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Sighting In Ibiraci Brazil

From: Milton Frank <mfrank.nul>
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 10:36:55 -0300
Archived: Sat, 08 Sep 2007 11:46:22 -0400
Subject:  Sighting In Ibiraci Brazil

Ibaraci Case
By Milton Dino Frank Junior

In July/29th, to 22h30min, when Mr. Luiz Enrique Brandao de
Andrade, student of journalism, 20 years of age, his girlfriend,
Miss Lu=EDsa de Almeida Dutra, deontology student, 18 years, his
friend Mr. Cyro de Almeida Durigan, university professor, 27
years, and his girlfriend, Miss Joyce Oliveira, marketing
student, 22 years, they were going to Joyce's farm close to
Ibiraci City, in the South of Minas Gerais State and close to
the border with Sao Paulo State in Brazil. They passed through
Joao Traficante road to return at 10:30 pm in a vehicle Strada
Fiat that was being driven by Cyro.

Suddenly they had a sighting. The first one to see the stranger
light was Cyro, which soon said: "People, What light is that one
that lit of the nothing"? Before he finishes this sentence, he
also had perceived an orange light, and he thought it was from
an airplane, It was about 1 km of distance and not very high,
close to a mount, in the right side of the road. The object
seemed to be motionless and the light didn't blink, Luiz thought
that it was some antenna or tower.

The light really appeared from the nothing. The night was very
clear, and there were no clouds in the sky. The UFO was to a
height capable to completely cover their vision for the
remaining portion of the sky. They were observing the object
even when they realize what it was, for signal of the mount
also, until, in the accurate instant that object crossed the
road, they passed accurately underneath of it. The object had a
triangular form, and it had three corners which were rounded off
and in each corner Luiz saw a light in the tips.

The object had about seven meters of length. As Cyro was
driving, Joyce she was very tense with everything that was going
on, Luiz and Luisa were really excited trying to see with more
precision that UFO. They were in one pick-up, seated in the
behind, super part pressed. They had to look at it by the solar
ceiling since the object was accurately above of them.

They could see it perfectly. It was a triangle, with the three
rounded off corners, they didn't know where it started or
finished. The trajectory of the object was a line. It still had
three small lights on the tips, like those of airplanes, but it
didn't blink, and each light had one color, being blue, red and
green and, above of its triangular body, there were a kind of a
cabin, rounded off, of where a orange light appeared and it also
had one another weak light and this one was blinking in this
superior part, that was only possible to be seen because they
moved their position to observe better.

Far way, they could observe that the UFO continued in its linear
trajectory, going to their left side in relation to the road.
The UFO kept in slow speed, until they total lose it of sight.

The height of flight of the object was the same height of an
agriculture airplane fly over, or either close to the ground

The speed of the object was very slow.

The UFO did not make any noise or racket.

The radio of the car caught normally. As much is that Joyce
increased the volume of the radio at that moment, because she
was afraid.


I've been searching this case for a long time. I really do
believe that those 4 people saw a triangle object. The question
I have to do in this case is just one:

Is this object from earth? Sometimes I do believe that those triangles
objects are some secret army projects.

By: Milton Dino Frank Junior
Brazilian Ufology Center President

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