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More On Belgian UFO Hoax

From: Giuliano Marinkovic <giuliano.marinkovic.nul>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 22:03:34 +0200
Archived: Thu, 04 Aug 2011 01:45:00 -0400
Subject: More On Belgian UFO Hoax

>From: Giuliano Marinkovic <giuliano.marinkovic.nul>
>To: <post.nul>
>Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 21:01:53 +0200
>Subject: Re: Iconic Belgian UFO Claimed To Be A Hoax


>Based on my request, user "chikane" from Paracast forum has just
>finished translation of the 16 minute RTL video that I mentioned
>in my previous post. Guests in the studio were Auguste Meessen
>and Pierre Magarain.

>Video is available here:


>Translation source (credits goes to chikane):



Those are latest updates from user "chikane" of the Paracast

Source: http://tinyurl.com/3prdlsw

Patrick M. has recently been interviewed by a French ufologic
association (OVNI-Languedoc). The dialogue has been posted on
the web. I found it very interesting as it adresses a lot of the
questions that would come to anyone's mind and some that have
been raised on the paracast forum.

Here's the transcript of this recent interview (source in


(OL is OVNI-Languedoc and PM is patrick M.)


OL: Why did you wait for so long before speaking the truth?

PM: At the beginning, I didn't really care about the picture, I
just got interested in what was going on when people talked
about it. Of course, I wanted to say everything many times, but
it was only these last few days, while reading again some
articles on the web, that it appeared to me it was high time to
tell the truth.

OL: who did you contact to reveal the truth on the photo of
Petit Rechain and how did you end up being interviewed on
television and in front of videocameras?

PM: I contacted RTL. I just wanted to explain how and why I made
the photo, without taking side, but with anonimity. As it wasn't
possible, I accepted appear on the medias but without my family
name and my adress being said.

OL: the revelation that the photo was a hoax has deceived a lot
ufologists whom many considered it genuine. Did you anticipate
this type of reaction?

PM: No, I never wanted to deceive anyone and I apologise for
this. And certainly not the SOBEPS who did a lot of work, not on
my photo but all over Belgium. This photo is nothing compared to
all the testimonies received at this time. Me, I just put a
picture on what thousands of people had seen and I apologise to
them. They had the chance to see and I benefited from what they
saw. This certainly doesn't put in question the Belgium wave.
It's there and will remain so. Many apologies to SOBEPS, and
particularly to Patrick Ferryn, Michel Bougard, Lucien
Clerebaut, Auguste Meessen and to the whole world.

OL: what happened to the model?

PM: I destroyed it soon after.

OL: I had to search what frigolite was. You also used three
lamps. How did you make the photo? Was the model suspended on a

PM: actually, there were 4 lamps. I cut the model from the
frigolite material, of 60 or 70 cms length along the large
basis, I painted it with a metallic blue bomb colour that was
left. The colour was causing the frigolite to melt, which gave a
multitude of humps. I put some lamps of flaslight, the one of
the center, I painted it with a permanent red felt, and
connected the whole to a 9V battery. I suspended the model in
the garden more or less at a height of 2 m. Many strings were
necessary to place the model in the right position. I put my
camera on a tripod and while watching that nothing would come
across the frame of the camera I took photos at different times,
actually slides. After having them developped, I chose one I

OL: You just met M. Auguste Meessen. He wondered about things
you couldn't answer, for example, why 4 lights were visible when
you used only 3 lamps or the reasons why the colour is changing
when the lamps were the same. Does it seem strange to you?

PM: I talked a lot with M. Meessen since then and it has never
been question of 3 lamps but 4, and I told him I was not able to
explain what happened. Me, I'm not a scientist. By now, I
explained to him how I proceeded and he has an idea as why it
could happened and the reason why nobody was able to see that it
was only a model, but we still work on it.

OL: How did your meeting with COBEPS take place?

PM: at the time, it outranged any hope and I couldn't confess
the lie, I just told an imaginary story, the shortest possible
without much detail.

OL: Do you know someone else that could confirm your testimony?

PM: Yes, M. Meessen doesn't really believe me. At the time I
confided in a colleague at the factory and showed him
everything. I gave him [Meessen] the name and the place where he
was living at the time as I didn't have any contact with him for
more or less 15 years. He found him who confirmed that I'd made
a model and all I've said.

OL: Another model will be rebuilt? Why?

PM: M. Meessen told me that it wasn't necessary anymore but
since I promised to make one, yes I'm going to do it again and
see what it'll give. However, it's clear that it won't reproduce
exactly what was obtained the first time without any

OL: Have you earned any money with this story?

PM: No, I never earned anything at the time nor today. There's
certainly the photographer of that time, M. Mosay, to whom I
lent the slide who, maybe, has earned something, but me, no.
Except for the exchange of my camera that I was asked to lend
for analysis and, quite some time after, when I wanted to get it
back, it was proposed a slightly better one in exchange. I
agreed. Out of curiosity, I'd like to know if someone earned
something with my photo and how much.

OL: Did your life change because of your revelation?

PM: Surely not, there's no reason why.

OL: what do you think of the UFO phenomenon?

PM: I believe in UFOs, well I believe that if we're here,
there's no reason that there wouldn't be another planet
inhabited. From that to say they'd be able to come here... Maybe
they're less developped than us, who knows.


"at OL, as elsewhere, we've been very disappointed to learn that
this photo came from a youngster's prank. However, it doesn't
question, as says Patrick M. the Belgium wave in its whole.
Hundreds, thousands of people in Whom military or civil pilots,
or even police personnel have observed un explained phenomena at
this time"

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