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The Law Says Ghosts Are Real But UFOs Aren't

From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 12:19:30 EDT
Archived: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 14:31:35 -0400
Subject: The Law Says Ghosts Are Real But UFOs Aren't


I could go on about ghosts.

I too for a long time was vehement about there not being any
real ghosts and that people saying they saw ghosts were daft.

I even lived in a registered haunted house and saw the danged
things and still wouldn't buy it.

When the gangsters in the neighborhood avoided the house because
it was haunted I still wouldn't believe it. The mobsters were
more superstitious than anyone. I could go on for days.

I even did the illustration, a full page illustration for my
newspaper that listed all the top registered haunted houses in
NY State and I still wouldn't buy it. Even when the lawyers came
into the newsroom to assure us of the laws stating that if one
has a haunted house one is to notify new buyers and repair

What? How can you pass laws on something that has never been

Or has it?

The link above is to a brilliant lady's site featuring
documentation and links to data regarding the law in effect
specific to hauntings.

So we don't have physical proof of ghosts but we can pass laws
in regard to them?

Years later when I worked for Parascope Magazine on AOL we had
people who were professional ghost hunters. Some would get beat
up pretty bad at these hauntings. Then I was told by the
military that hauntings of bases, ships, battlefields were
handled by subcontracting to ghost hunters and priests and

I'm like, "What? Taxpayer money and paperwork because of ghosts?
Has the world gone mad?"

Yet sure as the Sun shines, there are laws confirming the effect
of the ghost phenomenon to the point that not conforming to
those laws one faces fines, civil and criminal and even

I had to think about UFOs and the so-called aliens. We've never
had ghosts show up on radar that I know of but we've had UFOs do
so yet you don't see any laws regarding UFOs and aliens being
enacted such as if you see an alien you have to report it. No
laws about reporting abductions either.

So why do ghosts get legislative action and UFOs don't?

What do ghosts have that the other paranormal phenomena don't?

Lots of eyewitnesses is what. The majority of people on Earth
believe in ghosts. In Thailand if you wanna start a riot, scream
"Ghost!" in Thai, in a theatre or bar and watch the shoe leather
express head out to all points. In Africa, you can start a
stampede. Central and S. America too. Yugoslavia, Russia,
Romania, Spain, Italy, you could end up with a fat lip or worse
if you kid around talking about ghosts.

If you're a Christian or Muslim you have to believe in ghosts.
If you're a Buddhist or a Scientologist you know you are one.

Every other religion has their own additions too so for now
that's more than 3 or 4 billion people right there.

Heck, you wanna see some Olympic records broken just get to
talkin' about ghosts around my kinfolk in Tennessee or Kentucky.

So again there's the puzzlement. Why are ghosts considered real
enough to warrant laws, but UFOs and aliens not?

Two vids showing ghost pics and videos:



Now I have an even worse problem, do aliens have ghosts? If an
alien dies on Earth do we get haunted by their spirits?

If I see something that looks like Casper showing up with big
almond eyes I'm headin' for the hills!




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