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More News On Brazilian AF Decision

From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 11:34:57 -0300
Archived: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 10:57:20 -0400
Subject: More News On Brazilian AF Decision

Dear Listers,

This has just been published in O Dia, a major newspaper in
Brazil and translated by Brazilian UFO Magazine's consultant
Thiago Ticchetti.

I comment below...


New Directive Surprised Air Traffic Controllers, Says

In an official note addressed to the O Dia, a Rio de Janeiro
newspaper, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) claimed that it will
not look for UFOs in the skies of Brazil. "It is important to
emphasize that the Air Command doesn't have a specialized
structure to conduct scientific investigations about these
aerial phenomena, and is focused only in the registration of the
occurrences and handling them to the National Archives",
informed the note sent by the Social Communication Center of
FAB, addiing that the objective is "to offer to the society
access to the documentation registered by the FAB".

Such documentation must not be neglected and not even despised.
The Brazilian Airspace Control System involved 12.800 people
with their eyes in the skies of Brazil. Added to that there are
pilots of commercial and military flights, the tests, personnel
commissioned in launches of probes and rockets, and even
military personnel engaged in training of anti-aircraft fire.
The new directive surprised this contingent for giving
transparency to the process of registration of UFOs and the
compromise to make them available to the public and society.

A previous document restricted to the FAB already had the
guidance for military personnel on how to register cases of
sightings of unidentified flying objects, but didn't mention
anything about sending reports to the National Archives," said a
military stationed at air traffic control service. "Internally,
there are reports of sightings from ministers and even from a
president who saw a UFO," adds a civilian air traffic controller
who works in Rio de Janeiro. "This new directive comes with a
delay of six decades. Since the 50s, U. S. government's Project
Blue Book had the same purpose: to record cases of flying
saucers," says a top official of the FAB. "But here, as there,
the mere fact of gathering records will not represent a proof of
extraterrestrial existence," he adds.


My comments

1. The inexistence of a proper structure in Brazilian Air Force
(FAB) to investigate UFOs has alfready been subject of
discussions here at this List. It is not new, but the idea that
FAB does not investigate UFOs isn't right at all. Of course
isn't real. Nobody can be that naive and we discussed that as

2. The existence of serious UFO reports from ministers and even
the president (that "must not be neglected and not even
despised) have been informed here as well, as some of these
cases have been detailledly presented to the readers of the
Brazilian UFO Magazines. For the record: I have another
interview already scheduled with a former top authority of the
Brazilian Federal Adminstration, whose identity cannot be
disclosed yet, who promised me to confirm what I have already
knowledge of: there is a special databank with UFO cases coming
only from civilian and military authorities, governors,
senators, congressmen, secretaries, ministers etc. I am eager to
put my hands of that info.

3. The previous document that the military refers to, that has
guidance on how to register cases of sightings of unidentified
flying objects, is called "Proceedings to be Adepted by ATS/ATC
Organs in Cases os Sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects",
issued by The Operational Division of the Rio de Janeiro's
Regional Flight Protection Service of the Ministry of
Aeronautics, dated August 20 and started effective September 09,
1990. The document substitutes a previous one named "Specif
Guidance 04/89" and instructs how pilots and air traffic
controller personal should report and register UFOs in Brazil.
It was adopted with the assistance of another document,
"Regulation for Safeguard of Secret Matters", RMA 205-1, issued
by the Ministry of Aeronautics in January of 1977.

I offer you the documents here (unfortunatelly in Portuguese):

Specific Guidance 04/89


Proceedings To Be Adopted By ATS/ATC Organs In Cases Of
Sightings Of Unidentified Flying Objects


Regulation For Safety Of Secret Matters


Perhaps Kentaro Mori could give his first contribution to the
Brazilian disclosure process by translating such documents into
English, for all the international UFO community. Just an

Have a great weekend.

A. J.


A. J. Gevaerd
Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine
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