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Re: MJ-12 Redux

From: Kathy Kasten <catraja.nul>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 15:51:11 +0000
Archived: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 11:14:54 -0400
Subject: Re: MJ-12 Redux

>From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 21:09:10 EDT
>Subject: Re: MJ-12 Redux

>>From: Stanton Friedman <fsphys.nul>
>>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <post.nul>
>>Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 06:08:58 -0700 (PDT)
>>Subject: Re: MJ-12 Redux


>>ST Friedman

>>[Exposer of false arguments against the validity of the EBD,TF,
>>and CT and provider of proof that there are a bunch of false MJ-
>>12 docs. Also not an acceptor of the false doctrine that Absence
>>of evidence is Evidence of absence.]

>I wonder if you shouldn't say [Peddler of false arguments for...]

>And finally, there comes a point when absence of evidence is, in
>fact evidence of absence. You've had decades to produce some
>evidence for the authenticity of the MJ-12 documents, mentions
>in other, real documents, notes by all those people whose papers
>you've inspected, and there is still not a single corroborating
>document. Nothing. Absence of evidence is finally evidence of

>BTW; I notice there hasn't been a rush to join this conversation
>which tells me there is little interest in this. I just thought
>another point of view should be expressed.

Thanks Kevin for providing another opinion regarding the so-
called MJ-12 documents.

I would guess nobody joined in the discussion because most of us
had thought the debate was over. Ending with the conclusion that
the documents were fakes. Clever, very detailed, but fakes. That
would include the 'newer' even more detailed MJ-12 fakes.

I thought the "newer" version of all those many documents were
truly very funny and done by someone with a sense of humor.
Those documents were the "wet dream" of some ufo investigators.
Everything one ever wanted to be true about ufos was "proved" to
be true by those documents.


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