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Proof Of The UFO Coverup?

From: Nick Balaskas <Nikolaos.nul>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 11:16:20 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Archived: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 12:11:11 -0400
Subject: Proof Of The UFO Coverup?

Greetings Everyone,

Over the past few years I have followed up on leads about direct
contacts with non-human entities, alleged joint activities with
various world governments and secret groups and even accounts of
reverse engineering of alien technology, either shared with us
by the "Boys Topside" or acquired from crashed UFO debris.

Below are the official translations, independently verified by
another professional translator, of 3 handwritten documents that
were forwarded to me by Italian UFO researchers several years
ago before they were made public.

Although I first had these 3 incomplete Italian documents,
dating back to the Mussolini era, quickly translated years ago
by colleagues who could read and write Italian, when 3 "missing"
pages to the 4 that I originally had recently surfaced, a proper
and true translation of the complete documents was justified.

As one can see, the UFO coverup did not start sometime after
1947 with the crash in Roswell, or even during World War II, but
at least a full decade earlier by Fascist leaders.

The public is still kept in the dark about UFOs and contacts
with human looking entities that are not from our world, or at
least from the reality we know and accept. The reason(s) for the
ongoing coverup is still above top secret...


Mussolini Era Handwritten UFO Document 1


August 22, 14th Year of the Fascist Era [Translator's note:

Dear Valiberghi, [Translator's note: last name illegible, this
is the best guess offered in the transcription of the documents]

I confirm what you learned from Valminuti. [Translator's note:
last name illegible, as above]

Even though the Venice Prefecture is actively investigating,
nothing is clear about the story of the mysterious aircraft!!

It was sighted on Monday morning (not in the evening). It was a
metallic, sharp, bright disc, said to be about ten or twelve
metres in width.

Two fighters scrambled from the nearby airbase, but even at 130
km/h they didn't manage to close with it.

It emitted no sound, which would seem to point to an aerostat.
However, nobody knows of balloons that can fly faster than the
wind. I know for a fact that other air force pilots saw it,
including that Marinelli who wrote the report that ended up in
Ciano's hands.

Later, after about an hour at least, after maybe passing over
Mestre, people saw (you still do not know this) a sort of long
metallic pipe, gray- or slate-coloured. In the report written by
informer S.X. it was sketched like this:


[Translator's note: page 2 of the source document ends here;
what follows is taken from the link to the originals. The link
is copied at the end of this translation]

What I marked as A was described as a kind of air torpedo, with
well-marked windows. These rectangular openings gave out
alternatively white and red lights. B marks two "hats,"
resembling priest's hats: wide, round, with a central dome,
metallic; they followed the torpedo without changing their
relative positions.

These devices made smoke, white and long-lasting.

The Prefecture has opened an investigation, but you can imagine
that it will go nowhere and will have the same result as the one
held in 1931.

Il Duce expressed his concerns, because he said that if these
were real British or French aircraft, he would have to revise
his whole foreign policy. I know for a fact that he told Starace
and others, "If they have such devices, we can expect war in a
matter of days, and - even worse - war on their own terms!!"

I can tell you that the rumours that the aircraft exploded are
utterly unfounded. I will let you have reliable news as soon as
I shall have any.


<Mussolini Era Handwritten UFO Document 2>


August 30, 14th Year of the Fascist Era [Translator's note:

Unfortunately I cannot provide you with photographs.

At least a dozen were taken, but they are strictly reserved for
il Duce and a few others whose names I don't know. I only know
that those photographs were taken from the airplane pursuing the
aircraft between Lido and Venice. I don't know anybody who has
seen them and I doubt that what Aldini [Translator's note: last
name illegible, as above] told you may be true. I repeat that
this matter is being personally followed by il Duce.


<Mussolini Era Handwritten UFO Document 3>


Press Gallery

For Zoppani

1) Intervene directly -

2) Il Duce - Personal secretary GF

Telephone call from Ciano

Sighted at 3.30 p.m. According to M.F. object similar to Saturn

[Translator's note: page 4 of the source document ends here;
what follows is taken from the link to the originals. The link
is copied at the end of this translation]

The Air Force distributed a questionnaire to all its pilots
operating in the area.

Everything must be denied. The event must exclusively be
attributed to an optical phenomenon.

Il Duce is personally following the events.

The alert extends to the whole North-Eastern air defence zone.

Yellow-orange light occasionally intensely white regular flashes
- smoke and sparks -

Are they armed?

Are they friendly?

Have they been sighted on other occasions?



[Translator's note: Link to the transcripts of the complete



Nick Balaskas

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