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Re: News Links - 10-10-10

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Subject: Re: News Links - 10-10-10

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>News Links - 10-10-10


>>From Frank Warren's UFO Chronicels:

>Witness Affidavits And Declassified Documents


It was a pleasure to see that there are UFO investigators who
understand exactly what an affidavit is.

Don Schmitt and I had a conversation just after he claimed he
had an affidavit from a so-called Roswell witness. I explained
to him what an Affidavit was and that what he was presenting was
a Witness Statement not an Affidavit. He refused to understand
the difference.

It was not an affidavit. It was a Witness Statement written by
Don Schmitt and signed by the witness in Don's presence. Don
Schmitt is not a notary. The Witness Statement was not done in
the presence of a notary.

It is simply a Witness Statement.

In this matter, I feel he has mislead the public by making a
claim that is not true.

As we all know an Affidavit carries more legal weight than a
Witness Statement. It is the reason Schmitt was claiming he had
an Affidavit.


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