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Re: Any New Abduction Cases Of Note?

From: Katharina Wilson <KWilson.nul>
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 13:28:16 -0500
Archived: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 17:57:23 -0400
Subject: Re: Any New Abduction Cases Of Note?

>From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 10:34:33 EDT
>Subject: Any New Abduction Cases Of Note?

>By now we all know the abduction routine.

>The stories are so numerous they're part of the cultural norm.
>There's even the humorous bend to the experience from the smart
>alecky crowd.

>From the earliest most celebrated case to today, are there any
>new abduction cases that have startling revelations about the


From my perspective, it seems to me that the newer (and younger)
group of abductees are referring to themselves as "Star
Children" and/or "Indigo Children". A search on these terms will
tell you more about them than I can do the subject justice in
this post.

It's possible that they feel less victimized than the older
group of abductees because the aliens may not be carrying out
'the same old routine'. For example, the medical tests, probes,
et cetera. They may not need as much genetic material from them
since they've been taking it from us or they have moved further
along in what researchers believe is a Hybrid breeding program.

As you know, I published a new book, I Forgot What I Wasn't
Supposed To Remember. It is free and on-line on my Web site at:


I would not have gone to the trouble to publish this information
and make it available free to the public if I didn't think I had
experienced some remarkable, new encounter experiences and had
important information that I felt needed to be shared with
people interested in or researching abductions.

Jim Sparks' book The Keepers is still relatively new and a search
on his name will provide you with more updated material about him.
Like my new book, his abduction experiences were recalled without
the use of hypnosis - all of our information is from conscious recall.

UFO Magazine also publishes up to date information regarding
abductees from time to time. The April 2007 edition has an
interesting article featuring Betty Andreasson's daughter Becky:
Becky Andreasson And The Language of Angels. As you know,
different abductees refer to and view their abductors different
ways, thus the reference to angels. She has videotaped lights in
her bedroom at night. Quoting her from the article, I've got one
piece of video where I have lights in the middle of my forehead,
and one where I have lights shooting out of my eye."

She, like Jim Sparks and others, are also being taught what
appears to be an alien alphabet. If this alphabet can be deciphered,
it may show us our first ET language.
That would be quite a discovery.

Check out the new Journal of Abduction Research or JAR at their
Web site:


Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, John Carpenter, Yvonne Smith and
others have written up to date information regarding their
theories and views of where this phenomenon is taking us.
Personally, I agree with Jacobs in that we are coming to the end
of this breeding program. As I demonstrate in my new book
through my experiences, the Hybrids are becoming more and more
human in appearance and in their emotional make-up. It appears
they are attempting to blend in with humans and from what I've
seen, some of them are doing an excellent job of it. The big
question is, why? I try to answer that in my book and I hope I
made good sense of what I've seen.

If you don't want to read a free book about what I know
concerning this, short overviews of my latest experiences (past
12 years) will be published in an interview in the September
2007 issue of UFO Magazine in an interview with Sean Casteel.

An article I wrote for UFO DATA Magazine:


will be published in October 2007. If you recall, this is the
British Magazine that Kathy Kasten wrote a positive review of
for Updates. See:


On a personal research side, I'm just beginning to review over a
decade of journal notes by 'Lisa', an abductee case that was
included in the late Dr. Karla Turner's book Taken, and in my
Project Open Mind another publication I offer free on my Web
site. See:


I am hoping that her material may offer more insight into what's
going on with ETs as well as the MILAB phenomenon and if it
does, I plan to publish an in-depth article about her

If you're looking for the 'golden egg' of abduction cases to
finally solve the questions as to why they are here and what
they are doing to us, (if you're not stuck in the 'they can't get
here from there' mode of thinking) you'll not find those answers
in a single case. It simply isn't the way the aliens and/or the
phenomenon operates. One thing I've learned from decades of
involvement and study is that you have to want this information
and really dig to figure out what's going on. You have to look
at all of the information, not a single case or the most popular
cases. I've been doing that for a very long time and as I say in
my book, I don't like where it is leading.

I'm not saying that as a 'teaser' or anything like that. It's
just that I've been told and shown that a big change is coming
and it involves ETs, humans, war and global change. I don't
think people are prepared for this, and I don't feel comfortable
about it at all. For decades, abductees have been trying to wake
people up to the reality of the ETs' existence. Those who are
still asleep are in for one very big surprise. Ontological shock
is just phase one.

The upcoming issue of JAR should be quite interesting. An
article about UFOs, water and abductees, by Carl W Feindt will
be featured in it.


Katharina Wilson

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