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Re: Bob Shell Was A 'Marked' Man?

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 09:53:58 -0500
Archived: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 16:31:27 -0400
Subject: Re: Bob Shell Was A 'Marked' Man?

>From: Gerald O'Connell <gac.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 22:55:39 +0100
>Subject: Re: Bob Shell Was A 'Marked' Man?

>>From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 10:43:37 -0500
>>Subject: Re: Bob Shell Was A 'Marked' Man?

>>>From: Gerald O'Connell <gac.nul>
>>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>>Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 22:31:22 +0100
>>>Subject: Re: Bob Shell Was A 'Marked' Man?


>>>Are you implying that all men in blue are on the take,
>>>compounding the problem, part of the criminal structure? No?

>>Yes, frankly! Certainly off in that direction! It's just that

>And there we have it. In a nutshell.

And what is that exactly?

A clear assertion that I refuse the increasingly authoritarian
strictures and the infidelities of a corrupt society and a
culture decidedly not the friend of the individual? That I am
not overawed with a malicious status quo and the non-efficacious
behavior or the double standard of its enforcement arm? That I
am critical of a law enforcement becoming more and more
unaccountable with every passing day as it hides behind the
reflex indulgences of capering facilitators like yourself along
with the celebrations of a non-critical media? That I don't
believe what I see on TV or the media or in any way respect an
agency or institution which has shows and programs and
documentaries devoted to its 'necessity' and 'positive effect'
which is failing still? That I don't believe and that it is you
who is the credulous believer? What exactly?

>No need for any more of your bombastic invective.

...Or yours. That said: I'm just gettin' warmed up.

>simplistic cards are on the table.

Pal - seems it's _you_ sans even a _pair_.

>One day you might realise
>that cops are just like the rest of us: some good, some bad,
>some indifferent, and sometimes all three on the same day.

BS - The 'good' cops are not cleaning up after the bad cops,
just as the good Preachers are not cleaning up after 'bad'
Preachers... good Doctors after bad doctors... good lawyers
after bad lawyers... etc, or maybe you'd like to defend some of
these to me. too.

You seem to want to overlook the behavior of individuals in
power who abuse that power not in the interests of the persons
they are supposed to serve and so you shall not have heard the
last from me. I reject and resent your inability to realize that
power comes with responsibility and that these responsibilities
are not being met enough to halt our slide into totalitarianism,
encourage an erstwhile justice, or keep us safer in our homes.
Failure by any other name and smelling as sweet.

You should own up, instead you defend a status quo as contrived
as it is contemptible.

>then, I see scant purpose in debating the issue with somebody
>who accuses me of being a redneck,

I'm not entirely sure about that... Is there a broken washing
machine on your porch, auto carcasses in the front yard, and do
you go to family reunions to meet women?

>marching to the drumbeat of
>shadowy handlers while mired in moral judgmentalism - and then
>has the temerity to suggest that one should not pass judgment
>until in possession of all the facts!

Again Mr. O'Connell, I've small apologies to make thinking
"duck" given an obvious waddle and an obsequious quack.
Moreover, your irritated responses to my assertions are all the
confirmation I really need. Again too, you judged... so be

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