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Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

From: Stan Friedman <fsphys.nul>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 22:32:11 -0300
Archived: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 08:40:39 -0400
Subject: Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

>From: Paul Kimball <TheRobieShark.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 19:34:27 EDT
>Subject: Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

>>From: Stan Friedman <fsphys.nul>
>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 16:39:45 -0300
>>Subject: Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

>>>From: Paul Kimball <TheRobieShark.nul>
>>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>>Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 05:02:12 EDT
>>>Subject: Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12


>>>One could just as easily - and more pertinently - ask why you never
>>>seem to mention the fact that the EBD makes no reference to your
>>>supposed second crash on the Plains of San Agustin, which you claim
>>>was legit, nor do you seem to make much mention of the supposed second
>>>crash that the EBD DOES mention, the 1950 'crash' at El Indio -

>>Not just as pertinently. The briefing is stated "as a preliminary
>>briefing only.It should be regarded as introductory to a full
>>operations briefing intended to follow." Not being psychic I have no
>>idea what was included in the full operations briefing, or why certain
>>things were not included in the EBD.Ike's time at the Pentagon was
>>brief.Ask Ruben Uriarte re Del rio.

>I shouldn't have to ask Uriarte - I'm asking you. You're the MJ-
>12 expert. Do you endorse the Del Rio crash as legit? Surely
>you would have crossed that "T" and dotted that "I" when you did
>your funded FUFOR research. If you don't accept it as genuine,
>then how do you square that with its inclusion in MJ-12, or your
>firm conclusion that the EBD is authentic?

>As for the Plains of San Agustin, I've heard you're "not
>psychic" line before. We all have. But it's not an answer to
>what is a huge, glaring hole in the pro-MJ-12 argument - at
>least for someone like you who also accepts the reality of a 2nd
>crash at the Plains. Logic dictates that even a preliminary
>briefing would refer to this second crash, particularly as the
>briefing referenced two other crashes. The reason you don't
>address this - and never have - is because you can't, other than
>to say that you're not a psychic.

>That's not logic, it's not science, it's not a reasonable and
>rational examination of _all_ of the evidence. It's cherry
>picking what you like and can handle in order to fit it into
>what you want it to be, while ignoring the things that undermine
>your argument.

Sorry Paul but The Fund seemed to think it got its moneysworth.
You and Brad are doing the Cherry picking.

You almost completely ignore the loads of specific anti-MJ-12
arguments with which I deal at length and in detail in TOP
SECRET/MAJIC (2nd Edition), and in the Majestic 12 Article on my
website and in my review of Case MJ-12, also there.

I guess you guys are afraid to say "I don't know" or "it is in
my Gray basket".

You claim you know what is in the full briefing and what should
be in the prelim.

You have no basis at all for these claims.

No, I haven't done much digging in to Del Rio or any at all as
to why the Plains isn't mentioned. I could intuit with my Ouija
Board that the retrieval of an almost intact saucer with no
publicity would be more classified than one which had, briefly,
loads of headlines, and was clearly in pieces.

I know that I would have no luck with Sandia and one that was
burned up would be of less interest, but an indicator of other

I could claim to have been privy to conversations between
Hillenkoetter and W.B. Smith about the Briefing...

I will let you guys fill that in with your super and very
selective powers while I am off to West Virginia and


Stan Friedman

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