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P-47 - Lake Robozero Russia 1663

From: Carl Feindt <waterufo.nul>
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 04:20:57 -0800
Archived: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 13:21:21 -0500
Subject: P-47 - Lake Robozero Russia 1663

Hello List folk,

Robozero Location

Steps used in seeking Lake Robozero

I have had this case pending for many years due to the inability
to find Robozero. The breakthrough came in the book Wonders In
The Sky in which the translation received from Thomas Bullard
gave me the anchor to find the area. The populated place's name
is Antusheva, and through the website:


a search for that name came up with only one place in all of
Russia with that name. The first-order administrative division
of that town is Vologodskaya Oblast, to which all other
location names were compared.

In this area there are two major lakes. The first is Lake Beloye
(Vologda area) [60-15-00 N, 037-40-00 E (D-M-S)] and is known as
the White Lake. The other lake's name is unknown, but it is
located close to the city of Vologda and is in the same
administrative area. However, Lake Zarobozero is just south of
Lake Beloye, and can be found at:


As was said in note #2 below, "It's a very small lake."

#1 Our incapacitated friend and researcher, Larry Hatch, hit the
nail on the head in an e-mail dated June 24, 2001:

I MIGHT have a match for Robozero. Moscow is at 37:55E - 55:45N
or thereabouts. Vologda, a large city, is NNE of Moscow at
39:54E - 59:13N.

Using asterisks as wild-cards, I found several odd dogs and cats
that can't be right, but also one that might be:

Zarobozero, Ozero (or Lake Zarobo Lake .. yes that sounds
redundant.) Best yet, it's in that same general vicinity, given
the immensity of Russia: 59:50N, 37:25E. This would place Lake
Zarobozero Lake ( not the town) about 4 degrees, perhaps 270
miles North of Moscow. Given the round numbers, its probably an
approximation good to around 5 minutes or miles of Longitude
and/or Latitude.

Reference: E-mail from Chris Aubeck to P-47, from Dr. Vladimir
Rubtsov dated June 29, 2001 @ 6:15 p.m.

#2 E-mail from Chris Aubeck to P-47 dated June 29, 2001,
forwarded a response from Dr. Rubtsov (in Russia) dated June 24,

It's a very small lake, located some 140 kilometers [87 miles]
WNW (west-northwest) from the city of Vologda. I do not have at
hand at present any good map of this region, but some years ago
I traced the lake without any problems.

The total case with latitudes and longitudes can be read at:


I am not responsible for the translation or interpretation of
the Old Russian text.



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