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SDI #448 Twenty Questions

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 16:31:11 -0500
Archived: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 09:16:43 -0400
Subject: SDI #448 Twenty Questions

SDI #448 Twenty Questions:

20 Questions addressed with alacrity and intelligence by Dave
Furlotte, SMiles Lewis and Jerry Clark as Errol Bruce-Knapp
wields the spice weasel to kick it up a notch:

1. Is an _empty_ balloon an interesting substitute for a true
UFO, the contents of which can eclipse the imagination and
likely expand same?

2. If thousands of bona fide weather balloons are released in
the United States every day, why aren't more of these seen or
reported as UFOs, themselves? Are balloons identified as
balloons more often than not?

3. That balloons are touted as UFOs, at all, is that merely an
insult to the intelligence of persons curious about such?

4. Is there _any_ way that a rational, intelligent, and
experienced professional person, a person at the head of an Air-
Group of military intelligence officiating over the storage and
_use_ of the World's only atomic bomb, mind you... is it
possible for this person to juggle some balloon fragments,
tinfoil, and balsawood, consider the stuff over a period of 24
or 36 hours, and then blithely report to his boss that this
prosaic dross was a UFO?

5. Is Jack Trowbridge not telling the truth?

6. Where do crashed saucers, pickled aliens, and government
cover-ups conclude in a system of belief or in the strident
provocation of same?

7. Is SMiles Lewis more objective than Carl Sagan? Has he
precluded the potentiality of stumbling on his obviously open

8. What is the darker half of ufology and how does it manifest

9. Is there a rationality and a science to hypnosis? Remote
Viewing? Psychic Activity? God glands, substances, and

10. Is it true that you are more likely than not to be an artist
or have an artistic bent if you have a serious interest in UFOs?

11. When will Ed Dames strangle Sean David Morton with his own

12. What is real, how real is real, and how does one investigate
that new reality?

13. Is SMiles Lewis the future of intelligent but affable and
approachable ufology?

14. Are we all merely a product of universal-mind manifesting
itself as ghosts, goblins, aliens, and water pixies, and can we
tune into that, somehow, manipulate it, and make time and
distance irrelevant so as to travel in same?

15. Is Savage Dodson also not telling the truth?

16. Is it true that Jerry Clark is the last stop for gas before
one heads out into the strange environs of a ufological fringe?
Does Richard Hall own the Rest Stop and General Store across the

17. Is Edward J. ("...lurid duels of death") Ruppelt seminal for
_another_ foundational ufologist in the person of Jerry Clark?

18. Was Allen Hynek a hoot with enormous charisma?

19. Is a witness valuable in the evidentiary chain making a case
for UFOs?

20. Did Hynek have feet of clay, forgetting that his memory will
loom large? Is James E. McDonald needlessly and inappropriately
marginalized for not having that particular brand of "lehmfusse"
or clay-foot? Why is Jerry Clark conflicted with regard to
Jacques Vallee?

...and 34 minutes remain of edge of the seat ufological
lucidity... only pointing steadily to the... heavy-weight
weightlessness of a knee buckling "lack of vocabulary" we strain
against -- brand new experience... entry into the cosmic

Clark opens the door and does not invite you to go through, you
do that on your _own_ recognizance, eh? But he knows where the
door is.

For my part I skip through blithely hoping he lets me come back
when I want to... and he has, reader. He has.

It's all good and getting better... just, strap in or the first
bit of turbulence we hit you're out of your seat and on the
floor... buckle up for your own safety... Ufological
sensibilities empowered are the listener's own! Subscribe!


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