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Re: The Dudley's Merry Hill UFO Video

From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 21:36:09 EST
Archived: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 07:05:09 -0500
Subject: Re: The Dudley's Merry Hill UFO Video

>From: Don Ledger <dledger.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <post.nul>
>Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2009 14:53:08 -0400
>Subject: Re: The Dudley's Merry Hill UFO Video

>>From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
>>To: post.nul
>>Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 11:34:04 EST
>>Subject: Re: The Dudley's Merry Hill UFO Video


>>I have no idea where you come up with these off the rail

>Read your last email to me.

>>The aircraft are real. I've been told to my face two different
>>stories of their origins. One is that they're ours but top
>>secret, another is that they are not ours which means they're
>>somebody else's.

>Our's huh?. So they decided to fly them over Westchester, New York
>to keep them "really" secret.

>>That means they're from another country or some other source if
>>we're to believe the sources. I went to the history books to
>>study up on the flying wing technologies of the past 100 years.

>Flying wing has nothing to do with it.

>>I drove the JPL and NASA guys crazy with UFO inquiries as well
>>as the aviation experts from dozens of countries. Since you're
>>hatted in the history of aviation here are two links that have
>>data that you can easily recognize and do some digging yourself
>>regarding the flying wing tech.

>I'm sure I know more about that tech than you do.

>Had a Horten STOL kit on my Cessna 172. That was their lasting
>legacy to aviation plus whatever STOL technology the US used
>later on in the B-2, but I doubt they used very little. It took
>composite technology and honeycomb engineering [unheard of by
>Horten to really make the wing stealthy-but of course only at
>night. C

>You can't show off that way though so lets put all of those
>lights on it [pick your own favorite, top secret aircraft] fly
>it way below stall speeds over the Hudson Valley - in fact lets
>shut the engines down altogether - about 6 years before formal
>announcement re the B-2 in Palmdale, California on Nov.22, 1988
>and five years before it actually flew in '87.

>Present at the rollout were:

>Thomas V. Jones Chairman and CEO at Northrup

>USAF Secretary Edward C. Aldridge

>USAF Chief of Staff General Lawrence Welch

>Director of the B-2 Program Office(USAF) Brig. General Richard

>And one pilot from AW&ST who flew over the ceremony and shot
>pictures from above despite the company trying to conceal the
>B-2's planform.

>The USAF let its contract for the B-2 in 1981 to begin research
>and developement and for eventual deployment in 1995. The plant
>to build the 'fleet' was begun in 1986 with the proto type
>rolling off the line at the original Northrup plant in 1987.
>Pretty neat trick flying these top secret aircraft over the
>Hudson Valley some 5 years before one was actually built. You
>should really read up on this stuff, Greg, get your head out of
>the NAZI nonsense your group friends are feeding you.

>Don Ledger

Okay you've only presented info we already know. Why don't you
present us with what you've found out or theorized as to whom
the ownership of these craft is?

They've been reported by most major and smaller countries going
on for decades and no one has claimed ownership.

You've admitted they've been detected over your country as well.

So since you're the expert in this field and no one else can be
except you, what's your theory and explanation?

Since you've stated that no craft can perform as these have been
reported to do such as hover and accelerate at supersonic
speeds, then who does have the technology to do so?



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