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Re: Large Black Holes On Mars

From: James Molesworth <jtmol1.nul>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 12:20:08 +1000
Archived: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 10:19:48 -0400
Subject: Re: Large Black Holes On Mars

>From: Joachim Koch <koch.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 14:10:15 +0200
>Subject: Large Black Holes On Mars

>beside other investigations, RV sessions were performed in
>Russia and it was found out that "a watchdog-mechanism on Mars's
>surface" was released by the approaching Phobos probes which
>caused the probes to fail. They were not destroyed. The
>"mechanism" was said to be very old and not capable to
>distinguish between scientific or military missions. While the
>second probe was caused to fail, "a larger space ship was
>hovering above the Phobos probe" just outside the view of the

G'day to All,

So, a 'remote viewing' session which traversed not only
somewhere between 78 and 378 million kilometers, but also time
itself (the session was presumably undertaken some time after
the event) revealed that a 'very old' 'mechanism' on Mars shut
down the two Russian Phobos probes. Now, photos of a pit on Mars
are suggested as possible evidence for this 'mechanism'.

>Scientists at JPL and the Planetary Society explain (away?) these
>holes as "volcanic pit craters".

Such pit craters are a well known feature of volcanoes on earth:

"They are common along rift zones of shield volcanoes; for
example, Mauna Loa and Kilauea volcanoes in Hawaii."


In this case we are talking about a pit on one of a chain of
three volcanoes on Mars, so this does seem a somewhat reasonable
explanation. It also seems, however, a rather dubious site for
the placement of a long-term defense 'mechanism'

>It [the failure of Phobos 1 and 2. J.M.] was of such an interest
>even for the U.S. that Gen. ret. Stubblebine together with Mrs.
>Dr. Rima Laibow (!) travelled to the former USSR to investigate
>further details. Privately, of course.

It what sense do the actions of retired General Stubblebine, now
a major proponent of the veracity of 'Remote Viewing'
techniques, and his wife, psychiatrist Dr. Laibow, a 'paranormal
investigator' who specializes in ghosts, in any way represent
the 'interest' of the US?  Surely it was of interest only to
this couple of 'paranormal investigators' and thus indeed they
traveled "privately of course".

Absolute piffle such as this is liable to be the bane of not
only Ufology but all anomalous investigative efforts. Such
'reports' are all too often simply ignored by more rational
investigators, but surely this is a dangerous habit. This sort
of material has come to utterly obscure the efforts of serious
researchers, and it seems to me that two possible courses of
action could perhaps be taken.

Either serious researchers should howl such methodological
monsters to derision each and every time they appear (attacking
the data and arguments, not the people behind them), or we
should establish a network of forums, including E-Mail Lists,
internet discussion groups and publications, in which a peer
review process or similar is utilized to ensure such useless but
dangerous distractions do not appear within them, and that those
who are in the habit of producing them are entirely excluded, at
least until they grow up and get serious.

In all cases it is important to note that it is not the
conclusions that are to be scrutinized, but rather the
methodology, rational argumentation and veracity of data (or
lack of all of these) used to support them, with which we should
be concerned.

>On their way back home they stopped in Germany to give a glimpse
>of what they had found out. The conference where I saw them was
>an invitation only meeting of MUFON-CES.

MUFON states that it is dedicated to the 'scientific'
investigation of the UFO phenomenon. I am not here disputing
this, nor criticizing MUFON, of which I am a member. However,
_if_ this meeting did take place, and _if_ the statements made
were as reported here, I wonder if the person responsible should
not be reprimanded for allowing such utterly useless, entirely
deleterious claims to be made in a MUFON supported forum.

Draconian perhaps, but it is now clearly vital that steps be
taken to end this obliteration of genuine research beneath the
avalanche of erroneous, fraudulent, inept and outright stupid
claims that are now proliferating across the Internet.

James T. Molesworth

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