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Re: UFOs & E-Books

From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 09:51:07 EDT
Archived: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 10:02:38 -0400
Subject: Re: UFOs & E-Books

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>Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 09:19:55 -0400
>Subject: UFO UpDate: UFOs & E-Books

>Having been asked by several readers about the availability and
>publishing of UFO e-books, here's what a simple Google search

>There are 63, apparently, UFO-related e-books for iPhones, iPads,
>PCs, Macs, Sony Readers and mobile phones... at:



>For readers interested in creating & publishing their own, there
>are among others John Hocking's site:


>and the eBookApprentice.Com site:




>Any other links/advice are welcomed and doubtlessly helpful to those


Errol, you must have been reading my mind.

I've been taking a massive amount of internet marketing courses
and discovered there are opportunities out there that boggle the

Matter of fact, I was just talking about ebooks last night with
my new marketing teams. I was lucky to pull in 100s if not 1000s
of top online marketers and we're gabbing it up non-stop. The
subject of ebooks came up and the growing opportunities
regarding marketing and development.

With today's technologies you can do wonders with an ebook as
they are capable of having Flash video, audio, hyperlinks
embedded in them.

I was looking for ebook development for comic books and
children's books as I have two books out I'm converting into the
ebook format.

There is so much information I could fall over. Had we these
techniques and technologies then as we have now we'd all be
living high off the hog.

Since I work in comics, animation, news, I'm always looking for
ways to get myself and colleagues to maximize our profits.
Artists often delegate responsibilities to others and the
companies make the lion's share of the profits. In the new
scenarios, the artists, the talent have to step up to the plate
and learn the basics of publishing online and how to sell their
goods and services. Authors should study and team up with people
who can make life much more simpler so that they can produce and
distribute on a global scale with ease instead of banging their
heads against the wall.

If you make it, there are millions of people who will sell it.
It's now all a matter of the math. Think of it this way, you
have a book, tutorial or product and you're selling it through
one website, yours.

That's about as much exposure as wearing a t-shirt with your
brand on it but you're at a football stadium with 50,000 people.
You might get one sale. However what if those other 50,000
people wore the same t-shirt and did so 24/7? Sales would
increase. Same as on the web. There are massive numbers,
millions up millions of people looking for things to sell. They
don't care what they sell as long as it's there. So the formula
is getting easy. Produce it, promote it not to the public but to
the marketers. They'll promote it to the public.

Anyhow the possibilities look endless and the UFO community
should have long ago gotten into the marketing game to help keep
the wolves off the door.

So for the next few months I'll be networking and arranging my
teams because I have a lot of producing and studying to do. When
I've separated the chaff from the wheat I'll list the good ones.

Believe me, I've said this for decades, with the popularity of
UFOs no UFOlogist worth their salt should be struggling for
capital. If Hollywood is making untold fortunes off your
research you should have been getting a big piece of that pie.

Just the past couple of months I've had to do promotion in
regard to online banking and ecommerce. In one week I must have
made a good five figures for literally doing nothing but
pointing people in the right direction who needed help. Wish I'd
known about it years ago.



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