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BBC On A-12 OXCART & CIA Study

From: Giuliano Marinkovic <giuliano.marinkovic.nul>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 21:52:28 +0200
Archived: Tue, 05 Oct 2010 10:04:06 -0400
Subject: BBC On A-12 OXCART & CIA Study

BBC's broadcast yesterday - a new piece on UFOs:

Audio: UFOs in Nevada - BBC, A-12 OXCART & CIA Study

BBC World Service
Program: Newshour
Title: UFOs In Nevada - .mp3


UFOs in Nevada - BBC, A-12 OXCART and CIA study

As far as I am aware, last mainstream story on Area 51 goes back
to April 2009, when LA Times published article The Road To Area
51, where ex-workers and engineers from Groom Lake, Colonel Hugh
Slater, Edward Lovick, Kenneth Collins and Thornton Barnes,
declared that high number of UFO sightings during cold war could
be explained as test flights of top-secret Lockheed spy
reconnaissance plane code-named OXCART. The OXCART was in
operation from 1963 until 1968. In LA Times article, Annie
Jacobsen writes that "commercial pilots cruising over Nevada at
dusk would look up and see the bottom of OXCART whiz by at
2,000-plus mph. The aircraft's titanium body, moving as fast as
a bullet, would reflect the sun's rays in a way that could make
anyone think, UFO. In all, 2,850 OXCART test flights were flown
out of Area 51 (while Colonel Slater was in charge)".

"That's a lot of UFO sightings!", Colonel Slater adds.

Those, so called revelations, which were in 2009 presented as
breaking story, are nothing new. In fact that was a rehash of
CIA's study, written by government historian Gerald K. Haines.
It was published back in 1997 inside Studies in Intelligence, a
classified journal for the intelligence community. The article
in question was titled, "CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-
90". In one section of the study, there is a same story that
will be published again 12 years later in LA Times article.

Haines claims, inside segment titled "CIA's U-2 and OXCART as
UFOs," that many UFO sightings from the late 1950s and 1960s
were caused by secret American spy planes. Of course,
implications would be that most unknowns during Blue Book could
be now explained by OXCART flights. So, in that way, it's a
final solution of a UFO Phenomenon - it is "completely stripped
from aura of mystery" (to borrow that famous quote from 1953).

On October 3rd, 2010, BBC broadcasted piece called "UFOs in Nevada", inside
daily show "Newshour". As the name of the show says, it is devoted to
summary of daily news world wide. Piece "UFOs in Nevada" talks about Area 51
"folklore". Keeping that in mind, I was not so interested about another
popular speculation about  Area 51, but I was curios to see how the anchor
will justify the reason for broadcasting this story inside the show that
deals with mainstream world news. As I mentioned above, last, so called
"breaking story" on Area 51", was covered in media back in April 2009.
There is nothing new or important that appeared in media after that. BBC
even sent reporter Kevin Connelly to Nevada to report for this "newsworthy"
piece. So, what are the legs for this story?

During announcement of the piece, Host Julian Marshall said that
"(UFO) sightings are almost always happening near Air Bases".
Could this be BBC's soft introduction to Robert Hastings
conference on UFOs and Nukes? Great, I am so interested to hear
their take on it. Naah! Reporter Kevin Connelly quickly destroys
my hopes with Twilight Zone Tune. Soon, Connelly talks with Bill
Ramsey, philosopher from University of Nevada, who is
researching pseudo-scientific believes. Connelly adds that
Ramsey would be regarded as a nut in town Rachell because he
doesn't think that "aliens invented the toaster". So the stage
is set.

In the second act, Connelly talks with Colonel Hugh Slater, ex
commander of the base - yes the same Colonel Slater from the LA
Times article published in April 2009. You guessed it right -
BBC piece enriched us with the second rehash of the CIA's
article. A-12 OXCART plane (bless him) is again star of the
story - the plane that explains the unknowns.

Third act ends with the story of Priscilla Travis-Laudenklos
that runs motel in Rachell. Priscilla states that she has a note
"I'm not of your world", written on piece of paper. BBC ends the
piece with the Star Trek tune.

Yes, my hopes were too high after all. So far there is not a
single piece about UFO & Nukes conference broadcasted on BBC.
But instead OXCART landed again in my lap as an explanation of
unknowns. In fact, this piece doesn't have any connection with
newsworthy developments inside the field (piece with different
approach, for example, could include Leslie Kean's book or
Robert Hastings conference - that would be by definition a
newsworthy service - it would present events that are happening
NOW and that are NEWS). But merging whole field with the silly
aspects is visible again.

Happy listening - in case you have a good nerves.

Giuliano Marinkovic

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