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Red Sprites And Blue Jets

From: Don Ledger <dledger.nul>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 13:13:06 -0300
Archived: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 13:23:02 -0400
Subject: Red Sprites And Blue Jets

A documentary was aired on Discovery Channel in Canada on Sunday.
I happened to catch it by accident. The very real phnenomena
known as Red Sprites and Blue Jets was the subject of a program
called Monster Lightning.

For years, pilots observed these phenomenon (the phenomena) but
seldom reported them. The reason for this was the short duration
of the event-about a 10th of a second. Also, in many instances -
the blue jets-the lightning was travelling upward instead of
down and the pilots didn't want to be accused of seeing things-
like a mirage for instance and therefore being accused of seeing

Sound familiar? Turns out the pilots were very accurate in their
reporting and comparing notes among themselves but it took
decades of vague reports by atmospheric scientists, video
cameras then controlled studies using high-speed photography
from great distances to see what was going on during thunder
storms both below and above the clouds.

Why should pilots be concerned? Before the evidence was in it
was assumed that flying above the weather was safe and there was
no fear of lightning; still airliners crashed with the best
guess at a cause being a lightning strike. It is now known that
the Red Sprites above the cloud still travel downward but these
monsters are magnitudes larger in size than the regular
lightning seen below the cloud. Imagine a kite and the string
that retrains it. The kite is the Red Sprite and the string the
regular lightning. Blue Jets are larger than Red Sprites but
fire upward to the edge of space in the 80 kilometer range.
Multiply that by .6 to get approx. miles.

At any rate these were on occassion reported by pilots because
they were concerned about safety but they were pooh-pawed, but
then decades later were vindicated when science 'discovered'
these two new additions to the lightning family.

So now these poor reporters of phenomena, pilots, are
trepidatious about flying over thunderstorms just the same as
they are leery of flying near UAP which they don't report in the
classic sense anymore. They do report balloons though. It's
safer and still gets the position report out there for the next
plane transiting that airspace.

Don Ledger

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