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Victims Of Bill Knell - Latest

From: Frank Warren <frank-warren.nul>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 11:10:50 -0800
Archived: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 08:20:00 -0400
Subject: Victims Of Bill Knell - Latest

Dear Listers,

[My apologies for such a lengthy post, however, I deem it
necessary - please read]

I am pleased to announce that with the efforts of 'The Few', the
rights of the many have been successfully defended at least IN
PART, but the work is far from over! Bill Knell's web-site
www.the ufoguy.org has been suspended by its host Bravenet.

It's important to point out, that this is the _third_ site that
has been shut down in under two years; Knell sees this as "the
cost of doing business!" He has been doing this for decades, and
simply having his site closed does not stifle him overall. He
does have other 'scam-sites', not related to Ufology, and his
Amazon site is still up.

In short, as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, Knell will
continue his nefarious ways, that is until he is arrested and
punished to the fullest extent of the law. Henceforth, this is
why any potential victims "follow through with their respective

The names of the potential victims, as listed below were culled
in haste, and taken from DVDs that Knell had offered for sale on
his web-site; separately, through the efforts of myself and
complainant Scott Ramsey et al, we've confirmed over 30 victims!
These people were contacted directly and in most cases, verified
that Knell was not authorized in any form or fashion to sell
their copyrighted work!

Because many of the examples of copyright infringement were
lectures from various symposia, "authorized" distributors were
contacted, as well as symposium promoters who often times retain
the right to market the various lectures of their speakers etc.;
it was no surprise to find out that these folks were not only
cognizant of Knell's criminal activities, but that they had
taken actions against him in various degrees in the past. They,
as well as the original copyright owners "never" authorized
Knell to sell and or reproduce the respective works.

Out of every suspected victim contacted, ALL were being ripped
off!! There was no "hit and miss"--it was 100%! In that vein, I
believe that out of the names listed below, the majority (if not
all) where copyright is still in force are having their legal
rights violated. (Remember too, that there are many more names
not listed).

Most potential victims are not aware of the crimes against them;
the purpose of the original notice was/is to inform folks that
their rights were being violated and they can help put an end to
it; that they are not alone and collectively they can put Knell
out of business once and for all.

Although the thesis of my missives have been focused on the
copyright holders, it's essential to underscore the
_other_victims_ who far out number the authors of said works,
i.e., the buyers of bogus, poorly pirated, illegal DVDs! Given
the longevity of Knell's criminal enterprises, as well as the
large number of pirated works, IMHO it's safe to say that they
number is in the thousands (if not more).

One retail victim who came to light, had purchased over 100 of
Knell's counterfeit DVDs; disgruntled about the poor quality he
attempted to get a refund and or replacements from Knell,
assuming Knell was not only an authorized distributor but the
famed Ufologist he makes himself out to be on his various web-
sites. When that failed, he contacted the copyright holder, who
of course was infuriated to find out that her work was being
ripped off and counterfeited.

I highlight this point, because the consumer feels that he or
she has being equally slighted by the author/copyright holder,
since Knell leads the victims to believe he is an "authorized
distributor" of said goods; in fact he (Knell) had  that exact
statement posted on his web-site! Accordingly, not only are
copyright holders being ripped off financially, their
reputations suffer, because "the unknowing consumer" thinks that
they (the author, writer, speaker, film producer et al) are in
business with Knell.

A few copyright holders/victims who have been made aware of the
crimes against them and or their fans, have oddly chosen to
remain dormant; for whatever reason they prefer not to take the
15 minutes to file a complaint against this criminal, thus
enabling Knell to continue to rip them (and others) off as well
as sully their respective reputations. Quite frankly, that's how
Knell has been able to persist for decades - victims choosing
not to protect themselves and their rights.

Again, I implore any potential victim to file a complaint with
the IC3; all the pertinent information is in the previous posts
under this thread. You can also contact me off list for any

The following are sample complaints to either the IC3, Bravenet
and or Knell (although contacting Knell is fruitless and not
recommended), by complainants Dennis Balthaser and Scott Ramsey:


William & Catherine & Jamie Knell,

I have recently discovered that you are "illegally selling" one
of my lecture DVD's on your site, www.ufoguy.org/dvds.html

"Dennis Balthazar" (spelling of my name is wrong),
Title of DVD: "The Roswell Incident: Then and Now"

Additionally you are advertising my lecture and other researchers
presentations under a false title of:

"Aliens Among Us: Stunning Secrets About UFOs and

I have all of my lectures copyrighted with the Library of
Congress in Washington,DC,  and you have never requested or
purchased any of my DVDs for personal use, or as is the case
here, to sell on your site. In simple terms that is piracy and a
serious violation of copyright infringement violations, (a
federal felony offense), which I will not stand idly by for.

You have been doing this with some 80 other researchers and
presenters, and with this email I am informing you that legal
action will be undertaken by myself and others to put an
immediate end to your piracy tactics. I do not want some lame
excuse for you having my DVD for sale on your site, instead want
immediate compensationn from you, along with a written statement
that you have illegally put my DVD for sale on your site, and
will discontinue such operations. In the past you have been
known to apologize to the presenter, and later put the DVD back
on your site for sale again. That will not be tolerated by me.

I will be filing a written complaint with IC3 (Internet Crime
Complaint Center), an FBI-NW3C Partnership. A copy of this email
is also copied to Bravenet Web Services, your website host.

Dennis Balthaser


Dear Graham White, [Bravenet]

Several months ago, I contacted you as well as others that are
being victimized by a Bill Knell ( www.ufoguy.org ) who is
pirating our DVD's on his web site. Your company, Bravenet is
hosting his web site. I contacted your "legal team" as advised
by you, and now 6 months later we have heard nothing back. Mr.
Bill Knell is continuing his illegal activities using your
company as the "host".

We have since filed a complaint with the F.B.I. (IC-3
Division)in both North Carolina as well as Indianapolis,
Indiana. We have also filed a criminal compliant with Rowan
County Sheriff Department here in North Carolina. We have also
filed a criminal complaint with Detective Maurice Hobson with
the Lebanon Police Department in Lebanon, Indiana where Mr. Bill
Knell lives and carries out his LONG criminal activities.

We, Aztec 1948 Inc., a Alabama Corporation intend to press
charges on Mr. Knell and we will hold Bravenet responsible as
well, for collecting damages to our company. Bravenet was
notified of this criminal activity by several people that are
being victimized by Mr. Knell, who has a long history of
stealing peoples work and claiming he is Producer and Director
of said DVD's, and again, as stated, you have done nothing.

In the past several months, we have captured his web site and
recorded all the pirated DVD's that he is selling. He is
stealing from over 30 people as this is written. (all are being
contacted to file criminal complaints with Detective Hobson as
well as the F.B.I. office in Indianapolis, Indiana). We have
given out your contact information as well.

This case is now in the hands of Detective Maurice Hobson,
Lebanon Police Department, as well as Jxxx Xxxxxx, Special Agent
in Charge IC-3 Division with the Indianapolis F.B.I. Office.

This email is to inform you, Graham White, and Bravenet that we
will be contacting our legal team in Canada to pursue legal
action against you.

If you wish to contact me, my number is XXX-XXX-XXXX

Scott D. Ramsey
Aztec 1948 Inc.


Potential Victims of Bill Knell

 1. Al Bielek
 2. Angelia Joiner
 3. Bill Cooper (Estate of)
 4. Bill English
 5. Bill Moore
 6. Bill Stanley
 7. Bob Lazar
 8. Brad & Sherry Steiger
 9. Bruce Maccabee
10. Budd Hopkins
11. Cathy Ross
12. Chuck Zukowski
13. Clifford Stone
14. Daniel Sheehan
15. David Hatcher Childress
16. David Jacobs
17. Debbie Ziegelmeyer
18. Dennis Balthaser
19. Dick Criswell
20. Don Ledger
21. Donald Keyhoe (Estate of)
22. Donald Schmitt
23. Dr Paul LaViolette
24. Dr Steven Greer
25. Dr. Edgar Mitchell
26. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
27. Ed and Lorraine Warren
28. Edgar Cayce Foundation
29. Edward R. Murrow(Estate of)
30. Erich Von Daniken
31. Frank Edwards (Estate of)
32. George Fawcett
33. George Knapp
34. Gildas Bourdais
35. Grant Cameron
36. Greg Bishop
37. Guy Malone
38. Ivan Sanderson (Estate of)
39. J. Allen Hynek (Estate of)
40. James Fox
41. Jim Marrs
42. Joe Montaldo
43. John Greenewald
44. John Lear
45. John Nebel (Estate of)
46. Ken Johnson
47. Larry Warren
48. Lawrence Fawcett
49. Linda Moulton Howe
50. Lloyd Pie
51. Matthew Thuney
52. Michael Nelson
53. Michael S. Heiser
54. Nick Pope
55. Nick Redfern
56. Oscar Jordan
57. Patrick Heron
58. Paul Bennewitz (Estate of)
59. Peter Robbins
60. Philip Corso
61. Philip Imbrogno
62. Richard Haines
63. Richard Hall (Estate of)
64. Richard Hoagland
65. Richard M. Dolan
66. Rob Simone
67. Robert Emenegger
68. Robert Galganski
69. Robert Salas
70. Robert Wood
71. Ryan Wood
72. Scott Ramsey
73. Stan Friedman
74. Stephen Bassett
75. Susan Swiatek
76. Ted Phillips
77. Timothy Good
78. Travis Walton
79. Whitley Strieber
80. William Henry
81. Zecharia Sitchin

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These contents above are copyright of the author and
UFO UpDates - Toronto. They may not be reproduced
without the express permission of both parties and
are intended for educational use only.

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