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The Real X Files Are In Uruguay

From: A. J. Gevaerd <aj.nul>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 15:37:58 -0200
Archived: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 09:54:50 -0500
Subject: The Real X Files Are In Uruguay

Dear Listers:

I just arrived home from Uruguay where I gave a lecture about
the progress of the Brazilian UFO disclosure and I interviewed
the colonel Ariel Sanchez, navigator and flight controller of
the Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) who is also the commander of the
Commission for Reception and Inquiry of Unidentified Flying
Objects Reports (CRIDOVNI), one of the few OFFICIAL UFO groups
on planet Earth whose existence is known openly, along with
Chilean CEFAA and Peruvian OIFAA.

There is no secret at all about it in Uruguay and the population
knows about it and how the office works, which is official
because it was created by a government decision in 1979.

In the country of about 3 million inhabitants, CRIDOVNI does a
kind of Ufology that is unique and does not exist anywhere else
in the world. It is a OFFICIAL UFOLOGY. Members of CRIDOVNI are
in fact professionals ufologists, with their salaries been paid
by the FAU. They serve the air force in regular activities and
use part of their time to do official UFO researches, standing
by for calls and field investigations.

CRIDOVNI has two offices, one in downtown Montevideo and other
inside the headquarters of FAU at Borto Lanza Airfield, and it
counts with the assistance of laboratories, universities and
several institutes spread around the country to help in their
researches. All these institutes feel proud to collaborate with

I spent Sunday, November 14th, with Daniel Silvera, Secretary of
the organization, who told me the details of the foundation and
CRIDOVNI's operations. It was an extremely interesting
conversation. Silvera said that, like others, he can receive
calls anytime from anywhere in the country from someone
reporting a UFO. Then, they follow a routine that is part of
their lives for years: the coordination of CRIDOVNI meets
immediately to decide who will follow the call, and there goes
the team convened to the field, normally dressed as air force
military, in official cars and with cameras equipment etc. Very

They arrived on site, talk to witnesses, raise all available
data, collect samples and evidences (if any), and return to the
capital to begin the investigation, following a rigorous
methodological standard.

CRIDOVNI personnel is meticulous and detailled people, and all
have technical skills. Some are engineers, other chemists, some
professors, a few flight controllers, some psychologists etc.
They apply to the exhaust the scientific research method, which
has also been exported to other countries, like Peru, where
theAnomalous Aerial Phenomena Investigation Office (OIFAA)
applies them. (By the way, I am also interviewing the commander
of the OIFAA, colonel Julio Chamorro, with sensational

I want to say that guys like Daniel and Ariel, there in Uruguay,
among many other members of CRIDOVNI, always on stand by to any
event involving UFOs, are the real Fox Mulder and Danna Scully,
and the UFO cases that they investigate are the legitimate X-

It's been a great thrill to know how CRIDOVNI's structure works.
And to wonder that Brazil did it at the same level in 1969 with
the System f orInvestigation of Unidentified Aerial Objects
(SIOANI) in S=C3=A3o Paulo! Yes! The SIOANI was like the CRIDOVNI,
but came before - 10 years before - and was much bigger,
evidently due to the size of our continental country.

See photos here:


Look for photo gallery.


A. J. Gevaerd
Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine

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