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Re: BBC On A-12 OXCART & CIA Study

From: Gerald O'Connell <goc.nul>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 22:58:44 +0100
Archived: Thu, 07 Oct 2010 07:39:10 -0400
Subject: Re: BBC On A-12 OXCART & CIA Study

>From: Giuliano Marinkovic <giuliano.marinkovic.nul>
>To: <post.nul>
>Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 21:52:28 +0200
>Subject: BBC On A-12 OXCART & CIA Study

>BBC's broadcast yesterday - a new piece on UFOs:

>Audio: UFOs in Nevada - BBC, A-12 OXCART & CIA Study

>BBC World Service
>Program: Newshour
>Title: UFOs In Nevada - .mp3


>UFOs in Nevada - BBC, A-12 OXCART and CIA study

>As far as I am aware, last mainstream story on Area 51 goes back
>to April 2009, when LA Times published article The Road To Area
>51, where ex-workers and engineers from Groom Lake, Colonel Hugh
>Slater, Edward Lovick, Kenneth Collins and Thornton Barnes,
>declared that high number of UFO sightings during cold war could
>be explained as test flights of top-secret Lockheed spy
>reconnaissance plane code-named OXCART. The OXCART was in
>operation from 1963 until 1968. In LA Times article, Annie
>Jacobsen writes that "commercial pilots cruising over Nevada at
>dusk would look up and see the bottom of OXCART whiz by at
>2,000-plus mph. The aircraft's titanium body, moving as fast as
>a bullet, would reflect the sun's rays in a way that could make
>anyone think, UFO. In all, 2,850 OXCART test flights were flown
>out of Area 51 (while Colonel Slater was in charge)".

>"That's a lot of UFO sightings!", Colonel Slater adds.

>Those, so called revelations, which were in 2009 presented as
>breaking story, are nothing new. In fact that was a rehash of
>CIA's study, written by government historian Gerald K. Haines.
>It was published back in 1997 inside Studies in Intelligence, a
>classified journal for the intelligence community. The article
>in question was titled, "CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-
>90". In one section of the study, there is a same story that
>will be published again 12 years later in LA Times article.

>Haines claims, inside segment titled "CIA's U-2 and OXCART as
>UFOs," that many UFO sightings from the late 1950s and 1960s
>were caused by secret American spy planes. Of course,
>implications would be that most unknowns during Blue Book could
>be now explained by OXCART flights. So, in that way, it's a
>final solution of a UFO Phenomenon - it is "completely stripped
>from aura of mystery" (to borrow that famous quote from 1953).

>On October 3rd, 2010, BBC broadcasted piece called "UFOs in
>Nevada", inside daily show "Newshour". As the name of the show
>says, it is devoted to summary of daily news world wide. Piece
>"UFOs in Nevada" talks about Area 51 "folklore". Keeping that in
>mind, I was not so interested about another popular speculation
>about  Area 51, but I was curios to see how the anchor will
>justify the reason for broadcasting this story inside the show
>that deals with mainstream world news. As I mentioned above,
>last, so called "breaking story" on Area 51", was covered in
>media back in April 2009. There is nothing new or important that
>appeared in media after that. BBC even sent reporter Kevin
>Connelly to Nevada to report for this "newsworthy" piece. So,
>what are the legs for this story?

>During announcement of the piece, Host Julian Marshall said that
>"(UFO) sightings are almost always happening near Air Bases".
>Could this be BBC's soft introduction to Robert Hastings
>conference on UFOs and Nukes? Great, I am so interested to hear
>their take on it. Naah! Reporter Kevin Connelly quickly destroys
>my hopes with Twilight Zone Tune. Soon, Connelly talks with Bill
>Ramsey, philosopher from University of Nevada, who is
>researching pseudo-scientific believes. Connelly adds that
>Ramsey would be regarded as a nut in town Rachell because he
>doesn't think that "aliens invented the toaster". So the stage
>is set.

>In the second act, Connelly talks with Colonel Hugh Slater, ex
>commander of the base - yes the same Colonel Slater from the LA
>Times article published in April 2009. You guessed it right -
>BBC piece enriched us with the second rehash of the CIA's
>article. A-12 OXCART plane (bless him) is again star of the
>story - the plane that explains the unknowns.

>Third act ends with the story of Priscilla Travis-Laudenklos
>that runs motel in Rachell. Priscilla states that she has a note
>"I'm not of your world", written on piece of paper. BBC ends the
>piece with the Star Trek tune.

>Yes, my hopes were too high after all. So far there is not a
>single piece about UFO & Nukes conference broadcasted on BBC.
>But instead OXCART landed again in my lap as an explanation of
>unknowns. In fact, this piece doesn't have any connection with
>newsworthy developments inside the field (piece with different
>approach, for example, could include Leslie Kean's book or
>Robert Hastings conference - that would be by definition a
>newsworthy service - it would present events that are happening
>NOW and that are NEWS). But merging whole field with the silly
>aspects is visible again.

No snipping, because this needs to be re-read closely in the
context of the following comment.

The BBC generally prides itself on accuracy and balance. In the
circumstances this situation bears all the hallmarks of a news
management process, one that is sophisticated in its
obliqueness. The implications of beginning the process via the
World Service are clear: an attempt to obtain global reach while
masking the national origins of the process. Subtle and

Feels like Hastings and Kean have rattled a very big cage....

Gerald O'Connell

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