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Re: Wendelle Stevens 3 Hour Online Interview

From: Ron Eastwood <rge.nul>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 00:28:57 -0700
Archived: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 06:26:37 -0400
Subject: Re: Wendelle Stevens 3 Hour Online Interview

Continuation of earlier e-mail relating to E.T.s and my newly
discovered acquaintances in Livermore, California.

One of the things my new friend tells me is that the old Atomic
Energy Commission which has had several name changes and is now
know as Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (one former name was
Lawrence Radiation Lab) was a key developer of technology to
allow gravity waves to be controled and to allow
space/air/undersea vehicles the ability to not only navigate in
any or all of those elements but in addition to transport from
pole to pole in a couple seconds and earth to moon in 6 minutes
and even from our place to other places in the universe at
faster than light times (he was specific not to say speed which
he claims is totally irrelevant and only applies to movement in
a local place to another local place in the same near vicinity.

Travel between truly distant locations and other dimensions is
done in a way that neither time or speed as we experience them
really prevail. This is where his PhD got in the way of my mere
145 I.Q. and we had to agree to meet at another time to continue
our dialogue. I will tell you that he seems totally credible
and I felt like a kinder garten child in the presence of a
master professor in a University. He assured me to be patient
and I would learn and understand a great deal. Actually he said
it has been many years since he has even found any of his
current friends or neighbors who show any interest or
comprehension in hearing his experiences.

Now for the final chapter in what was already one of the most
enlightening and eventful days of my life. I had mentioned to
his wife before he got home that my television was stolen last
week. She mentioned it to him and he offered to give me their
old TV since he bought his wife a brand new High Definition,
Digital, state of the art flat screen TV only four inches thick
at the thickest point.

I offered to buy his old one because I had just considered
stopping at the local electronics store on my way home. In fact
as I turned into their five hundred foot long driveway I did my
Navajo process in which one asks the Universe for anything one
seeks and if totally open to NOT receiving it the Navajo believe
one will always receive exactly what they wanted or needed. For
example one might be short on money to pay rent or mortgage.
One asks for the money. Must be fully ready with no remorse or
anger or feeling of being cheated be ready to not receive money.
One will always get the money but not necessairly in the form
expected or wanted. One may get hired at a new job which pays
more than enough to make the mortgage payment.

Well I had used the process with respect to wether or not this
was an appropriate use of my limited finances on something like
a TV. Less than an hour later here is the offer to give me a
FREE $3,000.00 television in huge wooden cabinet on wheels with
a screen about five feet across and four feet high. Judy did not
believe my technique worked when I first came home from the
reservation that summer ten years or so ago, but after seeing me
get parking places right at the entrance to the mall with five
or six thousand other shoppers on a busy Saturday afternoon and
numerous other seemingly "miraculous" results when she was with
me, she finally in the last coupe years started finding it
really works. He biggest difficulty was to let go of the "need"
to be rewarded and truly allow it to be fine at the deepest
levels of her heart and mind and soul to not have success. Once
she got past that hurdle she became like a little kid in a candy

I am afraid she just may have finally asked for a release from
her forty plus years of being a dog groomer and care taker of
other peoples pets. She knew I had just that afternoon graduated
from a two year long course in which I now have all the tools
needed to start my own internet web site and generate up to half
a million dollars in the first year. She just may have asked for
retirement and a well deserved vacation from standing on her
feet upwards of twelve hours a day. She might have also at the
split second before entering the fatal intersection where she
was killed have acknowledged that it would be o.k. if such a
vacation and retirement need not happen. My advice is be very
very thoughtful about what you ask for because it may surprise
you how you actually receive it.

I am looking forward to more visits with my new acquaintances. I
shall keep you all informed as usual. I am open to what ever
developes and it is o.k. with me if nothing at all comes of the
invitation to visit with E.T. children.

My neighbor says she won't believe it until I bring one home to
introduce to her. I assured her that unwillingness to believe
without proof is the same thing as placing conditions on the
desire to meet an alien life form. It will not happen until that
block is removed. To that she says, "You see Ron if God wants me
to meet an alien it does not take any Navajo magic. He (God)
will bring one to me or me to an E.T." I have a strong feeling
Mary will never meet an E.T. any more than she will meet God
whom she fervently claims she knows personally. Strange how she
can hold onto that sort of blind faith and be unable to allow
for something akin to it as practiced by the Navajo people and
other indigenous groups.

Oh yes, my friend's wife worked with the Navajo Wind Talkers or
whatever they were called. What a fantastic confluence of events
this past few days and weeks. Judy is no doubt aware that the
things I have been ranting and raving about all our life
together are finally falling into place.

Do not try finding me if I just disappear one day. As the group
Wendelle Stevens talked about went off to another solar system
and after a few years decided to never return, I would have no
regrets at all if something similar would happen in my life. At
this moment my dog Posy is the only living entity I would have a
difficult time leaving behind. I wonder if Arcturians have dog
like pets. (God spelled backwards is dog)

Keep the Peace.

All my love,


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