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Two Recent Canadian UFO Reports

From: Chris Rutkowski <rutkows.nul>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 11:15:29 -0500 (CDT)
Archived: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 13:08:16 -0400
Subject: Two Recent Canadian UFO Reports

I received two curious sighting reports recently. The first one
was very detailed and includes an interesting psychological
effect on the witness.


Near Belleville, Ontario
Sept. 2, 2007

On the night of Sept. 1, 2007 (early morning of the 2nd) I was
sleeping on the ground floor on the couch because my husband was
suffering terribly from allergies. I was awakened by our dogs
barking, and saw outside that a car was stopped on the road. I
watched for a few moments. When the car didn't move I went
upstairs, got dressed and came back down. The car was by then
driving east and out of sight slowly. I had checked the clock
and it was just after 3:00 am. I went outside and walked around
with the dogs checking the area. The dogs were still agitated,
and it was then I saw an orange glow in the west. I think I
didn't perceive it at first because I was sleepy and in my mind
it was a sunset sky or the moon. I now became fully awake.

It was not the glow from the sunset - it was 3:00 am - and the
moon was full or nearly full and sitting in the southern sky -
shining brightly enough I could walk without a flashlight. I
could not make out what was creating this glow, but it appeared
to be large. It has been very dry, so perhaps, I thought, it was
a forest fire and the car on the road saw it too. I returned to
the house and continued watching for approx. 10 or 15 - fearing
it was a neighbouring house or barn afire. My view was obscured
by the neighbours trees, so I could not tell exactly where
(whatever was creating the glow) was positioned. It was then
that the 'glow' started to look more circular and definitive in
shape, and that there were smaller lights moving inside the
circular 'glow'. I was sure my tired eyes were playing tricks on
me, so I got my 35mm camera with a zoom lens. I could not get a
sharp focused image, but it was enough for me to see that the
shapes were there - a silver, flat oval - like it had been
squished - moving very slowly to the south, and a smaller bright
orange ball, that seemed to move more freely around the silver

I ran upstairs and shook my husband awake. He came downstairs
and looked at where I was pointing. He was grumpy and cursed me
for having gotten him out of bed to look at the moon. I grabbed
him and pointed to the moon, in the south. That woke him up. It
was almost exactly the same size as the moon. We watched it
together, but the shapes that had me run upstairs initially were
not there anymore - either blocked by the trees in the
neighbours field or gone completely. My spouse speculated it
must be a big fire, though he confessed it looked really weird.
He went back upstairs to bed when after about 5 minutes nothing
changed or moved. I continued to watch.

It was then I made the conscious decision to pack my cameras in
the truck and go find it. I went back upstairs to my office and
gathered my digital camera. In the time it took me to do that,
go downstairs and put a sweater on, a fog descended so quickly
and completely I could barely make out my neighbour's house
(approx. 500 feet west). We live by a dam and when the air and
water temperatures are different and water released (on
timers?), it can create fog. This came on quickly and the timing
was unfortunate. I sat and waited for another 5 or 10 minutes. I
was not going to drive on the long weekend on back roads in the
fog. I lay down on the couch and fell asleep for probably 30
minutes. I awoke and the fog was gone. Completely. So was the
light. I went back to sleep.

I then proceeded to dream. I was driving, looking for the cause
of the orange glow and stopped where other residents were
gathered. A few of us decided to drive towards it. We passed a
car stopped, and upon looking more closely, realized the
occupants were dead. I was horrified and at that instant the
orange glow/ball came over the trees and there was a huge blast
of air and I was assaulted by tiny fragments of a sparkling,
orange glasslike material.

I woke up instantly from this dream, sweating and shaken. I went
to the kitchen for a drink of milk and to calm down. The clock
read 5 to 5 - nearly dawn. I went back to the couch, only to see
that the glow was back, but much farther away to the west. I was
so tired, and that shaky feeling that comes after a bad dream
and little sleep had set in. I went upstairs and slept.

In the morning, my rational mind did, and continues to

1. The army is doing some really strange night training.

2. It was a fire - forest, house or barn and the shapes moving
were headlights from a helicopter and the distance was much
greater than it appeared

3. A large meteor landed nearby - there was a meteor shower that
was taking place that night.

4. It was a bonfire in the distance that in the mist and fog
created an illusion.

I decided to try to eliminate possibilities. The area to my west
is sparsely populated by country homes and farms. The river
becomes very marshy and wide for about 17 miles before going
under a bridge of a dead end road and becoming more river-like
again. I believe the 'light' was in this marshy area. I usually
walk every day, so I walked my usual route. 30 minutes into my
journey, one of the local farmer's dogs came out of a field and
walked a ways with me. He then stopped and sat staring at the
sky. He wandered back into the field after a few moments.

On my return portion of my route I came upon 4 vehicles stopped
on the road. Two of these vehicles had stalled and were having
their batteries boosted by the other two passerbys. I stopped at
a neighbours and questioned him about that previous evening. His
home has an excellent view of the area. He imparted that they
had been up until about 1:00 a.m. that morning, but did not see
or hear anything then or later. He also said that in town that
morning, no one had mentioned a fire of any kind. When I
returned from my walk my husband and I drove the length of the
road where we had seen the light. There was no sign of any fire
or that anything at all had happened. We stopped in and asked
another resident living right by the mouth of the marsh if they
had seen or heard anything, and again, nothing.


Winnipeg, MB
August 27, 2007

A witness was outside at about 9:30 pm when he saw what appeared
to be an odd "airplane" flying through the sky. The object was
composed only of five or six lights in a horizontal line, moving
together. No other lights were seen. The object moved slowly
across the sky, making no sound.

Above the object, high in the sky, the witness saw an airliner,
clearly identifiable because of its lights and configuration.

The object came from the SW and headed NE, and was out of sight
in several seconds.


[Chris Rutkowski is the offical receiver of UFO reports to
 Canadian Government Departments and publisher, with Geoff
 Dittman on the annual Canadian UFO Survey]

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