suffering, trying foil beanies
to stop the suffering, funny.

>Did you fire off an equally strong snot-mail to them? Perhaps, if
>you listened to ALL of SDI#447, you'd recall that later in the
>podcast, Errol told Alfred Lehmberg the study was done tongue in

Yes. I know the study was done tongue in cheek.

Again, I was reacting to finding the issue of people being
tortured, reaching for anything to stop the torture, funny.

>So, to clarify - I laughed at the irony of the conclusions that
>tin foil helmets amplify, not nulify, radio transmissions. The
>abstract of the study refered to tin foil helmet wearers as
>paranoid, not me.

Thank you for clarifying that. It didn't come across clearly on
the show to someone doing a normal level of casual listening.

>Personally, I think anyone who wears a tin foil helmet, no
>matter what their excuse, has problems.

Even someone being tortured electronically? You've just
demonstrated why I wrote the original email. Or do you
actually believe there are no e-weapons which can
torture silently, through walls, without leaving trace evidence?

>I have a very hard time swallowing the claim that the U.S.
>government is electronically stalking and harrassing people, i.e.
>"beaming radio waves at them" especially since there is even less
>proof of this than there is for UFO's.

First, I never made a claim as to who is doing it.

This is why I wanted to brief you in person - because if you
read random article on the web, you will find lots of
unsupported claims like that.

What I say about government, particularly the U.S. governement,
is that their participation is highly _likely_, given the
history of programs like MKULTRA and COINTELPRO, and their
refusal (with a handful of exceptions) to even allow targets to
make official reports of the harassment.

>...and would require a massive conspiracy to harrass thousands of
>people as you claim. And that is all it is, a claim.

Yes, it's a claim, just as many UFO-related events are claims.
We do have some physical trace cases, though if you scan the
web, you aren't likely to easily find them.

>And it raises the question: what makes the targetted people so
>important that the government has to harrass them. Are you
>extremely powerful politically?

The private detective who infiltrated the groups discovered that
- we are lied about constantly - we are supposedly horrid
criminals. That's why we are so "important" - in the same way as
a pedophile (a favourite lie) is "important" when he moves into
a neighbourhood.

>Do you control some segment of the media that makes you a threat
>to the power elite? Are you the guardians of some
>earth-shattering secret? Or is it just random maliciousness by an
>enormous number of government operatives?

The size and age (decades) of this program point strongly to
some sort of ultimately political purpose. Like Hitler's
Brownshirts, but this time around, remaining covert.

We do know that the community level people are operating on the
idea that they are helping to keep watch on "criminals" and
hopefully force them to move out of the community. That's fairly
similar to what happened under COINTELPRO. Lies were used to
destroy the lives of various activists.

>When I see someone wearing a tin foil helmet, I laugh outloud. At

Well, you wouldn't laugh very much if you became a target.

>Eleanor, I really don't care, one way or the other, what beliefs
>you hold and I wouldn't do anything to change your mind. But I
>care very much when you try to enforce your version of political
>correctness on me. I'm a true believer in free speech..

I am too.

>which includes the right to offend. I dislike those who try to
>dictate what others can say and do, based on their own belief
>structure be they government, a special interest group, the
>religious or those who believe they are being radio-beamed by
>evil forces.

I never said you didn't have the right to say what you said, or
laugh. But I also have the right to speak up, which I've done.

>My Funk and Wagnalls dictionary defines paranoia as "A form of
>mental disorder characterized by delusions of persecution or

That does apply, _when_ there is no persecution of course.

* It doesn't sound as if you want to say more on this topic,
however, out of respect for the purpose of the List, we've both
stated our positions, so please, if you have anything further,
make it by private email, OK?

Eleanor White

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